Sudden Changes

Well, would you look at that! Something really unexpected happened today: 
Turns out that my so-called “perfect schedule” this semester just changed— in a blink of an eye! (can I just say na sobrang pinaghirapan ko pa naman yung pag-gawa ng perfect class sched sa CRS huhu #UPMproblemz).
MY 11:30AM CLASS GOT MOVED TO 4PM-7PM. I cannot believe it, and I just cannot seem to gather the words to explain or even describe how frustrated I am that I won’t get to go home early or enjoy Friday nights, at least (mga priorities sa buhay eh noh HAHAHA). And c’mon! What do I do with a 5-hour break?? (though my friend suggested that we watch some movie like Bride For Rent to kill time LOL WHY NOT HAHAHAHAHA) But yeah, I am just over-reacting; come to think of it, some people have it worse than I do. Who knows, maybe this new change in time slot and class instructor will be for the better….? We just have to wait and see. After all, as what my father always tells me, “All things work together for good“.
At least I’m thankful that I’m still in school, that I’m in a course that I love, and that I still have my awesome friends to spend a 3-hour-class-that-ends-at-night-time with. :))
 (shout out to Jana, Tricia, Gian, Reanne, Rizelle, and April!! lol).
Earlier, during lunch time, I was munching on a cheese roll (which is my all time favorite, fyi) , and just when I was going to take my last bite (which is also, in my opinion, that one bite that is the best and that matters most more than any other bites that you could ever take when eating a snack), gravity and my very own clumsiness just decided to hate on me, and I dropped my favorite pastry flat on the sole of my friend’s shoes…….(diba, how the heck did that happen?? haha) …. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™  I was so pissed with myself !! Lol and while I was walking towards the garbage bin ,  someone just blurted out my name
And I was like, “huh?”
And then I saw Tricia and Jana laughing and taking photos (paparazzi shot daw eh) =)) and i was like
“oh, hey!!!!!!”
Took advantage of our friendship, este, of the moment and asked them to take my outfit shot na rin HAHAHAHA
Top: Forever 21
Shorts: HighFive Brands
Shoes: Payless
Say hi to Jana! πŸ™‚
(Tricia, idk why I dont have our photo together…? haha)
(ps thanks to bea karamihan for letting me grab all these photos taken using her camera hahaha sobrang peste ko ba lol labyu)
Ok tama na guys. Sobrang daldal ko na.
I feel so sabaw already,
The Teenage Queen

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Think Pink!

Chilly. That’s one unusual word to describe hot and humid Manila, but apparently, the past week has been quite cold, don’t you think? But hey– no one’s complaining! I’ve been seeing a lot of people taking advantage of the moment and wearing thick clothing the past few days. And so I thought that this was an awesome opportunity to wear my comfy, pink sweater, too!
Talk about monochromatic! Hehe. I love the color pink, obviously.
These were taken at the UP Town Center, where I had an amazing dinner with Ken. Imma post 
more restaurant reviews this week, so make  sure ta watch out for ’em! πŸ˜‰
Ring: Eastwood bazaar
Peace bracelet: bazaar
Spiked bracelet: Forever 21
Orange ponytail (used as a band): I’m actually selling these! Do tweet/message me on Facebok if you’re interested to buy from me. πŸ™‚
I’m a sucker for lace!
 (outfit shots taken by Ken! thank you, human tripdod! teehee).
What about you? What have you thought of wearing for this lovely January weather?
Feel free to post ’em in the comment box below! πŸ™‚
The Teenage Queen

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Blossom and Grow

I kept telling myself that, after a year of being confused, feeling lost, and burning bridges, 2014 will definitely
be a year of love, of restoration, and of transformation. I kept praying and praying for God to help me 
mend broken relationships and transform me into someone beautiful inside. Guess what? His grace is so amazing and I guess He’s helping me grow into a matured person, after all. Just this week, I was able to talk to my friends with whom I haven’t been in good terms with for SEVEN MONTHS. Wow.. I thought I was never ever getting a chance to fix whatever happened among us, but wow— The Lord just gave us a breakthrough! We talked, gave each other an “I’m sorry” and an “I forgive you”, hugged, laughed, caught up with each other’s lives, and even ate lunch together! One friend even treated me a Quarter Pounder from Mcdonald’s! I’m happy we started 2014 right. I really, really, really am!
Just like how a house gets messy , ugly and dirty while in the process of being repaired and reconstructed, last year was what I could say my biggest downfall. But this 2014 will be the year I step into adulthood, and I am assured that God will bring breakthroughs in my life, and that He has great plans for me! This year, I will blossom, I will grow, and most importantly, I will transform!
Anyway, let me share you what I wore yesterday for my Sorority’s first general meeting for the year.
I wanted to wear something appropriate for it– a button down polo and closed shoes. But I also kept in mind that I do commute to school, so I still had to keep things comfortable, without compromising style, of course.
Top: bazaar
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Flats: payless
Accessories: Forever 21 + bazaars

