#theteenagequeenat18: My Debut Gown (#ootd)

I’ve always wanted to be a princess. When I was 4, I knew every Disney song by heart. Everyday, I would twirl around my bedroom, and pretend to be living my own happily-ever-after.
And I clearly remember that ever since I was a young girl, it has always been my dream to wear a pink, sparkly, and fluffy ball gown. Fast forward 14 years later, and nope, I’m still not a princess, and I realized that life is harsh and that it’s nothing like my favorite fairytales. (LOL, sorry to burst your bubbly, pre-school version of me)

 But at least now, I could cross one thing off my bucketlist: Wear a ball gown like that of Belle’s.

I would like to thank Miss Julianne Syjuco, the designer of my beautiful dress, for making my little wish come true. Heeheehee. 

She’s so amazing, I swear! She designed everything, and even did the beadwork of my dainty dress! From the cute color to the layers and layers of tulle, every bit of my dress was just the way I imagined it to be. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much miss Julianne! Your works are beyond amazing. With talent and passion like yours, you will definitely go places.

Please do check out www.juliannesyjuco.com once the website’s up! 
Also check out #juliannesyjuco and follow @julianne_syjuco on Instagram to see more of her beautiful masterpieces!

Photos taken by: Nice Print Photography
Edited by: Hershey Neri

Make-up by: Miss Verna Marin of LOREAL Philippines

I am a very detail-oriented person.
That is why this beautiful beadwork by Miss Julianne Syjuco is probably my favorite thing about this whole creation. 🙂 I am absolutely in love with it!

Debut-planning? Here are a few tips: CLICK HERE
Stay tuned for more debut posts and tips please!

The Teenage Queen

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#theteenagequeenat18: Invitations, giveaways, and more!

As you all know, I celebrated my 18th birthday a month ago. Call me traditional, but growing up having 2 older sisters to look up to, and witnessing them both turn into fine ladies during their debuts, I too wanted a night where I can feel like a princess; a night to celebrate a milestone in life. And so I asked my parents for a debut– not the modern, “party-party” kind, but the boring, old traditional one, with a program and everything. I’m actually really thankful because , due to some financial matters, we weren’t even supposed to have a debut. But indeed, God makes little miracles happen here and there. In the end, my loving and supportive family were able to give me one special night to remember.

 Ever since I was 10 years old, I already had some plans in mind for my special night. It was a long list, actually… on how I wanted things to look like, go about, etc. 
However, reality kicked in and I realized that things won’t always turn out the way you want them to be. And so, to all future debutantes out there, here’s a tip:

Don’t fret. Stay calm. Enjoy the ride.

Don’t expect things to go perfect as well- doing so will only disappoint you. 

Remember, there’s no such thing as perfect. 

On my debut, some important people didn’t even make it that night. But then again some important people– who didn’t even RSVP– also came :))  the program didn’t go about as planned, we started an hour late, the bubble machine didn’t work, etc. etc. etc.

Being the perfectionist I am, you might be imagining how disappointed I might have been that night. But you know what?? Surprisingly, I wasn’t.

In fact, my debut was perfect, for me. The people who mattered and who cared were there. Their love and presence were what mattered. Sure, there might have been flaws in the program here and there, but you know, nobody really noticed, and all the more cared. What was important was that right then and there, it was my debut– my own special night. Everyone was all smiles and happy, and that in turn made me happy. Love and warmth were all over the place, and I just wasn’t able to help  but smile and feel blessed. I was very, very thankful– to everyone, and most especially, to Him.

So, dear future debutantes, remember that your debut will be your own special night as well. What’s important that night is that you get to feel happy and loved. Don’t fret about the little stuff aaand don’t stress yourself too much! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy every bit of the moment. Remember, you only turn 18 once! Might as well bring about good memories! 🙂 

Anyway, lemme share you some pictures of my debut. For my future debutante readers , I hope that this post can help you plan your debut as well!

My birthday wasn’t the bongga, ala-celebrity type of debut. In fact, it was very intimate and simple, which made everything much special and meaningful, because I knew everyone who was there– my family, relatives, church mates, and closest friends. I still can’t thank everyone enough for how much they made me feel loved and appreciated. Awesome friends and family are the best. <3

Photos taken by Nice Print Photography
Photos edited by Hershey Neri
Venue: The Oasis Manila (ORCHARD HALL)

