The biggest student­-organized bazaar in the Metro is back. From the organizers of Soleil, Seoularis,Times Square Fashion Bazaar, and The Attic Bazaar, the Business Management Society of De LaSalle University proudly presents: “Stellar: A Timeless Faashion Bazaar”.Up to this day,  some fashion  icons and styles are  just  simply  timeless.   In one way or  another,yesterday’s fashion is still incorporated in today’s trends. We’re all too familiar of how icons such asMarilyn  Monroe,  Audrey  Hepburn,  and James Dean sparked  fashion  trends  that  will  always beremembered. These fads in fashion were from the distant past yet they never go out of style simplybecause they are Classic. Timeless pieces of fashion from all varieties of clothing, accessories, foodand entertainment will be relived through Stellar Bazaar.

With its Classic theme, and more specifically, a Classic Hollywood vibe, shoppers will witness how iconic fashion pieces and styles will be revamped through the overall ambiance of the bazaar. Exciting line up of programs, contests, performances, guests, and surprises in the event await all fashionistas. With over a hundred concessionaires, ranging from clothes, shoes, accessories and food, shoppers will surely have the ultimate shopping experience in this 2-day bazaar. 
Join us as we relive the Classics in Stellar Bazaar this February 28 to March 1 at the SMX Convention Center Hall 3. For only Php 50 per ticket, get to experience a bazaar like no other. 
For inquiries and interested tenants please contact, 0915-961-2786 or 0917-701-2058
Get more updates about Stellar Bazaar by following and visiting the following social media accounts:
Experience FASHION, FOOD and ENTERTAINMENT all in the most STELLAR way! You wouldn’t want to miss this!


2 people will win tickets to the Stellar Bazaar

1st place: 3 tickets
2nd place: 2 tickets

Simple steps on how to join:

2. Like The Diary of a Teenage Queen on Facebook 
3. RETWEET this tweet ( –make sure to set your account on public so I can see them– and I will choose a winner on Feb 28 8PM.

All photos by Benjo Beringuela

See official video here:
The Teenage Queen
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#Nuan Week: I am Proud to be a Nuan.

I can’t believe I forgot to blog about this months ago. Last July, our sorority, the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila, celebrated its 26th year of unparalleled excellence! <3 
To kick start the celebration, we had a photoshoot with some of the resident sisses 🙂
Big thanks to my highschool bff, Bria Cardenas, for these amazing shots!
Like her page on Facebook, please. PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRIA CARDENAS 
Before I share with you guys our photos, allow me to leave my “1st Anniversary post” here :)) HAHA!
June 26, 2014
Growing up, there has always been this stigma that sororities are violent, and that all sorority girls underwent physicals and humiliation. Media says that sorority girls do nothing but party and live messed up lives. Upon entering college, I’ve been warned to stay away from people involved in Greek organizations, and to avoid any form of interaction with them. I didn’t understand why, though. I’ve never even met a Sorority girl! But , being the sheltered girl I was, I just simply followed what I’ve been told to do.

Not until I met the Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority.
Every. Single. Stigma I’ve had on sororities was proven wrong, and was completely erased from my system.

Greeks are pretty cool people, after all. Through the Sorority, I found different avenues for me to serve others and for me to grow as well. I’ve been able to reach out to more people and be a blessing to them. I’ve been taught things that we wouldn’t normally be able to learn within the four walls of the classroom; I’ve been given opportunities to use my talents, to step out of my comfort zone, to meet new people, and to learn how to work with others; I was even able to take part in creating and holding different events, not only for the UP Manila student body, but for my fellow countrymen as well! From the 2012 Bar Ops, Juvenile visits, Outreach programs, Children’s Booth in the Villamor Airbase for the Typhoon survivors, to Captivate, Rose giving celebrations, tambayan parties, and empowering programs like Ambassadress of Beauty—- I’m just really happy and blessed to be part of all of these!

And today, I’m proud to say that I’ve officially been a Nuan for a year now. June 26 will always be special to me heart emoticon It was the start of something life-changing, and I’m just really excited for what more is in store for the next years to come!

