Captivate 2013: Behind-the-scenes!! :)

Remember Captivate 2013, the sem-ender party my sorority sisters and I organized? 
Well, since it was a movement to practice responsible partying, we made posters online to spread awareness. Big thanks to GREEN LENS PHOTO STUDIO, one of our sponsors, and to our photographer Gerard Del Mundo for making this happen. We would also like to thank our make-up artist, April Baldovino, for being such  a lovely person and our awesome models, Jana Liwanag, Owen Domingo, Jammon Abesames, Vian Dela Cuz, Pia Pineda and Miko Pascual .
Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of that extra fun day!
(October 2013):
Our models, Miko, Vian, Jana and my beautiful sis, Bekai πŸ™‚
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the face of a kid who hasn’t eaten THE WHOLE. FREAKIN. DAY.
(thanks nga pala sa skyflakes and choco spread, Ken Reyes haha)
The very pretty Ate Vian!! <3
With our model Jana and make-up artist April πŸ™‚
Hi Owen!! πŸ™‚
Checking out his shots πŸ˜›
Green Lens Photo Studio calling cards!:)
Looking for a studio to rent somewhere along Taft?:) Check out their FB page HERE
Not only do they offer studio rental, but they also do studio portraiture too!! 
Hey Jammon !
(super nice niya since he modeled for us (studio was located at Taft) tapos he went back to UP Manila pa since he had classes after. Awwwwww πŸ˜€ )
Of course, hinding-hindi ako papatalo!! Haha went on a quick shoot rin just because// feelingera =))
Thanks for this shot, Gerard!! HAHAHA
(and ew, my hair’s so dark here. I’ve finally realized that light hair does suit me better. I think I’m maintaining my light brown hair. )
With the very pretty and sweet owners of the studio! Thank you so much, GREEN LENS PHOTO STUDIO for sponsoring our event! πŸ™‚
With the photographer, Gerard Del Mundo! πŸ™‚
With the sisses, the models, and the boyfie πŸ˜›
Official posters:

Check out CAPTIVATE 2013‘s PAGE !! 
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CAPTIVATE 2013 : Are You Ready To Surrender?

Captivate 2013, a sem-ender party organized by the UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority Manila, was the first ever event that I was official project coordinator of. Having been one of my milestones this 2013, I have to admit that this was such a beautiful learning experience . Not only did I get to learn about stuff like logistics, finances, sponsorships, collaborations and x-deals; I also learned that I can’t really get anything done without help from the people around me. And that is why I want to thank EVERYONE who made this HAPPEN.

To the sponsors, thank you so much for everything. Ms. Ferge of Cabana Events, thank you for always answering my every.single. text.message and late night calls. I’m sure we definitely shared a bond over the past 5 weeks. Lol. To the lovely ladies of Green Lens Photo Studio, thank you for your support and for your trust. To Browhaus, Whisked Pastry Kitchen, and 103.5 KLITE FM, thank you for making this benefit party possible.

Sinag, Indayog and SHOOT UPM, thank you for your participation. You guys are more than awesome.

To my sisses, thank you for trusting in me. I’ve only been a sis for 4 months and yet you have trusted me to be the OPC of this traditional event. I can’t thank you girls enough for this amazing learning experience. Thank you to my “mommy”, LC Jam Reyes, for always listening and reminding me to breathe. Thank you also for reminding me why I love the Sorority and why I’m doing all of these. Thank you to my ever-so-beautiful (hahaha) batchmates for the never-ending support, and for being the ones I could run to whenever I needed a hand (or hands and feet and mouth and eyes and everything else, for the matter). I’m so happy I have you both. The 13s rock!! Thank you to the rest of my girls for helping out, especially to my “pseudo batchmate” Bekai Tuparan for getting drinks sponsors and for always being bibbo in this project. We were all so stressed with the preparations and everything, but I’m so happy we have each other. I can’t even imagine college life without you all.

Brods, thank you for your support. Thanks for always making me laugh at the tambayan whenever I feel like giving up. I swear, you guys never fail to cheer me up. I’ve always wanted to have a brother, and I’m thankful I was given more than what I’ve asked for,Than you also or coming to the party! It means a whole lot to us.

LC Jan Baybay thank you for being my inspiration. You have always been my alumni crush  I still remember the night we met up at Fort. You were so fierce, so powerful. You were the epitome of what an OrCom graduate should be like. I was just there sitting across the sofa, and telling myself that I want to be just like you. Than you for all the help with the event , and for conceptualizing the campaign for responsible partying.

