Fiercer Days Ahead

I don’t know exactly how it came to this point, but I think it all started a week ago during one of my self-pity sessions. I was feeling low and insecure because of so/many/personal/reasons that I decided not to mention here anymore lol..
But I got tired, eventually. I got tired of pinning my spirits down to the floor. I got tired of living inside an imaginary box and feeding my thoughts more negativity. I got tired of feeling inferior to others, and thinking that I deserved to feel insecure. I just got tired.
I didn’t have to feel that way, anyway. I didn’t have to feel sorry for myself. I realized, if I just cut off my habit of always comparing myself to others and putting myself down– if I just stop it with all the whining and complaining– then maybe I could finally start to get up, move, and actually do something. 
I got a piece of paper and folded it into half. The left side said “Strengths”, and the right said “Weaknesses”. I filled each column with traits and characteristics, and reflected on them. It was pretty therapeutic, actually. After my self-reflection, I promised myself a couple of things. Like, I will accept myself for who I am;  I will stop trying to always please others, and start finally doing things for my self , in achieving my dreams; I will focus on my own strengths and I will stop comparing myself to other people, because we are all different from each other; and finally, I will stop trying to be someone else.  
As for my weaknesses, I decided that this year, I will start working on the stuff that I could change/improve on. For instance, I feel like I’m a weak, gawky girl and this year, I promise to workout regularly so that I could be stronger.  And during times that I feel inferior and I feel like I’m never going to get rid of my writer’s block, I’m going to find inspiration or perhaps enroll in a workshop to learn and improve on my writing skills. 
I promised myself to do things as early as now. I didn’t want to live life with regrets and what ifs, anyway, so starting that day, I wanted to change and work on with what I already could. 
And so, just as promised, I started working out. I’m taking baby steps for now, but I’m very happy for myself because it’s something I’ve never really done before. Because of personal reasons, I’ve always complained and felt insecure about my body (especially my legs and tummy), but now that I’m trying to do something about it, I can’t help but feel lighter inside. True enough, working out made me feel more confident and comfortable with myself, because I knew I was actually doing something about my insecurity. 
Yesterday was my first time (ever!!) to wear a cropped top. As I said earlier, my tummy has always been my insecurity (again, because of personal reasons hehe),  so wearing this required a lot of confidence for me.  I may not have a body like that of a VS Angel’s, but at least now, I’m finally confident in my own skin, and that’s what’s important, right? 🙂 

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling everyone to get up and start working out today! What I’m saying is that if you’re feeling insecure about something (whether it be career-related,  relationship-related, or whatnot), don’t let it pull you down. Because guess what? You can do something about it. You can get rid of it by finding a way that you think would work best for you. Do whatever makes you feel beautiful, strong, and powerful inside. Focus on your strengths. If you think you need improvement on a certain aspect, do what you could to change it. Never give up without a fight. If you really can’t change it, then at least you know for yourself that you fought a good fight; focus on your strengths and don’t close doors just yet! Make room for discovery. Make room for more good things coming your way. When you’re feeling insecure, don’t give up– fight! Fight the negativity and find ways to bring out your inner sunshine! 🙂

You can do it! We all can do it!
Anyway, enough of the serious stuff. HAHA! Yesterday, somebody got to try out something new. Two words: Red Streaks.
With all the confidence and courage (lol) I gathered over the week, I knew I had to release my inner spunk somewhere. And if you’ve already read my post on ,it was mentioned there that we should always try to look for a hair style that says a lot about us. And in my case, I hadn’t felt more of myself in months until last week, with an added bit of free-spirited and a dash of adventurous; so I told my artist over at Azta Urban Salon, “Hey, why not give me a hint of red streaks?”
Bracelets: a pasalubong from Australia! Hey, Angeline! Thank you so much for this!
Watch: Aldo
Earrings: Claire’s
Top: Paradise Treats (@paradisetreats on IG)
Skirt: Forever 21
Nude kitten heels: Charles and Keith
(Outfit shots taken by Ken)
A big shout out to Azta Urban Salon for giving me a roots retouch (finally!! after 3 months LOL) and a touch of red! Yaaay!
But hey, I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed my Azta experience! Check out Ken who had his haircut too!
 Thank you to my forever stylist, Sir Jo for everything! And thank you too, Ms. April! 🙂

To all the girls out there who need some confidence boosting, too, we’re in this together. I’m praying for all of you! We can do this. 
Here’s to happier (and fiercer) days ahead!
The Teenage Queen
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6 Tips for College Freshies!