1. Invitations

Invitations are important because they make your guests feel special. It would be better
if you design your invitations according to your theme. In this case, my debut’s theme was Teen Vogue/ Fashion Week/ Blogger (lol sobrang vague HAHA).  And so, I wanted my invitations to look like a mini fashion magazine/style diary. 
Good thing URBANISTA INVITES offered the design I wanted! This format was actually originally designed to look like a passport. But I asked Urbanista if we could change the design from a passport to a mini magazine, and they said yes! I went to their office to guide their layout designer to make it look the way I wanted. We spent half a day designing this, omg.
I just want to thank URBANISTA INVITES for being so kind and accommodating. Your services are very commendable and I am a very, very happy customer. 🙂 I’ll make sure to contact you guys for future events! THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Page 1 and 2
Page 3 and 4
Page 5 and 6
Also, a quick shout out to Shutterpanda Photography for my awesome
pre-debut photos (as seen on the invitations). 
Check out the rest of the photos here: CLICK
*Tip: It is really helpful to go to BRIDAL FAIRS. We actually found out about Urbanista Invites when we went to the January bridal fair. Also, we were given discounts pa!!

2. Giveaways
In line with my theme Teen Vogue/Fashion Week/ Blogger Style, we gave away flower crowns that people can wear during the event. Shout out to Ken Reyes for helping me scout for the greatest deal around Divisoria. 🙂 We had these flower crowns made pa talaga haha.

A compilation of just some of the selfies my friends took hahaha
We also gave out cute perfumes that night!
Before dinner time ended, we had a little game called, “18 Questions”.
The hosts asked my guests 18 questions about me (like who’s my celebrity crush—–obviously Zac Efron haha—-, my foot size, my blog url, my favorite clothing brand, etc.) People who got the answer right took home bags of chocolates hehe

3. Extras

In line with my theme, we placed different cut-outs of vintage Vogue magazines on the tables.
 The cut-outs were pasted on vintage-looking paper. To achieve that effect, we dipped the paper in coffee. Hehe.
(A shoutout to Kris Villongco, my party planner friend, for giving me this idea!!!)

Oh, and for those asking, I was able to buy vintage Vogue Magazines (circa 1990s) from thrift shops in Cubao Expo!
Kris Villongco, being the awesome planner he is, was also the one who suggested me to incorporate the top 15 fashion capitals of the world on my table arrangement. So instead of having the conventional table number, we had fashionable cities instead.

(lol Kris is actually my classmate in two of my classes this semester. We were making chika one time during class when our minds started squeezing out creative juices. Heehee)

The stand up photos of the cities were made by K Signs and Designs.
Outside the ballroom, we set-up cocktail tables. On these two tables were some of my pictures placed. I printed out random photos from photoshoots I had from 2012-2014. 🙂
To all my photographer friends (esp. Junessa Rendon, Kat Rosario, Gerard Del Mundo, Paula Sabrine, etc etc), thank you so much for these photos!

4. Hashtag
Now the fun part. Haha! It is highly suggested that you create your own hashtag for your debut/event. It will really help you keep track of your guests’ photos! :)) 
Make sure to get creative with it!

My hashtag was #TheTeenageQueenAt18. 
I chose this to be my hashtag because it’s really “me”, and that way, it’s special.

Before arriving with this though, I posted a status on Facebook asking my friends to suggest a hashtag.
Some of the suggestions were:


HAHAHAHAHA hay nako. Super bet ko yung hersheycomes buttttt it also has another meaning to it sooo uhm. =))))

Another example of a cute hashtag was what my sister used for her wedding. It was a Neri-Granada nuptial, and their official hashtag was: #theGranWedding
Oh, I also remember last Christmas, my family and I made use of this hashtag:
#NeriChristmas !!! HAHAHAHA witty diba?!

Anyway, I saw a lot of cute and funny posts  on Instagram that night :)) The person nga pala with the best photo got to take home a ONE POUND Hershey’s chocolate bar. LOL ang kulit lang. 
My favorite set of photos though was that of my friends who made fun of my standup :)) Here are just some of them:
(if you wanna see the rest of em, just search for #theteenagequeenat18 on IG!)

Aaaand let me leave you with this one, from my friend Gia.
The caption of this was: “A wild Hershey appeared!!!” =))

Stay tuned for more posts and debut tips!!!!

The Teenage Queen
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United Colors of Comedy!

Tired? Need to loosen up? 
Got that urge to laugh out loud? 
Worry no more because we’ve got something to tickle your funny bone! 
Get ready for the funniest and the craziest night of your lives! 
Happening first in De La Salle University-Manila on March 27, 2014, at 6PM in the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, as Team Communication, the professional organization for Communication Arts and Organizational Communication Majors, and Comedy Manila, an organization that is dedicated in changing stand up comedy in the Philippines presents “United Colors of Comedy”! Be amazed as the greatest comedians around the metro bring their best, funniest and their most laugh-out-loud jokes. Go home crying because you can’t stop laughing! 

