A Classy Vintage Hollywood Costume Party: Christmas Eve

It has been a tradition of ours to play dress-up every Christmas Eve. Last year, we had a Disney-themed costume party (see post HERE). This year, we had a classy vintage Hollywood night!! <3


We originally planned on holding a rockstar party, but at the last minute, we decided to change the theme to this. Haha! 
My costume!
I went as a 1950s girl in a pleated dress!
Dress: MANGO (A Christmas gift from my momma!! yay!!)
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Headdress: Girl Shoppe

Rings: H&M
Ken’s costume
Ken went as the guy from Grease! Haha!

Dad’s costume
Dad went us a classic 1950s gentleman!

Mom’s costume
Mom went as a beautiful, elegant lady from the 20s!
James’ costume
Well, he pulled off a Grease costume too hahaha!
Ate Yas’ costume

My sister went as a Hollywood glam girl from the 60s!

                  My sister putting make-up on James! Lol why hello there, awesome fake beard!

Group shots!! <3

 Polaroid time!!
#TeamInstaxPh !!! Thanks for my cute dalmatian films, Fujifilm!!
My mom and her awesome Christmas village!

Noche Buena!! <3

How did you guys spend Christmas Eve?:) Comment below! πŸ™‚
Oh, and happy holidays, everyone!! :* Enjoy quality time with the people you love, and don’t forget the reason for this season!! πŸ™‚
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Bad Blood

I am very much addicted to plaid shirts right now. In fact, I’d like to think that a comfy plaid shirt is a basic that every girl should include in her wardrobe. They’re comfortable and easy to style with; you can pair them with pants, skirts, or wear them over a dress. The one I’m wearing in this post is  my favorite plaid shirt in particular. I’ve worn it a lot of times already and it never fails to give a chic and laid back look. πŸ™‚
Photos by Bria Cardenas | Like Photography by Bria on Facebook! 

Top: bazaar
Black pants: Bebe
Boots: H&M
Rings: H&M
Glasses: Korean brand at a random optical shop 
Mid rings are so cute!! <3 So happy I found these cuties at H&M a few days back. They’re a perfect addition to my ring collection!
Do you have a favorite shirt? Or do you have any tips on how to wear shirts? πŸ™‚
I’d love to hear all about it! Feel free to comment them below πŸ™‚
Again, thanks for these photos, Bria! 
The Teenage Queen

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Sugar & Spice

I’m a sucker for all things pastel, and I swear I can never get enough of them.
All photos were taken by Ben Bigalbal of www.benbigalbal.tumblr.com

This was what I wore to the  Fujifilm “Hello Kitty Instax” Wanderlaunch (you can read about it HERE). The event was held at one of the girliest and daintiest cupcakes store I know of, and that was why I decided to go all pastel and matchy-matchy. To even out the “girliness” of this outfit, I added touches of black to add a little spice to it.  
(A big shout out to my best friend Ji Young Lee for coming up with the title of this post. Haha!)

Jacket: H&M Kids’ Section
Black top: Forever 21
Skirt: bazaar
Boots: H&M
Watch: Aldo

The matching pieces and happy colors of this outfit remind me so much of the 80’s–and I LOVE IT!

Oh, and congratulations to Merielle Roelle, Brianna Cardenas, and Stacey Lee for winning my Browhaus giveaway! πŸ™‚ I’ll be announcing the winners of the Nourriture giveaway soon.

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Summer Nails—in December?!

I attended a “sparty” with my sorority sisters last Thursday, and discovered this cute nail place along Taft called “Nailfinity”. The best part about that nail salon was that their rates were so affordable– their manipedi costs only 250 bucks, not bad a price at all, considering that the nail polish they use were premium brands like Orly, Essie, OPI, etc. 
Photo taken by April Baldovino
Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila Christmas party | December 11, 2014
Next to pink, bubblegum blue is my favorite color; it’s playful, girly, cute, and carefree! 
So happy Orly has this shade! <3 I think this shade is called Gumdrop? Correct me if I’m wrong, please! πŸ˜›
Bracelet: DIY
Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Nail polish: Orly
Oh, I’m gonna tell you girls a secret!  On lazy days when I’m not really in the mood to think of what to wear, I simply slip on a pretty dress, and let it do all the magic. 
Dress: Ultra Flirt
Shoes: Primadonna
Belt: Cache Cache

 A dress in a playful cut and color will definitely save you on lazy days. The best part? You don’t even have to stress yourself on what accessories to wear! Just let the dress speak for itself.

