#STEPUPCHALLENGE: Step Up This New School Year! :)

Go shine-free and flawless every day of the new school year with the new and improved powder foundation that does it all – Clear Smooth All-In-One by Maybelline New York.

Hey, girls!! The new school year is definitely the perfect time to reflect and think about ways on how you can be better versions of yourselves. When you plan bagging bigger achievements– be it higher grades, winning a varsity tournament, or finally joining that organization you have been eye-ing –step up to a new and improved you with the new and improved Clear Smooth All-In-One shine-free powder foundation from the number 1 and most loved color cosmetics brand, Maybelline New York.

“Maybelline New York believes that girls are unstoppable once they put their mind and passion into whatever they do. Couple that with an amped up beauty game this school year, our Maybelline girls are ready to step-up and face the challenges ahead with shine-free beauty that lasts up to 8 hours,” shared Cary Co, Group Product Manager of Maybelline New York.

To keep up with these girls, the new and improved Clear Smooth All-In-One upped its game with extended longwear now up to 12 hours, prolonged oil absorption for up to 8 hours, and stronger UV protection now at SPF 32 PA+++ for that natural look that lasts all day.
This school year, I will STEP UP by participating in more activities for a relevant cause 🙂

There’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to serve and empower others!
These photos were taken last Wednesday, 24th of June, when our sorority was invited to partner with UP Manila’s Society of Occupational Therapy Majors for their event “Summer Saya at Hospicio De San Jose” for children with disabilities. 🙂 

Step-up and start this new school year right with clear and shine-free beauty powered by the new and improved Clear Smooth All-In-One. Maybelline New York makes it even more accessible to all girls with Php40 off for just a limited time from May 28 to June 30, it will be sold from Php259.00 to just Php219.00.

For more information about Maybelline and to find out how Ateneo Volleyball Player Amy Ahomiro, Model and UST Art Student Almira Teng, and UST Courtside Reporter Kristelle Batchelor stepped it up for the Clear Smooth All-In-One #StepUpChallenge, please visit www.facebook.com/MaybellinePhilippines. Products are exclusively imported and distributed by Maybelline New York and are available nationwide in all Maybelline counters.

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#InstaHershey : Of Flatlays and Internship Hunting

It’s another round of #InstaHershey– a quick post full of personal stories and whatnots. 
Here it goes 🙂
All thanks to the academic calendar shift, our school year just ended two weeks ago– which means our summer vacation’s just started!!
This was an Instagram picture I posted the exact day we submitted our last requirement for the sem, and darn it felt so good to (finally) be FREE!!!!
But hep hep.
We’ve still got a lot of school stuff to focus on.
Like our internships.

The waiting game is so difficult.  Still on the hunt for a company I could intern at.
I’ve been praying for days now for an internship that matches my skills and personality. 🙂 Here’s to an adventure to remember!! 

First swimming getaway this summer was right after my first interview. Lol.

First party this summer was at Amber, Fort Strip with my sisses!! 

Random flat lays! For more, follow me on Instagram! 🙂
Sunnies by Charlie

Yellow bow from The Bead Diary and hand made bracelet from Simone’s Fashion Closet! 🙂

It was a beautiful mess of freebies at Lazada’s Shop Til You Blog event last Wednesday!! 🙂
So excited to blog all about it. 🙂

How have you girls been? 🙂
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HANAKO: An Affordable Japanese Restaurant along Don Antonio, Holy Spirit Drive

Shoutout to my fellow Don Antonio peeps!! 🙂
Don Antonio is a strip along Holy Spirit (near Commonwealth) that might just be the next Katipunan or Maginhawa. It’s filled with so many establishments like start-up restaurants, pizza places, coffee shops, fast food chains, salons, spa centres, banks, groceries, etc. 
One of my favorite parts in Don Antonio is The Rock, a dainty mall just in front of Robinson’s Super Market. At the top floor is HANAKO, an affordable Japanese restaurant that we recently discovered.

My folks and I LOVE Japanese food. Before, whenever we wanted, let’s say, tempura and salmon sashimi for dinner, we usually drove all the way to Tomas Morato to visit our favorite restaurant– so can you imagine the happiness we felt when we found out that there’s a really good Japanese place just 5 minutes away from our house??