[ Big thanks to Ken for taking my outfit shots!]
Aaaaand, here’s a photo with some sisses at the tambayan! Yay for our first genmeet of the year! πŸ™‚
                        Right now, I just feel really, really humbled and blessed because I was                                 given another opportunity to make things right this time. So thank you, and thank You!

                                                               The Teenage Queen
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First School Day of the Year, First Big Mac of My Life

In line with my New Year’s resolution of updating this blog more often, here is a quick #OOTD post of what I wore on the first school day of 2014! πŸ™‚
I wanted to keep it really simple and comfortable, since I commute to and from Manila-QC everyday. I wore a yellow green top and a pair of light-colored denim shorts to keep the look fresh and cute. I styled the outfit accordingly by tucking in the front part of my shirt to keep the look “lazy and laidback” and by adding a  brown belt for the finishing touches. Also, you can never go wrong with a cute necklace! πŸ™‚
[shots taken by Ken Reyes at the UP Manila CAS Garden]
Light green top: Forever 21
White camiso (worn inside): Forever 21
Denim shorts: bazaar
Belt: Crossings
Flats: payless
Necklace: Forever 21
yellow ponytail (used as bracelet): I sell them!! hehe contact me if you’re interested to buy πŸ˜›
And here’s another set of of outfits shots taken with my oh-so pretty sisters! πŸ™‚
Say hi ti Kyra and Nat, who were both in stripes for no reason=)))))
(I love-hate how Sergio just ruined this photo HAHAHA)
Batch 13 love!!!! <3 
Oh, and I just wanted to share something we did in school today :))
For our Linguistics class, our professor made us play Bingo as some sort of a game to help us recall the many topics we’ve discussed about 3 weeks ago. To add to the fun of it, she gave us packs of Boy Bawang to mark the boxes. =))) Guess what?? I never really saw myself winning anyway (hopeless), so by the end of the class period (which was about 1.5 hours), my seatmates were like “uhm Hershey why is your stash of Boy Bawang gone………..” HAHAHAHHA (yes, i ate everything before the game actually ended huhuhu)
And I just found out today that the Mcdonald’s branch in Padre Faura just opened!! Wohoooo!
Thus, I grabbed Ken, my forever pig out buddy, to go eat merienda with me. It was our lucky day, too, because we were given discount coupons from Mcdo!!! I bought my FIRST EVER BIG MAC (in my whole 17 years and 11 months of existence) for only 95 pesos! (with drinks na yun ah lol HAHAHAH #jologsforever)
And dannggggggg. Never thought that a Big Mac could be sooo good!!!!! Why did I discover its greatness just now??What have I been doing all my life?? lol (promise guys hindi to sponsored post HAHAHAHA)
Today was an awesome day in school! Hoping the next months will be amazing as well,
The Teenage Queen

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Feaured: Steveston Pizza at the UP Town Center

