Athena of She’s Dating the Gangster-Inspired Costume #OOTD

February 20, 2015
I take costume parties seriously. Very seriously.
 By now, you’re probably used to me posting about costume OOTDs and all that. Who remembers my Valentina moment? Or my Rapunzel of Tangled venture? lol.
Four days before my birthday, I was given the opportunity to represent my batch in this year’s Mr. and Ms. Department of Communications: Cosplay Edition, where all representatives had to dress up in famous Filipino movie characters. Some went as Filipino icons like Darna, Mulawin, Kampanerang Kuba, etc., while our batch decided to head on over to the “jej side” and go as the tandem in the famous Daniel Padilla-Kathryn Bernardo movie, “She’s Dating the Gangster”. HAHAHAHA.
Cat-printed sweater: H&M
Jumper dress: hand-me-down
Socks: Forever 21
Boots: H&M 
Headband: A gift from Korea
Watch: Baby G
Glasses: Sarabia Optical
Photo of Athena from Google lol 

Of course , this photo op won’t ever be complete without my kapwa jej , Gian Nicdao. HAAHAHAHA!
Athena and Kenji of She’s Dating the Gangster, everyone.
Gian sent me this photo on my birthday

Beyond blessed and thankful to have our batchmates! They stuck with us through the end and were the most supportive crowd! They even wore checkered shirts to support me and Aaron (my partner!). Nothing beats Orcom 2016 batch love <3 lol.

For our question and answer portion, Prof. Joey Ogatis asked us this question
“Para sainyo, ano ang pinaka malaki? Isang katerba, isang katutak, o isand kadamakmak?”
Watch this video to find out what we chose. HAHAHAHAAHA. Super benta. =)))
Big thanks as well to my favorite person in the world, Ken! Thank you for watching the show! 🙂

This was a different kind of experience altogether. Aaron and I were so overwhelmed with the love and support we received that day. This just made us realize how blessed we are to be surrounded with the best batchmates ever! 🙂
What a wonderful birthday gift indeed!
PS. I have 3 exams lined up for tomorrow and I’m just taking a break now lol……….. ok bye for now internet HAHA.
The Teenage Queen
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Why Are Women Beautiful? :) | Happy Women’s Month from the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority!

Women are beautiful. And strong, and brave, and  courageous.
Hershey 2013-B
“The ability to persevere against all odds is what makes women beautiful– standing bright in their 
glory amidst the shadows of oppression.” 
Mara 2013-A
“Women are beautiful because we create our own sunshine of happiness.”
Cess 2014-A
“Women are beautiful because we firmly fight yet gracefully listen.”
Shane 2014-B
Nat 2013-D
“Women are beautiful because they have the power to create, love, and nurture.”
“Women are beautiful. They don’t need to fight for the limelight because they are naturally endowed with it.”
“We are beautiful simply and exactly because we are women.”

“The things she does and the distinct way she acts reflects the genuineness of her heart; her act of kindness that fills the universe with love manifests the pureness of her soul; the inner peace she constantly engulfs gives her the utmost ability to prepare for tough battles and focus on the bright side of life; but above all, it is a woman’s indomitable spirit that makes her prepare for tough battles that makes her shine amidst the darkness that threatens to swallow her– these qualities matter, and it is because of these facets, that she is crowned beautiful.”

Mer 2014-B

April 2014-B

Bekai 2009-C

Lili 2009-D

Alyssa 2013-A

Happy International Women’s Month from the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila! 🙂

Please do drop by our two back to back events later at the CAS Little Theater, from 3PM to 7PM!
My baby project, a power-dressing seminar, is finally coming to life today! We ALL have been working on this for more than three months now– from spons letters to posters to getting speakers to booking flights. We’ve devoted our blood, sweat, and tears in this, and we’re so excited to finally MAKE IT HAPPEN TONIGHT!
Also please watch our for an inspirational talk, Ambassadress of Beauty (a project our very hard-working Cess is OPC of this year), featuring this year’s Ambassadresses of Beauty! <3
SEE YOU ALL! 3PM to 7PM at the CAS Little Theater! 
Congratulations to you, to all of us, sisses! LC Bekai, Lili, Alyssa, Mara, Nat, Kyle, Cess, Marga, Kara, Mer, April, Shane, and Gail! I am so proud of each and every one of us. We all gave our 100% best in this, and I just know that as early as now, our event will be successful, because God will help us every step of the way! 🙂 Love you, sisses! <3 
To God be the glory!

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REDux: Flux

Every year, a renowned party has been gathering ravers all over the metro to party the night away. Ready you’re stilettos, make-up and your fashionista clothes as De La Salle University’s premiere student organization brings you again another epic night, with elements that has never been experienced at the party scene of Manila.
On it’s 29th year, the Business Management Society, with its epitome of college parties proudly presents: REDux Flux. Happening this March 20, 2015, get ready to head to Palacio de Maynila at Roxas Boulevard from 7:00PM onwards. 
Daze your eyes with a fashion show featuring clothes from People Footwear, Folded & Hung, Jellybean and Guess. 
With MC Ron Thug on the mic, the party never stops as REDux Flux bring you the epic mixes of DJ Lucio Pua and DJ Ron Poe. Also, don’t miss out on DJ Khai Lim and DJ Therese Garcia as they bring you their sickest bump-and-grind beats that will keep you and your friends elated all night long.
To wrap it all up, there will be 4 phases of the lights show, which will highlight REDux Flux thus making your experience one of a kind.
Go to for more details on how to get your ticket to one of the greatest parties ever seen in Manila. There’s also a barkada package of BUY 5, GET 1 FREE waiting for big group of friends who are ready to party. Tickets are selling fast so hurry and buy now!
BMS REDux Flux wouldn’t be possible without the following sponsors:
In partnership with
Close-Up | John Robert Powers | Pioneer | Jose Cuervo | Stackers | Wildcat Inc. | Truly Mom’s | Underground Technologies
Co-presented by
Monster Radio | Shift Media
Together with Major Sponsors
Standard Mfg Co. Inc. | Lee Cooper Eyewear | Hawk Bags | Seasonless Boutique 
Minor Sponsors | People’s Footwear | Flawless | Folded & Hung + Jellybean | Mother Theresa Medical Center | Citi Appliance Corporation
And our Media Partners
Cuicuit Mag
Wazzup Pilipinas

Eli Santos
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