The Teenage Queen turns 3: BROWHAUS GIVEAWAY CONTEST! Win a brow job!

The Teenage Queen blog just turned three last October, and since Christmas ~the best time of the year <3 <3 ~ is fast approaching as well, let’s hit two birds with a stone with this one, shall we?
We’re celebrating Christmas and the blog’s birthday through the best way possible– GIVEAWAY CONTESTS!! Yippee πŸ™‚
Watch out for a series of fun and exciting giveaway contests for all of you to enjoy throughout the month of December. 
Big thanks to all the lovely sponsors for making this possible! Shoutout to Browhaus Manila, Azta Urban Salon, Simone’s Closet, The Bead Diary, and so much more! πŸ™‚


I am so honored and happy to announce this! Browhaus has always been my one and only go-to place for my brows, and it’s just so awesome to know that 3 lucky readers will be getting a chance to get their brows done by the BEST brow architects in the country! #BrowGameOnPoint
(wow I just said brows like 5 times.. okay make that 6)

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“The Teenage Queen’s blog just turned three, and a grand giveaway contest is ongoing! I WANT TO WIN A BROW JOB FROM BROWHAUS MANILA! #theteenagequeengiveaways ” 
 and tag three (3) friends
8. Tweet
Doing all of these will entitle you a total of 3 raffle entries πŸ™‚
After doing these, kindly comment below:
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For additional entries, you may do the following as well. Please make sure to include these in your comment πŸ™‚  :

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Link to Instagram post ( Instagram this giveaway and tag @theteenagequeen #theteenagequeengiveaway #theteenagequeenXbrowhausmanila  @browhausmanila +15 entries)


PS. I just learned how to Photoshop like, tonight. As in literally just tonight. I was just working on my paper, and then, this happened. Lol I have an attention span of a goldfish HAHAHA. So yup. HAHAHAHAHAHA. SHARE LANG.

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Ways on How to Style a Simple Shirt

Wearing shirts to school is the most comfortable thing ever. If you’re a t-shirt person and you want to wear them without ever compromising style, then here’s a quick guide for you πŸ™‚
Watch: Aldo Accessories | Bracelets: bazaars/ tiangge | Rings: gifts from my Ninang

1. Don’t be afraid to experiment. 
Styling shirts is fun because you get to do a lot with it! You can:
  • Fold the bottom part up and tie it at the back to make it look like a mid rib (just like what I did in this OOTD post)
  • Roll up your sleeves to give off that relaxed vibe (see THIS)
  • Play with how you tuck in your shirt. You can opt to tuck it in completely, or you may tuck only the front portion of your top, leaving the rest untucked and loose.  (see THIS)
  • Gather the ends and tie a knot in the front
  •  If you’re feeling brave, you can play with scissors and cut your shirt into a muscle tee, a fringed top, an off-shouldered top, or even a cropped top! (see THIS)

2. Play with colors.
Whether you’re going for black-and-white minimalist, girly-girl pastel, colorful, or whatnot– playing with colors is totally up to you! Feel free to experiment πŸ™‚
3. Mix and match.
While you can never go wrong with a nice shirt and denim combo, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step out of your comfort zone. Mix and match whatever you have in your closet- you’ll actually be surprised on how endless your options are!
You can wear your shirt with a skirt, over a dress, with a jumpsuit, with a romper, etc. FEEL FREE TO EXPLORE! πŸ™‚  If you ask me, my rule of thumb is that you follow a color palette  and that your pieces won’t give off a heavy, “there’s-just-too-much-going-on” vibe to it.
Shirt: Shortcuts Apparel by Laureen and Lorraine| Pastel romper (used as shorts): Forever 21| Blue sneakers: Forever 21| Floral backpack: Roxy | Blue sneakers: Forever 21

All of these photos were taken by my sorority sis, Alyssa Lorenzo, at school. Thanks so much for this, sis! πŸ™‚

Hope you girls learned a thing or two from this post! Thank you so much for reading πŸ™‚ Please do comment below more of your tips and suggestions on how to style a shirt ! πŸ™‚ I’d love to see your OOTDs, too!
The Teenage Queen

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Red Lip Classic Thing

Heart-shaped glasses? Red lipstick? White top?
Just in case it still isn’t obvious, the whole peg of this outfit was ” Taylor Swift- 22 meets 1989″. Yep, because, no matter how hard I try to hide it, the Swiftie inside me still hasn’t died down yet. Lol.