The Teenage Queen

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It’s a #NutritionRevolution with Oscar’s Deli PH!

People these days are all about jumping into the ‘healthy lifestyle bandwagon’  (Shoutout to us, millennials! lol). You see photos of gym workout sessions, cleansing juices, and salads all over Instagram.  Thanks to the internet, it is so easy to google articles on how to eat and live healthy. However, because of this, it is also very easy to get misinformed about nutrition. Let’s face it, myths spread so easily (ehem! Ever heard of the 6PM rule? Or the “No Rice” diet?), and some people don’t even understand how the crap calorie counting works (guilty!). 
And that’s where Oscar’s Deli PH, my latest discovery, comes into the scene.

The Nutrition Trend vs. The Nutrition Revolution

Today, dieting has become a craze. There are a lot of so-called rules on what to eat and when to eat– it’s got me all confused! But Oscar’s Deli PH believes that nutrition shouldn’t be complicated.

Oscar’s Deli PH is all about making a difference in today’s health craze. It envisions a future where people are intelligently informed of what they eat. Instead of following the confusing “nutrition trend”, they actively push for a #NutritionRevolution, where they raise awareness among people by teaching them proper nutrition information. And with that, they offer food products that will be able to demonstrate the simplicity of nutrition. As of now, their key focus is protein.

Not a lot of people realize their lack of protein intake, much worse the implications of such“, points out the owner of Oscar’s Deli PH.

They currently have four items on the menu, and I got to try two of them- the five-star patty and the proton bites. The items were stored in round containers, and were delivered right to my doorstep. 

Now, enough of the chit chat and now on to the meat (seriously)!

Product information: 
    • Five-Star Beef Patty is a quarter pounder patty made from lean beef brisket, among other ingredients. It is a low-fat, low-carb, high-protein product. Relative to its size, it is also a low-Calorie product. It may be eaten on its own, as a salad topping, or in combination with rice or burger buns. It is sold raw in packs of three or five.

There were 3 beef patties inside.

This was how one patty looked like frozen.

Instructions on how to cook the patties (take note: you don’t need oil to cook them–awesome). 

And this was how a patty looked like cooked.

Verdict: I honestly liked the beef! It was very juicy and it left me craving for more of it πŸ™‚ This is really a must try. 


Product information:
  • Proton Bites are a type of chocolate truffles made primarily with whey protein powder, finely ground oatmeal, peanut butter, among other ingredients. It is a well-balanced snack with even macronutrients that aims to thwart hunger pangs and cravings while still delivering solid nutrition.  

Verdict: This was one chocolatey treat! Of course, they tasted nothing like a Hershey’s bar, but it’s not bad, considering that it’s a healthier option. I liked them, actually! πŸ™‚ 


I’m very satisfied with the food I got to taste. The beef really hit me. Lol.  I also like the idea of a #NutritionRevolution. This is a good start in helping inform people of the so-called “Nutrition Trend” today. Way to go, Oscar!

But wait! They have more products! Check these out:

Five-Star Chicken Patty

“Five-Star Chicken Patty is a quarter pounder patty made from filleted chicken breast, among other ingredients. It is a low-fat, low-carb, high-protein product. Relative to its size, it is also a low-Calorie product. It may be eaten on its own, as a salad topping, or in combination with rice or burger buns. It is sold raw in packs of three or five. “

Oscar’s Muscle Mix

“Oscar’s Muscle Mix is a premade whey-based pancake mix. It is also an easy-to-prepare pancake mix. It is a low-fat, medium-carb, medium-protein product. The product has an average Caloric content. It is meant to be a healthy alternative to the traditional pancake mixes sold in groceries, where nutritional values are out of proportion when it comes to the benefit of the eater.”

To learn more about proper nutrition, like them on Facebook OSCAR’S DELI PH and follow them on Instagram @oscarsdeliph! πŸ™‚

For orders, you may contact Oscar at oscarsdeli@gmail.com.

So glad nutrition revolutionists like these people exist! You go, Oscar’s Deli! 

The Teenage Queen
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No haircut regrets for me! Achieving the Behati Hair at Azta Urban Salon!

