Diary Entry: May 29, 2015

I was hailing a cab along a curb at Bonifacio High Street when a group of perverted, sweaty, jeje sando-wearing jerks in a pick up truck stopped right in front of me.
The guy next to the window howled.
“Pssst. Hi ate!”
His friends cheered him on.
One thing I do not tolerate is street harassment. Just standing there and not doing anything about it makes them feel that they have some sort of power to demean us women.
I rolled my eyes and replied “O. Bakit?”
The guy looked surprised, like it was the first time a girl he tried to degrade actually answered back. His friends were laughing. He answered, “Anong pangalan mo?” and winked.
I kept a straight face, looked at him in the eye, and said “Ikaw? Ano bang pangalan mo?”
I dont know why, but he awkwardly looked down, and then away. Embarrassment was painted all over his face. I could sense that he wanted to drive away from me right then and there.
But then the traffic light turned red.
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WEST PALM: A Sweet Summer Getaway by UP JMA!

We were invited to an exclusive bloggers’ summer getaway party last May 9, 2015. 
It was funny though, cause, all thanks to the academic calendar shift, it was actually our hellweek that time. So I really didn’t “deserve” to be celebrating my non-existent summer vacation then.
So when I got the invite, I was torn between attending the event for free ice cream and cupcakes, or to just stay at home to study and regain all the hours of sleep I had lost. But hey, everyone needs a break from work, so I was like “hey? Why not? Let’s loosen up a bit!”.
The party was held at New World Hotel in Manila, which was like a 5 minutes away from my campus. It was so convenient cause I came from a video shoot that day for a major requirement in class. Lol. Oh the perks of studying in Manila. =))  #TeamMalate #MalateQueen HAHAHAHAHAHA
Thank you for inviting us, UP Junior Marketing Association!

When we got to the event, we were provided with a checklist of cool stuff we could try out. There was a dessert bar, a makeover by Inglot booth, a freebies booth, and so much more!
Our first stop was the desserts buffet, cause it was darn hot and we needed ice cream to survive.
Braided bracelet from Simone’s Closet! Check them out on Instagram!
Thanks for being my plus one, Ken!
Can’t get enough of these burger-shaped cupcakes!
More desserts for our happy tummies!!
These mango cupcakes from Sophie’s Mom were the bomb.
It was so fun finally seeing you in person (after 3 years), Jamsy!! 🙂
Next up: manicure time! Thanks, Inglot PH!
More photos from UP JMA: 

 UP JMA held this Instagram contest thing, and guess who won??
Hihi I rarely win contests. Thanks for the free cupcakes, you guys!

We had so much fun that night! Thank you for hosting this event, UP JMA. It was the perfect detox.

Check out the event highlights video here, and try to spot us! hihi

Oh and fyi: my exams ended last Thursday, so yep, I’m a free woman!!!!
IT’S SUMMER TIME, beaches!!!!!!!
The Teenage Queen

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7 Reasons Why I’m Going Back to Bag O’ Shrimps (Even Though I’m Allergic to Shrimp!)

Yep, I’ve said it numerous times on the blog now: I’m allergic to seafood. When I eat shrimps, I get rashes the same night–  but hey, good food is always worth the risk, and there’s nothing an antihistamine can’t fix, right? Lol.  😛
Last week, I was invited by Bag O’ Shrimps to try out their food, and they were even so kind enough to extend the invite to my friends! Of course, I dragged my sorority sisses with me right after school just because we needed a quick detox from all the hell that finals week have been giving us. (FYI, I cried that same day cause I was having panic attacks for my report in a class. Lol. So thank you, Bag O’ Shrimps, for this much needed break!)

Bag O’ Shrimps is located at 3rd floor Mega Atrium of SM Megamall, just right in front Sambokojin. They also have another branch at Upper Mckinley Road, Taguig.
Anyhoo, we were all so pleased with the food and the service, that we swore we’d be coming back again to this restaurant. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. “It’s like Dampa, only more sosyal.”

I kept saying this all night as a joke, but seriously. The price of their menu doesn’t differ much from that of Dampa’s, plus, their food is just as, if not more, delicious!

Here’s a quick look at their menu. They offer different kinds of seafood like shrimps, crabs, clams, and mussels. You get to choose their flavors, too! They’ve got Bag O’ Momma (mildly spicy), Lemon Pepper (Medium), Cajun (Hot), and Garlic Butter (Very Hot). You also have the option to add sausages and even corn!

They also offer appetizers like sweet potato fries, onion rings, french fries,  and the crowd favorite dynamite sticks (aka cheesy jalapeno rolls!)