Anyway, this was what I wore to school last Friday. I don’t normally dress like this for class because ~duh, laziness~  and no one really cares how people dress up in UP hahaha~ but I had an event to attend later that evening, which explains everything. Haha! Check out my post on Tacobell’s Food tasting event, please?:) 
White top: Bayo | Leather shorts: borrowed from my sorority sister, Cess Panganiban. Thanks, sis! Hahaha πŸ™‚ | Bag: Bagellia Filipinas  | Birks-inspired sandals: Payless
Black watch: Aldo | Tattoo bracelet: A special gift from my friend Michiko Kaimoto. She sells these cuties at such an affordable price! PM her on Facebook to order.  | Rings: a Christmas gift from my sorority sisses, Bekai and Lili <3 
A big shoutout to my friends Gian Nicdao and Tricia Quintero for helping me out on this spontaneous shoot at school! Haha. 
Gian took all of these artsy fartsy shots. He’s a photography blogger, and he’s just amazing at what he does. Check out his awesome work at πŸ™‚

Tricia directed this shoot. She’s part of Candy Magazine’s council of cool, and that explains why she’s so knowledgable on fashion, photo shoots, and all that.

Ugh. Thankful for such artsy friends lol. What will the world be without you guys? Hahahaha. πŸ˜›
If you’re wondering why I’m still awake at half past midnight, it’s because our 8AM class tomorrow /I mean later/ got cancelled and what better way to celebrate that than to blog and download stuff on the internet HAHAHAHA. 
Okay brb for now guys, I’m already *really* thirsty and it’s pitch black downstairs so Imma figure out a way to get to the kitchen fridge without getting caught by monsters in the dark.
Leaving you guys with this cute shot. Hihi. Heart Heart.
The Teenage Queen
Photos by Gian Nicdao
Photoshoot directed by Tricia Quintero

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Taco Bell’s Super Duper Yummy Meat Grillers!

Hey, hey, hey, guys!
Guess what?? We’ve just been given MORE reasons to love Taco Bell!
They’ve recently added two new additions to their menu, and they’re called 

Product description:
Layers of meat and other flavorful ingredients all grilled and wrapped in a tortilla. And yep, it’s heavy enough (trust me) for lunch/ dinner!! πŸ™‚
The Meaty Grillers come in two varieties:
This one is a personal favorite of mine. I love the potato bits inside gushing with cheese inside this grilled tortilla.  The potato bites is my favorite side dish at Taco Bell, and I’m just so so so happy they thought of putting them inside soft tacos as well! woohoo. Ugh ok now I’m craving for a Chili Cheese Potato Griller. Darnit.
Ingredients: chili beef, jalapeno cheddar cheese sauce, potato bites, flour tortilla

Oh this one’s super yummy, too! I love how Taco Bell has localized items in their menu– this taco has rice in it, guys!! This one’s perfect for ricelovers out there. 
Ingredients: fiesta rice, pork bbq, pepper jack sauce, diced onions, flour tortilla


* Meaty Grillers A La Carte Price: 85 pesos each

* Combo Price: 149 pesos (1 meaty grillers, 1 crunchy taco, and a drink!) SAVE 14 PESOS!