To the ambassadors of responsible partying ( Jana Liwanag , Phylicia Marie Pineda, Owen Domingo , Vian Carlyn Dela CruzCarl Benjamin Abesames and Miko Pascual), thank you for your time and support! (And for your charm and face value!! haha joke, but seriousy. Thank YOU SO MUCH for being so game!) And thank you to the beautiful MUA April Baldovino and the awesome photographer @Gerard Del Mundo for helping make this campaign possible.

Thank you to my supportive family for believing in me and for understanding me even when I go home late or for the times I had to go to Fort or to Pasay in the middle of the night for meetings and such. Mom, dad, thanks for believing in my passion for this. You both know how this is my dream job, and thank you for letting me grow and learn. Thank you, I love you both. To my best friend and sister, @Hiyasmin Neri , thanks for all the lessons you’ve taught me- from making project proposals, to MOAs to locking in partnerships. Thank you also for hosting the event with the super amazing DJ Electric (@EJ Alonso)! You guys gave life to the party. And dang EJ, you are good in what you’re doing. Keep it up. You inspire me, love!  I know you’re so big in the industry now, but thanks for always having time for ate and me. You are the best huggble host/DJ ever ugh I lovee you. To my ate’s boyfriend/ the Kuya I never had, @james soyangco, thank you for helping me out with the logistics and the financial matters shizz. I did’t know there was a lot more toparty planning than I thought. Thank you for helping me out with picking the drinks in the menu. Thank you also for the crash tutorial on financing and marketing. Oh gahd you’re such a banker. HAHA. But most of all, thank you for teaching me how to use MS Excel LOL.

Thank you to my best friend ever Ken Reyes for being the most supportive person out there. Thank you for accompanying me to Divisoria, for helping me carry bagloads of stuff, for pushing away the gigantic manongs who tried to crush me at the LRT, for feeding me ice cream when I’m having a breakdown, for setting up the tech stuff during the party, for making the decorations, for taking photos, for helping me sell tickets, for everything. Everything. Than you for listening to my squeals and cries and rants and everything in between. And most of all, thank you for your presence in this milestone in my life.

And finally, thank you to the Big Guy up there for making all of this happen. This won’t ever be as successful as it was without Him. Lord, you are amazing. I have no words. 


EAN (Sigma Alpha Nu) celebrates its silver anniversary this year!! πŸ™‚

Funny story.

So while I was at Divisoria to buy glowsticks for this event.

Me: Ate, saan po nakakabili ng glow sticks?

Tindera: Ah, dito. 3 pesos isa.

Me: Sige po ate, bibili ako.

Tindera: sige wait lang kunin ko pa…

-Pagbalik ni aling tindera after 2-3 minutes-

Tindera: eto oh.

Me: …..ate, glow sticks po.. hindi glue stick. -_____-

=)))))))))) huhuhu only in the Philippines!!!!!! lol

With my mommy, LC Jam πŸ™‚

sisses and brods haha!

Special guest performance

Hosts of the nights: Hiyasmin Neri of ABSCBN and EJ Alonso of 103.5FM

And to cap this post off, here’s an AWESOME event highlights video that Shoot UPM did!

Captivate 2013 was definitely one of the coolest stuff that I was part of this year. Heehee..

The Teenage Queen

*Check out my next post to see photos of preparations :))
* Check out CAPTIVATE 2013 on Facebook!

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Of spontaneous night outs and attempts to watch Frozen

December 2013
Not surprisingly, being the clingy bunch that we are, (some of ) my sorority sisters and I spent the first week of Christmas vacation together. 
 Last Wednesday, we (together with the boyfie) watched the lantern parade in Diliman… (tho we spent about 2/3 of the time catching up with each other haha). Afterwards, we ended up in Techno Hub to have dinner,—wherein I had to blurt out, “I haven’t seen Frozen!!!” halfway through finishing our meals– which eventually lead to a chorus of “Me Too’s” which eventually lead to us spontaneously going all the way to Eastwood 
just. to. see. it.

But lo and behold, after enduring the city traffic and whatnot, this was what we saw:
(these are our, “PLS TELL ME THAT THIS IS
 NOT HAPPENING TO US……………………..” faces)

So we decided to just buy ourselves some sundaes instead.
Two days later, one of us decided to give it another chance. 
And so began the second installment of our quest to watch the Disney movie.
And just our luck, it seemed as if it wasn’t being shown anywhere else………… we had to commute ALL THE WAY TO SM MASINAG (of all places please lang HAHAHAHA) just to see it. 
Thankfully, our second attempt was very much successful. And guess what? WE LOVED IT.
Frozen was the perfect movie for us to watch since, you know, 
it was a story of love between two sisters. heehee. 
As the credits flashed on the screen, our eyes sort of teared up a bit (weh, sort of lang daw HAHA) and then we started giving each other a tight hug that came with a squeal + an “I love you so much, sister!!!” drama effect . #sobrangkeso But yeah, Frozen is such a beautiful movie (aaand I’ll give it plus points since it’s not the typical prince-charming-saves-the-princess type of story).