I have this undying love and passion– and everything else in between– for this thing called pizza. I mean, who doesn’t?? But let me tell you, my standards for what makes a good pizza has taken on a whole new level after we tried Steveston Pizza at the UP Town Center! 
I went with my mom and my aunts from Australia. We actually went there for a food trip (yes, the love for food and for eating actually runs in the family haha), you know, where we could just enjoy meals and dine in where our hearts would take us. For our first stop, we wanted to try out something unusual, and with what we saw from outside this restaurant– pictures of different kinds of pizza (some of which I haven’t even heard of before!) posted on the wall for everyone to see– , we knew right away that this was the sort of ice breaker we were looking for. 
 (here are some creepy stalker photos that I took of the guy in charge of all the magic he he he)
Oh yeah, cheese!
More and more and more cheese! 
And voila! The pizza we ordered was called “Blue”. It consisted of rosemary, mushrooms, bacon, cheese, etc!!! And can I tell you one thing about it?? It was pure heaven! We finished eating this baby in less than 10 minutes HAHAHA! It was THAT good. The best part? We didn’t feel bloated afterwards (eek, I hate getting bloated). It was probably because the pizza wasn’t oily/greasy. The dough was perfect, too! And the cheese was excellent (ultra mega cheese lover over here!!! :P)
Me likes mah pizza hot.
Happy customers!! πŸ˜‰
Up until now, my mouth still waters for pizza at Steveston. 
(I honestly think I haven’t had any pizza better than the one I had here lol nope im not over reacting). 
I can’t wait to go back there and try out their other flavors! πŸ™‚
PS. Check out my next blog posts this week to find out where else in UP Town Center we went on a food trip to HAHAHA. 
The Teenage Queen

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Lady, Brown, and Black

2013 was absolutely not my best year, nor was it my blog’s. Come midyear last year, due to some sort of “depression” I went through , I detached myself from the world; from responsibilities, and from people. And yup, that was the “wrong-est” move I made yet. But hey, at least before the year ended, I also found myself trying to change. I’m trying to be better in every aspect of my being– a better friend, a better daughter, a better student, and hey, maybe even a better blogger.

Here’s the first outfit post of my year. I claim 2014 to be a year of reconciliation and of transformation.
 I’m turning 18 in a month, and I can say that I’m really blessed and thankful to be learning all of these stuff right now, before I actually hit adulthood (though I know that I haven’t gone through even 5% of what adult life has yet to bring).

Top: GAP
Shorts: Forever 21
Flats: Payless
Bag: Michael Kors
This is an example of an outfit that was totally saved by the necklace. Accessories can either make or break every outfit, always remember that πŸ™‚
The necklace’s actually a Christmas present that I got from my cousin, Ate Roanne. Thank you, pretty cousin! :*
I also like tucking in the front part of my shirts like this , you know, for style πŸ™‚ haha 
And there we have it! My first outfit post of the year! Hopefully, I can update this blog more πŸ™‚
No more sad, tired and lonely bunny in this house!! woot woot!
The Teenage Queen

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Hershey Chronicles #1

So my ate accompanied me to a meeting with my designer earlier.

Me: Thanks for doing this for me, sister. 

Ate Yas: Only because mom didn’t want to do it.

Me: But also because you love me, right?

Ate Yas: *thinks for 2 seconds* …….. only because mom didn’t want to do it.

(and yes! I have finally decided to add a segment to my blog, “Hershey Chronicles”– wherein , from time to time, I get to post weird and funny stuff that happen to/around me =)) so, yay!)
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Polka Dots to Welcome the New Year

Happy New Year , folks! I know, I know. I’m three days late for this post, but hey, it’s not my fault I’ve been deprived of internet access for 5 days (#hersheyproblemz). But look! Since internet is in my hands now, I can finally ~talk to friends~ and ~stalk their lives~ now HAHAHAHA (ok that just sounded creepy).
Anyway, lemme share you a few photos we took at our Manguray family reunion. 
The fam bam and I were supposed to hit Eastwood for our New Year countdown, but then, all thanks to my psychic powers (not), I figured out that we might as well be getting ourselves tripped over by hundreds of people in a stampede if we still decided to push through with it  ((((Ok im kidding. But still.))))(just in case ya’ll didn’t know, Jessica Sanchez was going to perform in Eastwood; hence…. PEOPLE. Lots and lots of ’em).
And because my family thought that my prediction was 99.9% true and possible, in the last minute, we called our relatives and said something like “Hey, mind if you adopt us for tonight??”
[outfit segment lolol. Three hundred sixty five days ago, I wore super bright colors for New Year’s Eve. For this year, I decided to tame it down a bit and go for dark colors this time.]
And because feel na feel ko yung pagka vintage ng outfit na to, I decided to wear a super vintage belt I saw in my eldest sister’s closet. =))) (hello, 1990s HAHA)
Anyway. Back to the family reunion.
Here are photos of us playing with explosives jk HAHAHA

Aaaaand a collage of our family! πŸ™‚ Yay! 
Here’s to a greater year ahead,
The Teenage Queen

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