 I love Tacobell’s signature hot sauce πŸ™‚ They’re known for the random phrases on their packets.
A big big thank you to Zomato Philippines for inviting us to this foodie meet up event! 
Zomato is an online and mobile restaurant search and discovery service that provides in-depth information for over 260,000 restaurants across 13 countries. Zomato’s core content features include menus, photos, and geocoded coordinates of the hottest restaurants and hidden gems in a city.
The website and app are extremely easy to use! In a few simple clicks, users can explore a whole range of restaurants depending on their choice of cuisine, location, and budget. Zomato also allows users to post photos and reviews about their latest gastronomic adventures and share those with over 25 million monthly global users.
VIEW MY POSTS ON ZOMATO, GUYS! My username’s hersheyneri πŸ™‚
If you have a Zomato accnt, pls comment them below so I can view your posts, too!!

I had so much fun with fellow Zomans last Friday! We got a chance to meet different bloggers and try out Taco Bell’s yummy food. My favorite part? Winning prizes from games, of course! Haha. Being the bibbo kid inside, games will always be my favorite part of any program. Hahaha. Thanks for the Dencios and David’s Tea House gift certificates, Zomato! πŸ™‚ 
(the host was half-kidding when he said I get to win this balloon stand from the game “Bel Bel Hooray” [hep hep hooray])

 Say hi to blogger Kimberly Nieves of! <3
With Cyrene Riparit of πŸ™‚
With Lou Ongpin of <3
Happy for new friends! Yay πŸ™‚
Again, thank you TACO BELL and ZOMATO for the awesome night!
TACO BELL BRANCHES: Trinoma, Gateway 1st floor, and Gateway 3rd floor πŸ™‚

Group photo grabbed from Taco Bell Philippines

Quick OOTN!!

Shirt: H&M
White top: Bayo
Leather shorts: borrowed from my sorority sis, Cess πŸ™‚
Birks-inspired sandals: Payless
Bag: Bagellia Filipinas
Necklace: a gift from my cousin
Watch: Aldo

(Thanks for taking my outfit shots, Ken! hihi)

 Check out some freebies we got from Zomato! 
I’m not saying I’m a foodie, but…. 
Ending this post with a throwback to my stressed out college freshman self,  two years ago. Lol. It’s still hellweek for us tho. Onting push nalang Christmas break na! HAHAHA.
#IJustWantToBeABurrito #IWantTacoBellBurrito 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Til next time πŸ™‚
The Teenage Queen
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Brazilian Virgin No More: My “First Time” at STRIP Manila Ministry of Waxing

I’ve always been afraid of getting a wax done ‘down there’, but when Strip Manila tapped me to try out their waxing services, I said “Why not??”
 Here’s to conquering our fears, ladies! haha!

When Strip Manila gave us an opportunity to try out their XXXX All-Off service, the first two words  that came in my mind were “YAY!” and  “Yikes!!”

But during one of the events I attended two months ago, I overheard a couple of girls talk to each other say, “Grabe. If you try Strip na, you’ll never want to have it done anywhere else.”
That made me so curious! I wanted to find out what this Strip craze was really all about, so I was totally game for it.
I went to the SM Megamall branch (Remember the virtual tour I wrote on HERE?) and was welcomed with this cute comic book! The heroine’s name was “Striperella” and the enemy was some hairy monster. Grabe lang sa details ah, hands down. Pati ba naman comic book, personalized ng Strip?? hahaha. lol. Super cute pls.
Check out their interior!
My super cozy room πŸ™‚
It was my first time to ever use hot wax. I usually use cold wax because I thought that cold wax was less painful than hot wax- but boy, was I wrong. 

Strip’s signature hot wax was nothing like I’ve ever used before! It wasn’t completely painless (because duh, getting a wax is not a massage lol!), but it gave less pain as compared to cold wax. And I also realized that using hot wax down there was better than using cold wax, because it’s faster and more soothing- the wax gets stripped off after putting it on your skin, unlike in cold wax where they reuse the wax over and over (ouch! Uncomfortable kaya siya the hair strands get pulled together hahaha) until the procedure is done.
The cutest part about Strip’s wax is that they come in two flavors: chocolate and strawberry! The pink wax (strawberry) looked so cute lang, grabe. It actually reminded me of melted ice cream. lol.