2. Their comfy nautical-themed interiors are A+

Everything reminded me of a wharf, which was awesome. I love how they paid attention to details!

3. You get to eat with your hands!

I mean, c’mon! What better excuse is there to wear an awesome bib get all messy?? Woot woot!

Oh, say hi to Marga, April, Meriel, Shane, Bekai, and Ken!

We loved our Bag O’ Shrimps bibs and gloves! Lol.

This was the calm before the storm.

The shrimps and mussels were placed inside bags, and hot steamed rice in bowls; everything was set on a boodle fight-inspired mat on the table, which was pretty darn fun. LET THE EATING COMMENCE.

4. Which also means, you get to talk with your friends more (refer to #3).

Because our hands were all filled with delicious shrimps, we didn’t bother checking on our phones every 5 minutes. We just kept talking to each other for the whole 2 hours, AND WE HAD A GREAT TIME.

Bag O’ Shrimps is proud of their mantra, and we totally couldn’t agree more with it: it’s always better to EAT WITH YOUR HANDS!!!

It was everyone’s favorite appetizer– we had to fight over who gets to eat the last piece. Lol.

It was surprising for me, really, cause I’m usually not a fan of spicy food. But I fell in love with these dynamite sticks. They’re crispy, they’re loaded with cheese, and they’re… AMAZING. Ugh. You just have to try it. YOU. HAVE. TO.

This photo was grabbed from my sis, Meriel Rolle. 

They also served yummy potato fries!! 

6. Their food slays.

Marga, my sorority sis who grew up in Zamboanga, a place known for great seafood, even gave this restaurant a two thumbs up!!

When I got home that night, I told my dad all about my experience and promised him I’ll take the family out here. He was surprised, really, cause he knew I wasn’t a fan of seafood (because, duh, allergies), but Bag O’ Shrimps is a total game-changer. #TeamAntiHistamine #ForTheLoveOfGoodFood #YOLO

(c) Meriel Rolle
(c) Meriel Rolle

(c) Meriel Rolle

7. Bag O’ Shrimps does not just offer good food; they also give you a different kind of dining experience.

Thank you for introducing me to the awesome world of sea food, B.O.S! Can’t wait til my next visit.

#BagOShrimps #BOSexperience #WhyAmIPuttingHashtagsHereThisIsABlogNotInstagram

The Teenage Queen

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6 Trendy Accessories For Every Teen Fashionista!

1. Arm Party 
Stacking different kinds of bracelets together adds character to your outfit! 
2. Quirky Sunglasses
Wearing funky-shaped glasses gives a fresh and youthful vibe.
(c) Gian Nicdao
3. Lazy Headbands
Headbands and hair ties are basics– they’re perfect for lazy school days.
4. Pretty Hats
Like headbands and hair ties, hats are your best friend. They not only save you on bad hair days, but they also give your outfits an extra oomph! 

5. Statement Necklaces
Statement necklaces can make your #OOTDs look twice as better! Remember not to go over the top tho, because simple is always more beautiful.

6. Cute Rings
Rings are very dainty and cute. Stack them up for a fun look!
For teens like us, it’s hard to find quality accessories that could fit our budget.
Thankfully, there’s Zalora. They offer accessories as affordable as 250 pesos, and they have a lot of other pretty stuff under 1,000 pesos! Hurray!
Check out more trendy fashion accessories from Zalora!! 🙂 
The Teenage Queen

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West Palm: A Sweet Summer Getaway !

Guess what? I just got the cutest (and yummiest) invites ever!

Thank you for this,  UP JMA! See you this Saturday– I totally can’t wait for this event.

UP Junior Marketing Association


Inglot | John Robert Powers

proudly present

a sweet summer getaway

May 09, 2015

New World Hotel Manila Bay, Pool Area

1 PM – 7 PM

Experience a summer getaway featuring today’s up & coming bloggers as we treat you to a day of fun and relaxation. Enjoy the dessert buffet and summer giveaway while you lounge at the pool area of New World hotel. Get a chance to win prizes and an all expense paid road trip for you and your friends!

In cooperation with:

Tripda | Sophie’s Mom | Fly Shades

With special thanks to:

Bestpak | Birkenstock | Hapee | Maldita | Maybank | WeatherGard

Our Media Sponsors:

ANC | Chalk | Circuit | ClickTheCity.com | Inquirer.net | Loop | Magic 89.9 | Reinvent | StyleBible.ph | Wazzup Pilipinas


Sam Capulong

Kally Araneta

This event is by invitation only, for invite requests contact Sam at 0927 565 3793.
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