  If you’re an incoming freshie right now, I would like to congratulate you for making it to college! 🙂
College is really fun. You get to meet so many people and do a lot of things– however, it’s not all fun and games. Below are 6 simple reminders that I hope you keep in mind as you enter the world of college life: 

1. Take courage, and believe in yourself!

Photo from Flickr (click)

     We’ve all been briefed about this: we’re not in high school anymore, where almost everyone’s your friend and where the lessons in class are a piece of cake. As the saying goes, “In high school, we were big fishes in a small pond; in college, we are big fishes in an even bigger pond.” College will make us realize that we’re actually not the best out there, and that we still have a lot more to learn and to improve on. 

    I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but yes, THERE WILL be days when college will beat the crap out of you. It will make you cry. It will give you sleepless nights, days, weeks. It will show you your weaknesses; it will tease around your insecurities; it will make you feel like you’re a failure.

                                                        But you’re not. Remember that.

     The good thing is that, more than revealing your insecurities and weaknesses, college will also let you discover your own strengths, talents, and passion– work around those. Work around your strengths to help you survive; don’t box in your talents- share it to everyone around you; never stop chasing your passion, because you were purposed for it. The beautiful thing about college is that it trains you for the real thing. Every day is a learning experience, you just have to pay close attention. You can also learn valuable life lessons from everyone around you- from your profs, to your blockmates, to you barkada, to the food vendors in your cafeteria, etc. And more than that, you also learn life lessons from your own mistakes.

2. Open your mind. Be a critical thinker.

Photo from Flickr (click)

In college, you will be exposed to new and different things. Don’t be too quick to reject ideas, but don’t be easily swayed as well. Be a critical thinker. Before you make a stand or decide on an issue, get to know all sides of the issue first. Sticking to stereotypes and stigmas (just because it’s what the media portrays it to be, or what society says) is what close-minded people do. Do you choose to be one of them? Or do you choose to be a critical thinker?

  3. Choose your friends wisely.

     I know we’ve been told this a million times before, but it wasn’t until college when I realized how true this was.

     Some people – some “friends”– will use you, consume you, and break you. Be careful and stay away from those so-called “friends”. Get to know who the real ones are first before giving too much of yourself.

    Also, remember that the people around you will be huge influences in your life, whether you know it or not. You may think that you won’t get affected at all, but you will. Hang out with people who don’t prioritize their studies, and little by little, you’ll end up not prioritizing yours, too. Stick with people who keep a healthy balance between their studies and social lives, and you’ll find yourself doing the same, too.

 4.  Don’t join in the “let’s judge other courses!” bandwagon. Encourage each other instead!

Photo from Flickr (click)

     Avoid the “my-course-is-better-than-yours” mentality, because at the end of the day, it all boils down to where our capabilities, potentials, and most importantly, our passion, will match. If you are passionate for the arts, take a BA course. If you’re passionate about the sciences, take a BS course. We’re in college for one thing, anyway : to discover, hone, and develop OUR skills for OUR future.

When people take a course that fulfils them and that helps them grow as a person, why should we discourage them, right? 🙂

As what my Orcom 107 professor always tells us: live, and let live.

  5. Join orgs!

Me with my sisses

     Don’t let your academics hinder you from learning so much more! Remember, learning isn’t just confined inside the classroom. From joining orgs, you get to learn things that you wouldn’t normally learn in class, like organizing events, establishing connections, working as a team, etc. It is also the perfect avenue for you to release your talents, creativity, and your extra energy. Take your time in finding the perfect org for you, you don’t need to rush things. What’s important is you find an org where you will grow as a person– whether it be a dance org, a music org, a theatre org, a fraternity, a sorority, a chorale, an arts org, a photography org, a political org, a pre-med org, a pre-law org, a student publication, etc.!

            Last but definitely not the least, 

      6. Enjoy your college life!

Photo from Flickr (click)

    Don’t worry! Hehe, despite my warning of it being hard and all, college is FUN. It will be a great four (or so.. hehe!) years of your life. You get to meet different people, and discover different things. Don’t forget to enjoy every bit of it while you can, and keep with you all the important lessons that you pick up along the journey.

