Four Burger at Don Antonio, Commonwealth

With lots of new restaurants on the rise, Don Antonio is quickly becoming the next food hub in Quezon City. 
One of the newest food establishments in the area is FOUR BURGER, located inside Jetti Gas Station along Don Antonio Heights Holy Spirit Drive.
My friends from the neighbourhood have been posting good reviews about their burgers (duh), and being the huge burger fanatic that I am,  I decided to give this place a try. My sister and I went together on a Monday night to celebrate the fact that we survived living alone together without us burning the house down or something. HAHAHA. (Backstory: our parents were away for a month and left Ate and I responsible for ourselves. Lol.)
Four Burger has both indoor and outdoor seating. I really like the retro ice cream parlor vibes of the place. The campervan was a really cute idea!
Outdoor seating
Entrance to the air conditioned room.
When we got to the place, we had the room all to ourselves. Around 15 minutes after I took photos, 3 more families came in.
The place was really cute, although I do have something to say about its ambiance. When we got there, they were playing sad music from a radio show. We requested them to change the music to something happier. They apologized and put on nicer songs from a playlist. I really appreciated how their staff was really friendly and accommodating. ๐Ÿ™‚

The pricelist ranges from 95 pesos to 190 pesos. They had burgers, sausages, ribs, rice meals, chicken wings, fajitas, and milkshakes.

 Bacon Mushroom Burger (125 pesos)

The burger was great! It was juicy and tasty, just the way I like it. The fries were okay.
Considering that it’s just 125 bucks, the meal was pretty good! ๐Ÿ™‚

Chicken Fingers and Fries (120 pesos), Vanilla Milkshake (90 pesos)

Chicken fingers were okay. They were actually good but I guess “naumay kami agad”.
Vanilla milkshake was okay. I requested for them to have my milkshake blended again cause it still had bits of ice the first time.

 The burger was a winner, tho!! I’m definitely coming back for it.

I heard Four Burger’s ribs and wings are really good. I’m going back one of these days to try them (I’ll make sure to update this post by then!)

Hahaha okay quick backstory: Original plan was to go Zumba dancing (lol), but yuuup, I somehow ended up having burgers and milkshake with my sib instead. No regrets tho!
Cause sibling dinner dates means getting to talk about life and growing up with my best friend. <3

Thanks for the good food, Four Burger! I’m definitely coming back to try more things on your menu. I love how this place is literally a 5-minute drive from our village– so convenient!!
Check them out, guys!
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[WIN TICKETS! Giveaway Alert] Trumpets Presents: The Horse and His Boy

I’m sure I’m not alone in this when I say that as a child, C.S. Lewis was my hero and I grew up as the biggest Chronicles of Narnia fan. So when news that Trumpets was going to have a stage adaptation of one of C.S. Lewis’ classical pieces, the 10-year-old inside of me turned ecstatic.

Trumpets proudly takes us to an epic ride this November in an amazing theatrical spectacle, The Horse and His Boy. Unlike the other stories in the series, the Horse and His Boy doesn’t focus on the Pevensies (Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy), but on Shasta, a child on an exciting journey with a talking horse. Like most people, I remember having this particular book as one of my favorites among the seven, so I’m really, really excited to watch this come to life tomorrow night.
Here’s great news, guys! We’re giving away fifteen (15) tickets for tomorrow’s 8PM show time. Which means we’ll be having 5 winners who could bring 3 of their friends with them!

1. Follow @TrumpetsHHB and @heyhershey on Instagram
2. Follow @TrumpetsHHB and @heyhersheyy on Twitter
3. Retweet this tweet ( and mention two friends you want to watch the play with! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TrumpetsHHB #ComeRideWithMe #EpicRide
(Make sure your accounts are public so we can view your tweets!!)
It’s that simple. Winners will be announced tomorrow, 6AM!
See you there! This is going to be one epic adventure.
Show dates: November 6,7,8,14,15,21, and 22
Like their official page on FACEBOOK
For more information, visit their website at

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Breathe in, let go, and be free.

“In the process of letting go you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.”
โ€“Deepak Chopra

The first weeks of October was a huge burn out. In an attempt to distract myself from the hurt and betrayal, I allowed work to drown me. I signed up for so many things, committed to different projects, and attempted to finish a long list of tasks, only to be left feeling insecure and unaccomplished in the end, just because I couldn’t deliver. My flames of passion were slowly extinguishing. I was looking for an escape; I was searching for happiness and inspiration in all the wrong places. I was lost. Worse, empty. 
But just when I was about to give up one night (the millennial inside me decided to take a break from everything by deactivating all her social media accounts and not showing up to people for days),  I’m thankful to have found a ray of sunshine during an inconvenient 2AM phone call, my own tiny little secret metaphor of hope and better days, that made long nights a whole lot tolerable, and sometimes, better.
So I choose to get back up.  To relax. To take a deep breath, a break, and a cup of tea this beautiful Sunday afternoon. There is so much beauty in this life and it is a waste to let bitterness and hurt get in the way of appreciating the now. And even though it hurts to think that I will never get the apology I’ve long been waiting for, I choose to let go. And in the process, find happiness, inner peace, and eventually, myself.
As the old saying goes, it is when you let go that you are finally free.

All photos were taken by April Baldovino (IG: @aprilbaldovinoo)

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UNIQLO x Lemaire

Photo from Mommy Joy of Ocassions of Joy

A month ago, I was invited by my friend Ysabel as her plus one to the Uniqlo x Lemaire launch.

What is Uniqlo and Lemaire?
UNIQLO partnered with French designer Cristophe Lemaire for a special collection. The UNIQLO and Lemaire collection represents products that embody the LifeWear concept- simple made better- that is share by both brands. Every item combines elegance with moderate relaxation and comfort, for modern and advanced wardrobe mainstays.
The much-anticipated collaboration showcases UNIQLO’s high quality materials at a perfect price. Sophisticated yet accessible, it offers a timeless color palette of greens, navies, whites, and reds. The men’s and women’s collections will be available in SM Megamall and SM Aura, two out of UNIQLO’s four large stores until the end of Fall Winter 2015.

The children’s line was adorable, too!!
Really eyeing on that plaid skirt!!

With Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic and Mommy Joy of Occasions of Joy

Had a great time with you, love! Thank you!

With Paul the PR guy and Ana Gonzales!

With Ava Te Zabat of Artsy Fartsy Ava!

Highschool friends turned blogger besties!! Til next event! ๐Ÿ™‚


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