To my sisters, thank you for everything! You are all blessings to me, and I thank God for giving me each one of you. I’ve been through a LOT downs last year (dramas and all that, haha) but thank you for always keeping up and for loving and understanding me. Thank you for always being by my side. You girls are some of the few people I know would always remain genuine and true. Thank you for the friendship, and most importantly, thank you for our beautiful sisterhood smile emoticon Love you all!
Here’s to a lifetime of sisterhood!

In Truth, Reason, and Justice,
Hershey Cristabel Manguray Neri, 2013-B ‪#‎ΣΑΝ‬

Hershey 2013-B 

People see me as opinionated and loud; I was told to act more lady-like and “appropriate”. But ΣΑN taught me that I should not be limited or oppressed. And you know what? 

I may be loud, crazy, clumsy- and everything else in between, but I choose to be me.

I am a Nuan. 

Lili Alonday 2009-D 

Marga Dendiego 2014-A

An empowered woman knows what she wants. ΣΑN taught me that I should not be limited or oppressed. 

I am a strong, independent woman. 

Proud to be a NUAN!

Nat Dabuet 2013-D

People see me as liberated and adamant. I’ve been frequently advised to be more reserved and to occasionally silence my inner voice. But ΣΑN, taught me that I should not be limited or oppressed. I may be overbearing, unyielding, stubborn and several other adjectives that society decidedly imposes upon my identity. Nonetheless, I choose to be me.
I am a Nuan.

LC Bekai Tuparan 2009-C

Society has a crude way of dictating what is right from wrong. Forcing people to hide under masks and live their life according to certain ‘standards’. 
But ΣΑN has taught me otherwise, it has taught me that I should not be limited or oppressed. I choose to be empowered, I choose to be me.
I am a proud Nuan.

Kyle Sagulili 2013-E

People tell me I’m stubborn, boyish, and hotheaded. I’ve always been pushed to be a little more demure and to shut my mouth. But ΣΑN, taught me that I should not let society’s standards cover up my personality. I may be straightforward, loud, bossy, and every other word you could think of to label me as society says. Nonetheless, I choose to be me.
I am a Nuan.

Mara Magsanoc 2013-A

Classes haven’t started yet when we went on this shoot, so some of our sisses were still in their provinces then!! We missed you, girls!

With Bria Cardenas, our amazing photographer! <3

Anyway, enough of the throwback photos!

I can’t wait to spill the beans on what’s in store for UP Manila this March 2015. One clue: It’s all about empowering women. 🙂

Thanks to everyone (Numans and Friends of EAN! lol) who continues to support our sorority and our goals, Nationalism, Academic Excellence, Leadership, and Uplift of Women! 🙂 

In Truth, Reason, and Justice,

Hershey 2013-B
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#InstaHershey: 2AM, Still Alive And Hanging On to Dear Life

It’s official– I am a zombie.

My life these past few weeks has been nothing but a never-ending cycle of acads > part-time work > soro work > Dramatista work > errands >online shop business > and more acads >

It’s so sad that I don’t even have time to blog anymore. Huhu. But the funny thing is, my 8AM professor just informed us tonight that she will cancel class tomorrow–err, later– so that we could attend this 10-AM film showing at school.

That means, more sleep for me!!!!!! wooohooo—-

but not really.

It’s 2AM and I just thought of squeezing in this super duper quick post just to let y’all know what’s been up the past weeks.

*photos are in random order because im lazy

1. I had an awful cough 2 weeks ago and I literally couldn’t smell a thing. We were in Resorts World that night and there was a toilet leakage at the mall and everyone was complaining how it literally smelled like shit there, and I was like “wait….what? what’s going on?” *sniffs around*

Here’s a photo of our fam bam tea party that Sunday night lol

Oh, right. And I forgot to mention I regularly wear glasses now. Haha. 

2. On a melancholic note, we also mourned for the death of our country’s heroes. Here is a tribute to the #Fallen44. We salute you, our heroes.