Ms. Meg, Sir Jo, Steph, and Me
Classes were suspended last Monday due to Typhoon Ruby, and at the same time, Tim and Steph (my balikbayan cousin and his girlfriend, both from Los Angeles)’s flight to Boracay got cancelled, too– what a bummer! So what better way is there to spend a stormy day than to head on over to the mall and get a haircut, right? right???? LOL, kidding. But seriously, Steph and I decided to get a haircut, anyway. Talk about typhoon preparations!! =)) 

We went to my favorite salon ever, Azta Urban Salon (Eastwood branch)! We set an appointment with my favorite hair stylist (if you’ve read my previous hair blogs, you’d know why haha), Sir Jo, at 3PM. 
Stephanie and Tim liked the interior! We were also served my favorite home made milk tea, which was an A+. 
Stephanie’s “before” shot
She just wanted a trim and layers.
My “before” shot
I had long, permed, and bleached hair. As much as I wanted to keep my balayage ombre (“bombre”), I had to cut my hair because it was already too long. My permed ends were already too loose — parang pinipilit ko nalang na kulot siya pero hindi talaga HAHA. 
Just thought that I should share this too– my hair had always been my comfort blanket. Keeping it super long made me feel pretty inside. People would always tell me not to cut my hair anymore because it was “sayang” if I did. 
But for some reason, I just grew so tired of it! I wanted to cut it and forget my insecurities. The timing was perfect, too, since a brand new year is about to begin in a little less than three weeks! 

BEFORE photo
My peg:
VS model Behati’s hair!
(photo grabbed from http://www.stylebistro.com/lookbook/Behati+Prinsloo/TocC1gxDT5a/Hair)
Say hello to Sir Jo! He literally cut 8 inches off my hair. My hair was THAT long (to help you imagine how long it was, the ends actually touched my buns! HAHAHA)

That’s a LOT of hair. =))

Azta was so kind enough to give Steph and I early Christmas presents! Thank you for our hair treatment, Azta Urban Salon! Our hair had never been so soft and touchable! lol. <3


Stephanie’s after photo! <3

My after photo! πŸ™‚
I am actually thinking of cutting it even SHORTER (aba, ang tapang! HAHA) ! I will have it cut shorter this December, definitely. I’m also waiting for my bangs to grow longer so that we can achieve the Behati look! haha! πŸ™‚

Thank you for being amazing, Sir Jo! And thank you so much for the excellent service, Azta Urban Salon! πŸ™‚ Shout out to Ms. Meg and Ms. Melissa for being so kind and warm. πŸ™‚
(and yes, naka rainboots pa talaga because #typhoonpreparations HAHAHAHAHA)

Blowdried hair

To achieve natural waves, Sir Jo advises that hair be put in a bun while it’s still kind of damp and let it hold there until it dries up. Voila! πŸ™‚
I’m very happy with how this haircut turned out. Can’t wait to buy my own hair curler this Christmas so I can get bigger waves! Any recommendations where to buy one? πŸ™‚

Looking for more tips on getting your haircut and avoiding haircut regrets?
Please read my article on Modern Filipina πŸ™‚ 
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Fujifilm Instax Wanderlaunch : Check out the NEW Hello Kitty Instax Mini , the Instax wide 300, and more!

Fujifilm recently launched their newest instax mini cameras: the Grape-colored and the Raspberry-colored Instax mini 8, the brown Instax mini 90, the Instax wide 300, and the crowd favorite, the new HELLO KITTY INSTAX!
The wanderlaunch took place at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery , Trinoma last Saturday (December 6, 2014). It was my first time going to this particular branch, and I was surprised to see how big the place was! Vanilla Cupcake Bakery branches are all consistently cute and dainty; I love how they pay attention to even the smallest details. Everything is pastel, floral, and girly– just the way I like it. I seriously don’t mind spending the whole day there just munching on their yummy cupcakes! πŸ™‚
Upon arriving at the event, we were asked to proceed to their instax photo booth. We sat on this cute couch and were given cute Instax sign boards for us to pose with! An Instax representative used her black instax mini 90 to take our polaroid shots. We were given two shots– one for us to keep, and another one to drop into the raffle box (because they were giving away Hello Kitty instax cameras huhu!!). 

Say hi to my pretty blogger friend, Patty of www.pattyvillegas.com πŸ™‚
Thanks for taking these shots, Patty babe!
With my blogger friend and fellow Iskolar ng Bayan, Phylicia Pineda of www.phyliciamarie.com (left)
and with the woman who inspired me to blog in the first place, Arnie Villanueva of http://www.arnievillanueva.com ! πŸ™‚ (right)
Look guys! I belong! HAHA! 
Gotta love mintgreen and pink!
For the love of vanilla milkshakes & mason jars! 
Paul the PR Guy and my girl crush Nikita Conwi hosted the event!
And now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for– the wanderlaunch of the newest Instax cameras!
The new GRAPE and RASPBERRY colored Instax Mini 8! 
These cuties were sold for 4,199 pesos before, but now they’re at 3,699 pesos!!!