The Teenage Queen

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San Francisco #OOTD

I only have two things to say about San Francisco: 1) It is a freezer  and 2) It is a giant freakin freezer. 

Kidding aside (not really), I must admit that it’s actually one of the most fashionable cities I’ve ever been to. We enjoyed observing what the locals wore everyday, and from what we’ve noticed, San Fran fashion is often a combination of top+shorts+leggings+coat, or dress+leggings+coat, or fashionable top+pants+scarf+ coat, or… You know what I mean. They’re into layers. Layers and layers and layers.

Now, hold your horses there. I’m no expert when it comes to layering and all, since duh.. I live in a tropical country(!!!), but hey, I still did my best to “fit in” with the San Fran crowd. This was my take on San Francisco fashion:

Cropped top: H&M| Jacket: H&M| Shorts: Greenhills| Bag: Korean Brand

The idea was to create a palette of colors and stick to that, so the pieces won’t clash and outdo each other.

What do you think? I really wanted to wear boots that time. However, I forgot my pair at home, so I was only stuck with 3 choices that time: my black flats, my sandals, and my heels— and for the love of all things good, I opted not to walk around the city all day in heels. 

Say hello to 2/3 of the Neri sisters! lol This was what my sister wore that day. I loveee her pants! I’m planning to invest on a nice printed pair too. Anyone here who could suggest where to buy one?



So yeah. I’m on a writer’s block right now, so whatever. I’m ending this post with a photo of the steepest and weirdest bridge we’ve ever laid our eyes upon. lol.

thanks for reading my blog, you guys!
talk to ya next time!

The Teenage Queen

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Los Angeles #OOTD

Greetings from the gigantic freezer that is San Francisco! We’re off somewhere in a few, but let me leave you  another outfit post before we leave.

This was what I wore to Los Angeles last week. We went to Getty Museum, a really cool and contemporary place so I thought I should wear something modern yet chill and laid back. If you’ve noticed, I’ve actually worn the same romper two months ago in this blog post. Yep ladies, it’s not wrong to reuse/ wear the same item again and again (and again!!!). Doing so will actually let you exercise your creativity! Just style it differently each time, and you’re good to go. Your options are unlimited when you mix and match! 🙂

Romper: Forever 21| Jacket: H&M| Shoes: Cotton On| Belt: Steve Madden| Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

After the Getty Museum, we also went to the famous Lacma Urban Lights to meet up with some friends. 🙂

Then we headed to The Grove. It’s a chill hang out place, and near it is the Farmers Market- a hipster place that reminded me so much of the Philippines. It’s a big venue with different food stalls that you can order food from, sort of like our food night bazaars. I’m going to blog about it next time, so stay tuned for that one!

Hey guys, I heard the storm’s mad crazy there in the Philippines. Please do stay safe and dry over there, okay? Charge your phones, stock up on batteries, food, etc! Most importantly, pray. Love you all!

The Teenage Queen

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New York: The City of Dreams #OOTD

No city has ever touched my heart like how New York touched mine. And, in the spirit of being cliche and all, let me add that I’ve also never been in love with a city until I met New York.  It was my first time to actually immerse myself in this beautiful place; our previous visits back when I was younger were only half a day long and usually, we’d just primarily go to the Statue of Liberty,  then visit Times Square for an hour, and then head home. 

But this year’s visit was different. 

Our friend Lea, who’s been living in NYC for a long time now, toured us around places we’ve never even been before. We watched a Broadway show. We walked (and walked and walked!!!) everywhere, rode subways, ate food New Yorkers ate, did more walking, and so much more.

Here, let me share you some pictures of our adventure:

A selfie with my main girl, Leighton Meester. Lol. We waited for her to exit Longacre theatre after her show, “Of Mice and Men”. We also got a playbill signed by THE James Franco himself. Woot woot!

The original Shake Shack! Their burgers were okay, but their milk shakes were pure heaven! 

My Times Square OOTD!
Black top: Forever 21| Black shorts: Forever 21| Stockings: SM Dept Store| Shoes: Payless| Coat: Bayo| Bag: Michael Kors| Necklace: brand unknown

Times Square at day

… and at night!

On our second day, we walked the famous Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn, and it’s quite long, too, but we didn’t mind— in fact, crossing a bridge has never been this fun! The view was wonderful!
Romper: Forever 21| Scarf: borrowed from my sister| leggings: department store| Shoes: Payless

The view from above

Welcome to Brooklyn! 