3. Random tambay days with the sisses and brods 
Photo from Norman King

Speaking of sis, the tall girl at my right is Maolin Yalung, #Binibini09 of this year’s Bb. Pilipinas 2015 pageant (Ms. Philippines pageant). We’re really, really proud of her!!! Please like her page on Facebook, guys!

 #MaolinForTheWin !!!

4. Finally got to organize my stuff and look!!!!! my sorority pendant is so cute hihi

5. Because Guylian is my favorite. Seashell chocolates rock.

6. Shooting day for Dramalaya 2015. I met my friend Aky’s cat Matrix. I wanted to pet her and all, but she hates me. So, so much.
I crei.

7. Our prof in Orcom 143 required us to start businesses of our own. Here’s me supporting my friends’ desserts business, The Cookie Company. They have the best smores chocolate chip cookie, im not even kidding.
And in case you’re asking, our group is selling hipster totebags. Follow us on IG @tote.catalog or like us on FB, Tote Catalog . 
8. I hate morning, really. #8AMClassesAreNotCool

9. UP Manila Dramatista brings you Dramalaya!! <3 Catch us on these dates, guys! And watch the movie I’m in, Three Words. HAHAHHA! I play the role of the cliche supportive best friend in every movie. 
Tickets are sold for 100 bucks (for all 3 movies na to! sulit diba).
Speaking of Dramatista, I also had my first stage play in years. Thank you for the opportunity, Ds <3
UP College of Medicine 
Mediscene 2015
PGH-Science Hall
“Ang Mahiwagang Kahon” directed by Ji Young Lee
10. Valentine’s day
Thanks for the chocolates, dad!

V-day date with Ken at Gateway and we stumbled upon Maolin Yalung #Binibini09 HAHAHA <3

11. Also shoutout to Simone’s Closet and Wrecker’s PH of IG for sending me these cuties!!!
Handmade with love accessories – Simone’s Closet
Pacsun bikini- WreckersPH
Also I just want to thank God for giving me a part-time job. I pray that He gives me strength to give my 100% in accomplishing my tasks. Through Him, nothing is impossible, really 🙂
OK guys as much as i want to stay a bit longer
im so sorry i cant stay awake
this post is so tamad and poorly written and bleh blhe badsfgresd im sleepy ok
good night
i hav school tmrw lelz i mean later
love u all, hope everythings fine w everyone
the teenage queen ZZZzzzZ i sleep now ok bye~
Instagram: @theteenagequeen

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Tama Yaki: A Fun-Filled Afternoon of Takoyaki and Tea!

What is Tama Yaki?
Tama Yaki is a funky, hip franchise that specializes in making takoyaki–  Japanese balls filled with stuffings like octopus, tempura scraps, etc.
It is located at the second floor of SM North Edsa -Main Bldg (just beside Coldstone).
I love their funky interior!!!
Let me share you some photos of our bloggers meet-up at Tama Yaki! <3

Check out how their takoyaki balls are cooked fresh everyday.
We had a taste of almost everything on their menu. A lot of the bloggers liked their Seasoned Octopus, but since I’m allergic to seafood, I liked the Double Cheese Takoyaki  the most. 🙂
I wasn’t really a fan of takoyaki before (because I was allergic to seafood haha), but I must admit that I liked what was served to us at Tama Yaki. I did get a taste of their seafood takoyaki (just a taste though, cause i didnt want to get rashes haha), and it was pretty good! I really appreciate how they have non-seafood options as well, like chicken, steak, ham, etc. 
Fresh and yummy Japanese takoyaki balls! <3
Now, for my favorite part— milk tea!!!!
Tama Yaki also serves yummy milk tea. We were given the chance to taste the different items on their drinks menu. 
My favorite was the Cheese Cocoa 😛
Check out their yummy combos and rice meals!! 
I met a new friend that day, too! Say hi to Ms. Joei of! 🙂 
With the beautiful owners of Tama Yaki! 🙂
Thank you for this fun-filled day, Tama Yaki! Will definitely go back to your place to have my milk tea and takoyaki fix! 😛

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