The new Brown Instax Mini 90! 
Before: 8,990 pesos
NOW: 7,999 pesos! 
The new Instax Wide 300! 
6,999 pesos

The cool thing about this camera is that you can attach it to a tripod! 

And now, for everyone’s favorite!

IT IS SO ADORABLE, OMG. But here’s the catch: THEY ONLY HAVE 200 PIECES OF IT IN THE PHILIPPINES. So hurry, guys! Stocks are so limited!!!
When you avail of a Hello Kitty Instax mini, you get a special Hello Kitty film that they don’t even sell in the market!
Mr. Takuya Maeda also shared a story on how Fujifilm Instax started. 

In 1988, instax was produced as a camera for Japanese high school girls. This was so because at that time, Japanese high school girls were trend-setters of Japanese culture (like, they once made weird-looking socks trend in Japan!!)
And because Japanese high school girls then kept tiny school notebooks where they write random notes like school dress codes, etc. on, Instax built a camera that instantly provided girls with small pictures so they can insert them in their notebooks!
Instax ambassador Verniece Enciso 
Photo grabbed from RODEL FLORDELIZ of www.nognoginthecity.com
Say hi to Team Young, Wild, Free! The most bibbo table of the night. HAHA! We were so noisy lol 
L-R ( bloggers Jhanzey, Camie Juan, Michael Macalos, Patty Villegas, Phylicia Pineda, and Rodel Flordeliz)
Ended the event by taking so many selfies with bloggers and friends! lol.
With Nikita Conwe, my super girl crush from RX 93.1!
With one of my first friends on Facebook (lol!) Kyla Zuniga, owner of It’s All About Hue and the Ilustrados.
With Verniece!
With Paul of www.paultheprguy.com
With Camie Juan of wild-spirit.net
Say hi to Phylicia!
With Ana of www.anagonzales.com
With Michael of www.michaelmacalos.com
With Seph Cham of www.josephcham.com!
Of course, a photo with Mr. Takuya Maeda himself! He is just such a cute and adorable person! I bet he’s such an AWESOME boss. <3
We each got to bring home a package from Instax! It rained films that day. Yay! 
Included in the package were films, washi tape, a leather cover for the camera, and a small notebook! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to do all sorts of DIYs with the cute instax films!!!
Films in Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, Dalmatian, Alice in Wonderland, and Stained Glass designs!
I had my Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 on my 18th birthday. It was a surprise gift from Ken and my sorority sisses, who all pitched in just because they knew how much I’ve dreamt of owning a polaroid–and that’s why this camera is so special to me. 
Thank you, Instax, for this cute pink leather cover! Now, I can take better care of this camera. Not only do I take extra good care of my Instax because it’s cute, but because it’s a special gift from very important people in my life πŸ™‚
I’m ending this post with photos of a very memorable moment that happened 10 months ago!
The “I CRYYYY” face =))

The Teenage Queen

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Rapunzel of TANGLED-themed Costume!

Say hi to Uriel aka Flynn Rider! 
Next to Belle, Rapunzel is my favorite Disney princess. I could relate to her character very much, because, well, duh, she’s so gawky (!), awkward, childish, strong, and determined– all at the same time. 
And that was why when UP Manila Dramatista, a theatre organization I joined in school just this semester, asked us to dress as Disney characters for a day, without even thinking twice, I decided to be Rapunzel.
(Below are some photos from the movie Tangled that I just got from the Internet)

Outfit details:

White blouse (used as inner top): Bayo
Purple skirt: an old purple dress that I just found in the closet
Pink corset: a random corset in our house lol
Flowers: borrowed from my bff, Ji! Which reminds me…. lol I haven’t even returned this to her yet =)) HAHAHA hi Ji, if you’re reading this, I love you. =)) I’ll give this back to you next week.
Frying pan (choz! This pan is actually teflon lol #sosyal) : borrowed from Ji..again. =))
Nude flats: payless
We had to stay in character the WHOLE DAY, so imagine me running around school acting scared and holding a frying pan. Haha. 
My fellow applicants were amazing; they did such a great job in portraying their roles! Hands down! One person even went us a frog (from the movie “Princess and the Frog”), so he had to hop around the College of Arts and Sciences bending down.
Can you spot Hades? What about Captain Jack Sparrow? Snow White, anyone?
(photo by Darcy de Asis)
Maverick as Captain Hook
Yesha as Minnie Mouse
Say hi to my forever supportive OrCom barkada! Hey Tricia and Jana πŸ™‚
This photo was taken in class. HAHA! Hey, pretty seat mate Micol! πŸ™‚