We also ate at Grimaldi’s , the first ever oven brick pizzeria in Brooklyn.  It was one of the B E S T pizzas we’ve ever had, I swear! When you plan to visit Brooklyn, make sure to add this to your to-do list, okay? It’s located under the bridge so it’s easy to find.

Watch out, though. Because we experienced intense racism here. The white guy at the entrance who was maintaining the line treated us so poorly, just because we’re Asians, but he treated white people so well. He even said something disrespectful to my sister. My eldest sister, being the strong woman she is, got very upset, and fought back. She asked him to apologize to him, but he didn’t. So of course, my sister approached the owner of the restaurant and told him about the incident. The owner apologized to us and also mentioned that he’s actually been receiving lots of complaints about the guy over at the entrance. He got really mad at the guy and felt so sorry. Later that night, we read reviews about Grimaldi’s and a lot of people had been complaining about that same racist, short-tempered guy, too! Sigh. We just hope they do something about that racist guy.

But anyway, haha, yes, the food in Grimaldi’s is GREAT. PERFECT PIZZA.

We also got introduced to the BEST soda ever! Stewart’s Orange n Cream soda tastes like soda topped with creamy ice cream! Ahhh it’s perfect <3 Really hope to find this particular brand again. I’m on a search to find some so I can take them home with me! lol

Check out the elevator buttons! hehe.

I could just walk around this city all day..

Empire State <3

                   I’m ending this post with a promise to go back here one day. To be honest, I  really can’t imagine myself settling down in another country, because I do love Manila so so much. But I just can’t help it; I left my heart in New York, and that’s why one day, I’m coming back.Not for good though– just for a little while. For internship, or for studies, or maybe even for work. I’d like to pursue a career here, maybe in one of the top PR firms or so. One day. I know it’s a big risk to take– there will be competitions, racism, failures, and what nots along the way– but I just have a strong gut that it’s a risk worth taking. I just pray that an opportunity knocks on my door so that one day, I could finally check this off my bucket list. 

I’ve never felt so inspired and determined. Just writing all about my “dream city” gives me the chills. What about you? Have you found your “dream city”?:)

(If you have the time, you could watch the 15-second video I made, which is a recap of our stay in New York!)

The Teenage Queen

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Kiddie Moustache Party!: An Outfit Post

Hey, ho! Greetings from Virginia.
In case you didn’t know, my family and I are on vacation right now, and well, to cut things short, I basically did nothing the past three weeks but shop and gain weight.  But new blog posts about cool stuff to try out in the USA await , so stay tuned for that, please? 🙂
Speaking of shopping, can I just say that the Fourth of July deals here are C R A Z Y?! Talk about big big big discounts!!!! And I must say, I LIVE for Buy 1 Take 1 promos. 
There was this one time when we went to H&M and ended up buying clothes from the Kids’ Section.
(Yep, my sister and I can still pass as kids! hahaha!) Which was perfect, because just recently, my family and I celebrated my sister’s birthday in advance. The theme of the party, you ask? A KIDDIE MOUSTACHE PARTY. 
I thought it was brilliant, really, to wear kids clothes to a kiddie party. HAHA!
Jacket: H&M (kids)
Top: Cache Cache
Shorts: bazaar
Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Love the print of this jacket!!
Here are some photos from the party. We originally planned to go on a picnic that day, but then a thunderstorm decided to ruin our plans, so we ended up staying inside, and bringing the picnic home. It was a blessing in disguise, actually, because things turned out 20x better than what we planned. Hehe! We had a picnic mat (or in Filipino, “banig”) and all sorts of decorations to make the place really cozy.

                  On the menu: pinoy style spaghetti, pinoy bbq, chicken wings, and ginataan!

We ordered these pinoy style bbq from “Kababayan”, a Filipino restaurant near our place. If you’re around Lakeridge in Virginia, it’s just a 10-minute drive to get there! Make sure to try out their food, especially their lechon kawali! yum yum yum

A wine especially bought for my ate! Hehe #middlechild
The tres marias <3
With our aunt, uncle, and cousins who drove all the way from Canada just to see us! <3
Siyempre dapat may Filipino flag din! Hehe

Ending this post with a screenshot of my snapchat! Heehee add me! It’s heyitshersheyy
For more photos, check out the hashtag #partyintheusa2014 on Instagram!

Talk to you all soon!
The Teenage Queen
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