Hygiene is #1 priority. It’s cool how Strip provides pre-sealed, individually wrapped disposable packs for each customer. This is because they have a “no double dipping policy” to ensure sanitation πŸ™‚ 


Strip Manila’s services were superb. My Striperella was such a lovely lady, and she was so patient with me. She made me feel comfortable til the very end of the procedure.

Having a Brazilian done for the first time wasn’t as horrifying as I thought it would be. I mean, yes, it was painful at first and it was one crazy experience, but it was tolerable. And eventually, it will end. Like all firsts do.

And the results are amazing. After my wax, the only words said in my mind were “WORTH IT.”
I mean it. It was so worth it. Haha! I’m so so happy and clean. lol. I’m definitely going to be a regular customer at Strip. 
If you’re going to get a Brazilian for the first time, here are some things I would suggest:
1. Have it done at Strip! lol
2. Drink Advil. They said it will help ease things:)
3. Wear comfy clothing
4. Be confident, be brave, and face your fears!! 

You know how people say that once you go Mac, you never go back? I guess that’s the same thing with Strip. They just give you excellent services that just don’t compare! <3
Thank you for this opportunity, Strip Manila!! πŸ™‚
Right after getting my wax, I headed to their sister company, Browhaus, to have my brows groomed and maintained πŸ™‚

I’m a certified Strip and Browhaus Girl.
Brazilian virgin no more,
The Teenage Queen

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See you at the Apollo Music Festival! :)

Hey, everyone!

It’s November, and my schoolmates and I know what that means— it’s hell month.
Ugh. I just cry every time I remember just how many exams I have to study for, reports to do, papers to work on, and weeks to endure til our much-awaited “sembreak”. FYI, there was a sudden change in our academic calendar and so our semester ends at December. We didn’t get a sembreak last October huhuhu.  CRY. But thank God I’m free next Friday for this quick detox!!! Bwaahahahha. Thanks for the invite, UP JMA and DLSU BMS! πŸ™‚

Lol. You know what they say, study hard, party harder!! Hahahaha

Ya coming to Apollo Music Festical, too?? Check this out!

Hear music from some of the country’s rising musical talents. Chill out with your friends as the sun sets and indulge yourselves in an array of food and entertainment booths. Cap the night off while headbanging to some of the Metro’s top DJs. Be one with the crowd and experience what it truly means to be in a Music Festival. Live to hear good music, live to enjoy, go on and live the dream.

This coming November 14, 2014, take on the experience as the top organizations of the University of the Philippines and De La Salle University, the UP Junior Marketing Association and the DLSU Business Management Society come forth and bring you the first ever inter- university Music Festival, 

APOLLO: Live the Dream 
at the Globe Circuit Events Ground in Circuit Makati.

Featuring big names such as Sponge Cola, The Ransom Collective, The Cohens, DJ Lucio Pua, DJ Marc Marasigan, and DJ Ace Ramos, free-flowing drinks, and a stunning lights show, this will surely be a night you won’t want to miss.

APOLLO is the first music festival that will not only hold a variety of the country’s biggest music performers, but as well as new and aspiring Filipino artists. UP JMA, DLSU BMS, and FILSCAP, an advocate of Filipino music that aims to promote original music in the Philippines, directs its steps to empower young artists to pursue their dreams.

Watch as dreams unfold before your very eyes. Share the limelight and showcase talents only waiting to be ignited – boundaries waiting to be shattered. Feel the aftermath of their boundless music. Transcend into the night and celebrate with a bang to the heart-thumping beats. Give in to the experience and let it reverberate within you.

Experience the fantasy, resonate the experience, and live the dream.
#APOLLOMusicFestival #LiveTheDream

Tickets are available in the University of the Philippines – Diliman, De La Salle University – Manila, and selected partner organizations across different universities. For more details, like us on 

Facebook (
Twitter (@APOLLOMusicFest) 
 Instagram (@APOLLOMusicFest)
Contact # 09283516176 and 09178967558 

see you all!!! 
The Teenage Queen
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