Ending this post with an appreciation photo for Ji Young Lee, the best and most supportive friend ever! πŸ™‚ <3

The Teenage Queen
PPS. Join my Nourriture Juice giveaway! Win cleansing juices here! 
PPS.  Wala lang. Just wanted to plug this here. HAHA! Support UP Manila Dramatista next year! Coming sooooonnn<3

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Get a chance to win a FREE ride from Easy Taxi PH with the WeChat Cab!

Easy Taxi and WeChat users can now use the popular social communications app to book their Easy Taxi rides in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, as both companies build on the success of the Singapore pilot programme launched last July.

β€œWe are happy to renew our partnership with WeChat, benefitting our users in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. The move further supports our regional footprint, and the synergies between both apps will allow for a greater mobility among smartphone users in our partner cities,” said Daniel Torres, CEO of Easy Taxi Philippines. He explained how the partnership is beneficial to both brands, as offering a taxi booking functionality abroad enables WeChat to be part of one of the world’s most disruptive technologies among startups. On the other hand, Easy Taxi expands its reach across millions of WeChat users.

β€œThe response we have had in Singapore was quite overwhelming, and we wanted to offer the same privilege to our users outside of the island-nation,” added Poshu Yeung, Vice President of International Business Group at Tencent, the company behind the WeChat app.  He added that this is another great example of how WeChat, the fastest growing social communications app worldwide, successfully set up strong alliances with local market leaders in providing users with a unique and convenient experience.

Similar to Singapore, new users can easily download the WeChat app to Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone devices. For existing users, they need to follow Easy Taxi’s official WeChat account EasyTaxi_PH to be able to use the taxi booking function.  

Just follow Easy Taxi’s Official account ( EasyTaxi_PH) and book a ride with us for a chance to win a FREE ride with the WeChat Cab.
Passengers can look forward to exciting deals and promotions only for WeChat and Easy Taxi users.  In the Philippines, WeChat and Easy Taxi have a special promo car. Users can book Easy Taxi through the WeChat app and get a chance to win a free ride.

Apart from Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, plans are underway to launch the partnership in countries where both apps are available. 

About Easy Taxi
Easy Taxi is the world’s biggest taxi booking app, currently available across 170 cities in 33 countries across four continents around the world. Founded in Brazil in 2011, the company started expansion in Asia in 2013. The app is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices; and on all major platforms including Firefox OS.

Follow us on Facebook and WeChat (EasyTaxi_PH).  

About WeChat

WeChat envisions and innovates new ways for people to connect, communicate and share. A mobile social communication app designed for smartphone users, WeChat is the world’s fastest growing social app with hundreds of millions of users internationally. WeChat empowers users in fun and dynamic ways, by bringing together messaging, social communication and games in one seamless, interactive experience, with comprehensive privacy and security settings that can be tailored as needed. WeChat is available free for download on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows operating system.

Learn more about WeChat and download the app at www.wechat.com

Check out Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/wechatapp

Dive into the world of WeChat through Chatterbox, WeChat’s blog: http://blog.wechat.com
Watch cool videos on WeChat’s official YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/WeChatVideo

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Mateo’s Restaurant Cafe: A Spanish-Filipino Restaurant at Malakas Street

I’m very giddy right now as I write this. I am just so excited to share with you all my newest discovery at the heart of Malakas street–a homey Spanish-inspired restaurant called Mateo’s.

Two weeks ago, we got invited to a food-tasting event at Mateo’s. And grabe lang ha! This was honestly the most fun I ever had in an event yet! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much to Mateo’s and to Ms. Dina of DigitalMedia PH for inviting me to this super fun evening  πŸ™‚

Activity #1 
“Gingerbread House”

To break the ice, we started off with a gingerbread house decorating contest!

Everyone was soooo delighted to play around with icing and candies. When I was a kid, my mom would always bring home a gingerbread house for Christmas. The houses stopped coming when I turned older, and it wasn’t until this time that I finally got to play with one again.