So what are you waiting for? Be part of the revolution of “United Colors of Comedy”! Changing comedy, one joke at a time.
Ticket price is 250 pesos. For more updates, check out https://www.facebook.com/UCOComedyDLSU 
and follow @UCOComedyDLSU on Twitter and Instagram.

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BMS REDux: The Red Trance (GIVEAWAY ALERT!!)

Intense and flashing red lights. 
Ferocious beats and crazy music. 

The wildest crowd with their hands in the air. 


Get pumped as the Business Management Society of De La Salle University brings you the most intense 
party of the year in 

REDux: The Red Trance

Watch as we create a RADICAL AUDIO VISUAL EXPERIENCE (R.A.V.E.) to bring you into a RED 
state of mind and make you see RED, hear RED, and feel RED. 

The RAVE Revolution is about to begin on March 14 at the PICC Forum 1. Tickets are up for grabs for 
only 280 for regular tickets and 350 door charge. Like their Facebook page at 
facebook.com/bmsdlsuredux and follow them on twitter @BMSRedux. 

(Lazy outfit #1223456 on Hershey’s blog LOL
Top: Forever 21| Bottom: Forever 21| Watch: Baby G| Bag: Michael Kors)

Jump and reach for the sky. 
Put your hands up in the air. 
Make the ground shake. 
Tear the roof off this place.
 Lose yourself tonight. 
Run where lights can’t chase us. 
Feel alive again. 
Be a crazy kid. Turn up the 
Turn off your mind. 
Feel good. Raise the levels up. 
Let go of your worries. Get crazy. Party hard. 
Wake me up. 
Make the bass drop. 



Guess what, guys?? I’m giving away FIVE tickets to REDux!!

All you need to do are

1. Like my Facebook page (Click to LIKE page)
2. Follow me on Twitter (@theteenagequeen)
3. Tweet “I want to go to REDux!!!  #REDuxRAVE @BMSredux @theteenagequeen http://thediaryofateenagequeen.blogspot.com/2014/03/bms-redux-red-trance_11.html”
4. Once you’ve finished doing all these, leave a comment on my blog with these details:
a. name
b. twitter username
c. link to tweet

The first winner will win THREE tickets and the second winner winner will win TWO . I will announce the winners Thursday night so stay tuned in ok? 🙂

Good luck and see y’all this Friday night! woohoo!

The Teenage Queen
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Featured: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

I don’t even know why I’m posting this in the middle of the night– I actually have to wake up super duper early today because I’ve a 6AM call time to follow. BUUUUUTTTTT you know me, I tend to do -everything at once- just when I’m about to get to bed. =))

Anyway, this is just one of the long list of backlogs I’ve got to catch up with. Around two months ago, my aunties from Australia, together with Mom and I, went to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery at UP Town Center for some last minute bonding before they fly back to the land down under.

I’ve got to say, props to the store for their really cute and dainty interiors! The atmosphere was very comfy, which was a perfect place for us to chitchat. I haven’t tasted their cupcakes yet, though I did get myself an Oreo Cheesecake on my last visit, which I really loved, by the way. But this time around, I bought a Red Velvet Cheesecake, which was okay (aka my heart still belongs to the Oreo Cheesecake hehehe). The “tanders” got themselves coffee and tea, obviously.

(I just find the mismatched chairs adorable!!)

With the mother and the aunts 🙂

And oh my gosh, it’s 1AM already?! Okay, I better go to sleep now. Haffta wake up in three hours. Yikes!!

The Teenage Queen

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#TheTeenageQueenAt18: A Pre-Debut Photoshoot

It’s been a week and a day since my debut, which also means—- BACK TO REALITY, HERSH.
=))) The past week was really, extra stressful with due papers and departmental examinations here and there. But hey, I’m still very blessed and thankful.
I’ve been missing in action for the past month or so, but to get myself back on the blogging tract, I’m sharing my pre-debut photos with y’all. Big thanks to Shutterpanda Photography for these amazing photos, and for my sister Hiyasmin Neri for doing all the styling.
Pink jumper: Forever 21 
Flower crown: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Asianvogue
Cat ears: Robinson’s Department Store
Dress: Forever 21
Knee-high socks: Forever 21
Pumps: Zara (?)
Set 3
Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21 (?)
Shoes: Borrowed from my sister.. i forgot what brand it was haha
Set 4
Top: bazaar
Shorts: Forever 21
Set 5
I really love how these photos aren’t conventional. I also like how the photos are so “me”. I requested to have a photoshoot with a blogger feel, and I’m so glad we were able to achieve it. Thank you for the very chic photos, Shutterpanda Photography!! You guys helped make my dream debut come true!
Til next shoot! 
The Teenage Queen

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