On Wednesdays, We Wear (a touch of) Pink!

It’s Mean Girls’ 10th anniversary today, and it’s all over Facebook and Twitter. 
Aaaand because it’s a Wednesday today, I decided to wear something pink to school!!!! (because duh, “on Wednesdays, we wear pink!”)

LOL funny thing is the only pink clothes I have are either 1) sweaters, 2) formal wear,  or 3) still in the laundry (yup, someone here has to update her wardrobe!). 
“Para maipilit lang”, I wore peach shorts (para mejo pink parin HAHA), pink sandals, and pink accessories:))

Top: Forever 21/ Shorts: bazaar/ Sandals: Primadonna 
Accessories|| Watch: Baby G, bracelets: Divisoria, pony tail: I’m selling them! haha contact me for deets!

Imma take this moment to plug in my newest venture HAHAHAHA
yup guys, times are hard =)) So my friend and I decided to start a small business 
We’re selling GRAHAM BALLS for only 5 pesos each! And they’re SUPER YUMMY I swear (im not being biased , promise)! Contact me for orders! woot wooot. Meet up area is around UPM or Rob Manila only πŸ™‚

I feel sooo sabaw right now so imma cut this post right here.

Love you guys!!!!!!
The Teenage Queen

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Little Black Peplum Dress

I went to a black-and-gold themed debut last Friday, and this was what I wore:

Black peplum dress: borrowed from my sister (forgot the brand lol)
Heels: Forever 21 (also from my sister)
Accessories (ring, bracelet): SM accessories
Black and fold flower earrings: Forever 21

Oh, and shout out to Klyde Tiberio for taking these photos!! Thank you so much!

Since I was in black from head to toe, I decided to wear shoes that would definitely give the outfit much more color and character. These shoes were perfect, and right away, they stole my heart!

A group shot with my college friends wearing their own little black dresses!

I’m not a make-up expert, but I love make-up nonetheless! So thanks also to my super awesome sister for giving me this bottle of foundation! Loreal True Match is now my favorite. I used to be a MAC girl, but I noticed that their foundation is too strong for me, because I usually get breakouts after using it. But for some reason, Loreal True Match is really compatible with my skin type. I don’t get breakouts after using it, plus it feels super light on my face, too! 

I’m ending this post with photobooth pictures. Lol! Happy 18th birthday, Hella! πŸ™‚

The Teenage Queen

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Brown, Pink, Black

Before I say anything else, I just wanna share something and just let this out————– I feel so sick right now :((  I’ve had an awful case of food poisoning since Sunday, and up til now, I still feel so sick and drained. The ugly part is that I have summer classes, and so I have to drag myself to school everyday, even if it means having to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes. And I still can’t believe I went to school sick on Monday for my impromptu speech in Comm 3 class. Ugh I just wanna thank God He gave me strength to get through that day.

So to everyone reading this, here’s a quick reminder:
PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR FOOD CHOICES. I think I got mine because of the halo-halo I ate last Sunday. The milk tasted funny. (clue: I bought it from this kapampangan halo halo restaurant in SM North).

 Anyway, now on to this quick blog post!

This was last Thursday’s outfit.

Dark gray v-neck: FOREVER 21
Fringed vest: Ukay Queen
Black cardigan: FOREVER 21
Floral leggings: Zara
Boots: Zara
Sunglasses: Cotton On
Scarf: Bazaar
I originally planned on wearing something different, but it was extra cold in Baguio that day. 
 And unlike Elsa, I am very much bothered with the cold. So to keep myself warm, I decided to just layer on different kinds of tops that I had with me. I think the rule is that as long as the colors go together, you can never go wrong with layering different pieces.
I’m still trying to get the hang of it, though. Of course, in a tropical country like the Philippines, it’s really rare that we get to wear stuff like this.
I can’t wait to practice layering again in two months, when we go back to USA to visit my sister. Which reminds me, we have to stock up on beanies, leg warmers, leggings, sweaters, etc.! Oh, I’m excited!! Anyone here knows where to buy these “essentials” for a cheaper price? hehe. #ilovethriftshopping

Anyway, how are you guys doing?? I hope everyone’s enjoying summer vacation!
lol I’m technically not on vacation yet, since I’m currently taking summer classes. I know, I know. It must really suck being in school while everyone else is having fun just bumming around and doing cool stuff. But you know what?? I’m actually enjoying both of my classes right now πŸ™‚ The only sucky part is that school for me starts at 9:45 AM, which means that I have to wake up super early just to get to UPM in time.

And whoooops. Wouldya look at that. It’s midnight already. Have to sleep now.
Talk to you guys soon πŸ™‚

The Teenage Queen

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Featured: Gayuma Ni Maria

A week ago, my parents picked me up from a friend’s house late in the evening. It was around 9PM that time, and we were really hungry. Since we were in the area, we decided to head straight to Sikatuna Village and try out new restaurants there. The Sikatuna/ Maginhawa street area is very famous for its hipster restaurants. Usually, the price range of the restos in this area are very student-friendly, too.

Anyway, while driving around, my parents and I saw this sign: 

(Gayuma actually means love potion in Filipino folk belief)

Mom and I spoke up on how we see this “Gayuma Ni Maria” restaurant everywhere— on Facebook, blogs, etc. So we decided to give it a try. 

The ambiance of the place is really artsy.


My parents and I were a bit disappointed, though. We wanted to try the nachos, the lumpia, mashed potato, etc. but they were all unavailable. It was a turn-off for us. 
However, considering we were eating out at past 9PM, siguro nga naubusan na yung pagkain.