We were divided into 4 teams, and the team with the prettiest house gets to take the gingerbread home with them; the members of the winning team just have to talk among themselves who gets to take the house home, which is, DUH, where the real competition happens. HAHAHAHA!!

Say hello to my team! πŸ™‚ Pat Lou (blogger behind www.teampatlou.wordpress.com) and Ms. Rosey πŸ™‚

                                              Ta-da! Look at our masterpiece. Hehe.

Check out the works of the other teams! πŸ™‚
didn’t win…… but we had fun, and that’s what matters most, right? πŸ™ =)))))))))
Wanna decorate your own gingerbread house? Check this out! πŸ™‚
Other than gingerbread houses, it also rained cupcakes that night. <3 Yum!

Okay, introduction time! These two fellas, Ms. Lala and Sir Miko, are just some of the amazing people behind Mateo’s.
Fun fact: Mateo’s was actually a house before it was a restaurant.
Another fun fact: Sir Miko is holding a photo of his great grand father, Mateo, who was a former HUKBALAHAP member— he was the inspiration behind this restaurant.

Gotta love their beautiful, homey interior! Mateo’s function room has good lighting and air conditioning as well. 

For those looking for venues, Mateo’s is the perfect place to hold your parties πŸ™‚ Check these out

Their garden + another function room

The door to the function room we were at

Activity #2

Ms. Rosey taught us how to prettify our cords/chargers with yarn! πŸ™‚
Check these out! So cuute πŸ™‚
Do you want to learn how to crochet as well? 
Activity #3
“Spanish class”
Senorita Kara taught us some basic Spanish as well. I really enjoyed this part! I took 6 units of Spanish last school year, and I must admit, foreign language isn’t my forte. I’ve always found it difficult to learn a language, but attending this short class refreshed me with the basics of Spanish once again. πŸ™‚ We had so much fun too because the class was so interactive. 
And now, for the post you’ve all been waiting for:

I am very much in love with Mateo’s Restaurant and Cafe. Their food was nothing short of amazing, and everything tasted so authentic and homey. The presentation was an A+ too. The price is affordable, ranging from 200-600 pesos, as far as I remember.
Spinach Quesadilla (a favorite of mine!!)
Tapa + mushrooms
 Paella— everyone’s favorite!!! <3
They offer both Spanish paella and paella Negra πŸ™‚ Yum yum yum!
Their kare-kare is amazing, too. 
The pasta, two thumbs up! πŸ™‚
Best blueberry cheesecake I’ve ever had in the Philippines. It reminded me so much of the Cheesecake Factory in the USA. πŸ™‚ It’s that good.
Of course, a post is never complete without obligatory photo ops! hhehe πŸ™‚
Say hi to Ms. Dina of DigitalMediaPh πŸ™‚ Thank you so much, Ms. Dina! πŸ™‚
With fellow bloggers and Ms. Lala, co-owner of Mateo’s !! πŸ™‚
With the owners of Mateo’s Restaurant and Cafe πŸ™‚
So happy to have met new blogger friends that night! πŸ™‚ 
Shout out to Patty of (www.pattyvillegas.com), Cyrene of (www.Cyrenedipity.com), Lou, and to the rest of these pretty girls :)!

My rating?
A 5/5! I had so much fun. 
Mateo’s Restaurant and Cafe has
  • a homey, comfy ambiance (we stayed at the function room)
  • good lighting
  • fast wifi
  • good airconditioning
  • an affordable menu
  • amazing food
  • polite servers

The best part is that everything looks so artsy and hipster. Lol. 
I actually enjoyed Mateo’s so much that I brought my family there with me two weeks in a row!
My family loved the food and place. My well-travelled dad was impressed with the food because it tasted very authentic. 
The second time I brought my family here was just last Tuesday. We had “balikbayans” (our cousin Tim and his girlfriend Stephanie) from Los Angeles. They LOVED the food. Stephanie had bagnet for the very first time, and she loved it so much. The paella was a winner as well. They loved everything, actually. 
For dessert, we tried cheesecake and moist chocolate cake. We have decided that we didn’t know which one was our favorite. We loved both cakes. πŸ™‚

You may call them at 433-80-33
I am so happy just writing this post! Thank you for the wonderful experience each time I visit, Mateo’s. My family and I are now regular customers of yours!

The Teenage Queen
PS. Have you joined my BROWHAUS Classic Threading Giveaway?
PPS. Join my NOURRITURE Cleansing Juice Giveaway as well!! πŸ™‚

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