Spontaneous, chill night outs are the best!!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward for more feel-good nights like these ones,
The Teenage Queen
(all photos were grabbed from kyra and bekai)
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A Disney-Themed Christmas Eve!

(Belle, Sebastian, Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell)
As a family tradition that we started three Decembers ago, fun costumes are worn on the evening of the 24th to welcome Christmas. 
Three years ago, Christmas Eve was themed “Winter Wonderland”, where not a single head was without a fluffy winter hat. Last year, it was themed “Hill Billy”– which I’ve already blogged about before (see post HERE). 
And this year, we decided to level up the fun and crazy by making this year’s theme…..
And because I love Princess Belle so much, I decided to go as her. However, I didn’t have a fancy ball gown to wear, so I decided to dress as her village girl counterpart. haha!
(outfit shots taken by Ken)

White polo: Bayo
Blue dress: Thrifted
Black shoes: Figlia
Brown leather bag: Thrifted

Blue ribbon: Charlotte Russe

Bracelet:  a steal I got fom the World Trade Bazaar πŸ™‚
Rings: a Christmas gift from my Sorority sisters, Lili and Bekai! yay!

Our special visitors were in costumes, too. Ken went as a dwarf from Snow White, while Kuya James went as Po the Panda (although we realized only afterwards that Kung Fu Panda wasn’t a Disney film pala…HAHAHA!!!)
Belle meets Dwarf
Po + Tink!
And Sebastian fell in love with Minnie. True Story. πŸ˜‰
Dad most obviously bagged the Best Costume award… AHAHAHA
Sisterly love <3 <3 <3

The boys!

aaand the girls!
And now, for a  family photo! πŸ™‚ teehee.

 And thanks to Facetime, we were also thankful to have spent a part of the night with Ate Hannah and Kuya Paolo, my sister and brother-in-law from the States.

It was fun celebrating Jesus’ birthday together. The evening was basically composed of us singing a happy birthday to Him, of us eating the night away, and of remembering together what the Lord had given for us and how we may set our hearts to serve Him.

True enough, Christmas Eve was again magical for all of us. Thank You Jesus for the gift of Life, of Love, and of Family! πŸ™‚ Happy birthday!!!!!

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Hope, Anger, Courage

White polo: Forever 21
Denim shorts: Forever 21
Cross necklace: Forever 21
Rings: Cotton On
β€œHope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.”

– st. augustine

All these photos were taken by my talented friend, Paula Sabrine.
Do check out her website :

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This Girl Is on Fire!

I don’t know why my immune system had to mess up yesterday, but yeah, just to let y’all know, I spent one whole frikin day sleeping in bed whilst covered in layers of sheets and surrounded with rolls and rolls of tissues. EEEEEK!

 I was also looking forward to my highschool classmate’s debut then, so I *had* to feel better as the clock struck 7. And so I did. Yay for fluids, meds, and for 16+ hours of sleep!  HAHAHA.

So this was what I wore that night. I wasn’t really feeling my 100%, so I dressed up as comfortably as I could.

I love my nude pair of heels from Asianvogue! 
It can be paired with almost any outfit!
I love the metal tips on my collar!
Arm candies I got for bargain at Divisoria, paired with my mom’s vintage purse! πŸ˜›
Hugs and kisses to Ysabel Vitangcol (the beautiful blogger behind Simply Chic) for taking my outfit shots!
Mehehehe. #BloggerProblems


And here are some photos of Snow Florendo’s super G-R-A-N-D debut at Sulo Rivera Hotel For her beautiful entrance,  she was greeted with fire dancers as she walked her way to the music of This Girl is on Fire.

Random photos with my highschool friends!!
Indeed, highschool is 
 f o r e v e r! <3
With just some of mah gurlfrendz, Bria and Angeline!
Bria’s and mine! Arm partyyy!

one of da boyz
 grabbed this one from RJ πŸ™‚ heehee
Photobooth tiiiime! Thanks, CLICK PHOTO SOUVENIR

Big thanks to Snow for throwing an awesome party! Everyone had fun!!
Happy birthday, babe! You look so gorgeous as ever!
LOL and come to think of it, I’ve only 2 months left to prepare for my debut! Yikes!!
The Teenage Queen
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