We ordered  baby back ribs, puso ng saging + bread, and dessert instead. We wanted to order a whole lot more, but then again, everything seemed as if they were unavailable πŸ™

But that’s okay, I guess. The food was two thumbs up– make that six thumbs up— for all of us.
The bbq ribs, called “Rock Me Baby”, was SUPERB. Though they only serve three chunks per plate, it was very big and juicy. It was what I could say a perfect plate of  ribs! We ordered an extra plate because it was just too darn good.

We also had puso ng saging with cheese. At first, I didn’t even know what puso ng saging was! On my third bite, my mother told me “You do know that you’re eating vegetable, right?” and I was like, “You didn’t have to tell me!!!!!!” (for those who dont know, im very picky when it comes to veggies HAHAHA)

But seriously! It was SO DARN GOOD that I didn’t even know it was vegetable in the first place. The puso ng saging was mixed with cream cheese and all sorts of yummy stuff. It was so delicious. I have no words! The garlic bread was perfect, too. We ordered an extra plate of ’em because we couldn’t have enough of em!

And lastly, we had dessert. Their chocolate cake was very yummy and moist.

We are definitely going back here. The hipster ambiance was very cozy. Also, the food scored 10/10 for all of us. The only problem was the availability of the food in their menu. We hope that the next time we visit, we could try out new dishes.

The Teenage Queen

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Retouched Roots

Within the month of March, I’ve had already 5 of my closest friends tell me that I needed my roots colored.
I never really had the chance to color my hair again at that time, because UP sure does suck the hell out of your spare time. But now that we are celebrating a week-long vacation before summer classes start, I figured out I should give myself a break from all these acads stuff.

Some of the lines that I’ve already crossed out of  “MAKE YOUR SUMMER AWESOME” my list are: [sort out the clothes I’d like to sell online], [put away all my second sem readings+other stuff], and [update my blog again]. (wow….so much for awesome. HAHAHAHA)

I still have a long way to go to finish my list—
I’d like to start working out, read more books, clean my room, etc etc. But yesterday, I decided that my next task was to have my roots colored again.

I dragged Ken with me (my forever +1), and went straight to Azta Urban Salon at Eastwood.
Yep, my favorite hair salon for like, ever. [CLICK THIS TO READ MY POST ABOUT MY DIGI-PERM EXPERIENCE ].

Here are some of my “before” photos. If you look closely (though it’s not obvious in these photos), black streaks can be seen on top of my head.

Quick OOTD
Top: Forever 21/ Pants: Bebe/ Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Jones New York/ Watch: Baby G

For a closer look, see the photo below
(warning: you guys might just cringe at this HAHAHAHAHA EWW)
Basically, my hair’s grown for about 2 1/2 inches since my last hair color.

A selfie before the procedure! 
My timing was perfect. Azta Urban Salon actually has a summer promo going on! Hair coloring services are on 20% off. PLUS, you get a free color protection treatment, too! Awesomesauce! 

Merida of Brave. HAHAHAHA.

They colored my brows, too! 

The whole process took about 3 hours. Good thing someone was being a patient guy that day! lol.
Thank you for your wifi, Azta!! =))

One thing I love about Azta is how they make sure that their clients are comfortable! They’re very warm and lovely people, too. They even gave Ken and I something to drink that time: my ultra favorite milk tea! (ooh and look! they have another ongoing promo!)

My favorite part was definitely the color protection treatment. The treatment was very minty cool. Also, can I just say that Azta gives the best head and shoulder massage ever!!! 

It’s haircut time!! My forever hair stylist will always be Sir Jo. I love him soooo much!!! <3
He just gave me a trim so that my hair won’t look dead anymore. — we didn’t want to cut all of my permed curls off.

Oh, and im planning on getting a digiperm again..maybe some time this year. I just have to save up again HHAHAHAAH #broke

Also, being the super jologs person I am, I showed him lots of pictures of Kathryn Bernardo and told him na super peg ko bangs niya. HAHAHAHAHA.

Yes, these are screen capped photos of people’s instagram accounts……………………. normal people do that naman diba πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

PS. Random rant of the day lang:
OMG KATHRYN BERNARDO HAS BEEN LAUNCHED NA AS THE PHILIPPINE’S TEEN QUEEN. WTH…………………………………………ako yung original teenage queen guys :((( AHAHAHAHAHA joke. Now I look like a die hard kathryn fan tuloy =))))))))))))) LOL (ok fine maybe i am…..a little…)



I realized how important it is to have your roots retouched every 3 months or so. Your roots really make a difference. Having them colored again makes it seem that you’ve just fully colored your whole hair again.

So if you’re planning to have your hair colored for the first time, make sure that you’re ready and prepared to maintain it as well. Our hair usually grows an inch every month, and roots start to be obvious at the 2nd or 3rd month.

Thank you so much, Sir Jo!
And thank you, Azta Urban Salon! 

For those asking how much their rates are, it really depends on how long and thick your hair is.
My hair coloring procedure—-20% discount included—- cost 1000 pesos (with free hair treatment). A haircut done by Sir Jo (the senior stylist) costs 450 pesos. But it’s cheaper when you get a haircut done by other stylists (don’t worry, all of them are very professional , nice, and awesome!!!)

That’s really cheap compared to other salons. Plus, you get really good service too!
Thank you for always making me a happy customer, Azta! πŸ™‚

The Teenage Queen

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