5 Star Roll – 189 Pesos
Rating 4.5/5

Salmon Sashimi– 148 pesos
Rating: 4/5

Tempura- 229 pesos
Rating: 4/5

Sukiyaki– 149 pesos
Rating: 5/5 (It’s my favorite!!!! I love their sukiyaki!!)

Kani Salad- 139 pesos
Rating: 3/5

Katsu : 188 pesos
Rating: 4/5

Salmon sushi (I forgot the price)

Overall Rating: 4/5
* Good food
* Very Affordable Prices
*Nice ambiance
* Their sukiyaki is a must try
*Slow service
*No Wifi
*The place is small (and crowded sometimes)
What I like most about this place is that it’s affordable, compared to other Japanese restaurants. The food is good– but it isn’t really that special– however, given that the price range is just 150-200+ pesos , it’s already a great deal. 🙂 

We’re already regular customers of Hanako. 
If you live near the area, you should try this place out! 🙂 You’ll enjoy the food as much as we did!
The Teenage Queen

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Little Miss Preppy in a Black Jumper Dress (A Taylor Swift – Inspired Outfit)

Sometimes, when I don’t know what to wear to certain events, I flip through pages of fashion magazines or search paparazzi shots of my favourite celebrities to get inspiration. My style icons are Taylor Swift and Vanessa Ann Hudgens– their style is the right balance between youthful, playful, and chic.
All shots were taken by Ken Reyes

My outfit inspiration:
The moment I saw these photos, I knew I wanted to get this look right away. Taylor and I had the same light blue cropped top. I also saw one of my old jumper dresses in my closet– I’ve had it since I was in 6th grade. I thought I’d never wear it again, but who knew jumpers will be back in style?

Tip: Don’t let go of classics. Fashion repeats itself, and the next thing you know, it will be the in thing once again.
(Photo credits : from Mail Online )

Cropped Top: Topshop
Jumper Dress: Landmark Department Store
Flats: Michael Kors
Hat: SM Department Store
Bracelet: Guess
Watch: Aldo

What about you, girls? Who are your celebrity fashion inspirations? 🙂
The Teenage Queen

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How to Achieve an Effortless, Messy, Just-Woke-Up Look for Girls with Short Hair

“I’m so stressed, I could chop my hair off.”
And so I did.
As always, thank you to Azta Urban Salon Eastwood for their excellent service. They even gave offered me a free hair spa after, how sweet is that?
I’m not even overreacting when I said I was stressed. I was. 
And okay, a little depressed, too. 
(Well, we all were. Shout out to all UP students out there who were battling with their finals while their friends were enjoying their summer vacations. Group hug tayo. Huhu)
The month of May was all about exams, projects, paperwork, requirements, obligations, failures, and even personal problems (hala HAHA) —-and to top it all off, there’s this pressure to find a company I could intern in this summer. I swear this was the most down I’ve been in 2015.
 It was too much for me to handle all at once.
No, I wasn’t complaining. I knew we needed a few obstacles here and there to grow up.
I just needed to find an avenue to cope with everything that was happening.
And so I chopped off my hair. HAHAHAHA. (This does make sense, right??) huhu.
Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” 
BEFORE photo. Taken the same day I had the haircut.  Notice how damaged my hair was?? Lol

Obligatory after-haircut-selfie
This was the shortest haircut I had IN YEARS, and I just wanna thank Sir Jo Tubato of Azta Urban Salon for never ever failing to amaze his clients!!
I’ve been a loyal Azta Urban Salon customer for 4 years now. They’re the only people I trust enough to do drastic changes to my hair: from perming, to bleaching (balayage ombre), to coloring, up to chopping my hair off. Haha.
What surprised me was that short hair was actually more difficult to maintain as compared to having long hair. 
This is what I do to give my hair character and, well, spunk: 
1. After shampooing hair,  let it towel dry –but not completely– just until it’s “kinda” dry, but still cold and damp. 
2. Put hair mousse the size of a golf ball on both sides of your hair. 
3. The fun part: scrunch up your hair, mess and play around with it, and twist its ends.
4. Let it air dry.
The results?
A grody, messy, just-woke-up-and-i-dont-care look. 

I’m still experimenting ways to style short hair. Once I’ve mastered them, I promise to blog about more short hair styling techniques for you girls!!
The Teenage Queen

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