99.5 FM Radio Rookie Auditions

Just to update you guys on what the hell is going on with me and the <not so> sudden changes on my decisions in life  :
 It just recently dawned on me that maybe I wasn’t cut out for medicine after all. 
I realized that, after all this time, maybe I was really meant for communications, because that’s where I see myself enjoying and loving what I do— using my skills in public relations, public speaking, networking, managing, advertising, conceptualizing, etc.

So one Saturday morning , when I woke up with a renewed heart full of burning passion and desire, I knew I just had to open up to my father—- through the phone (if y’all don’t know yet, I live in a condo near my school, which explains why I wasn’t able to open up to him personally). We ended up crying together and praying for each other and saying i love you’s and im sorry’s and i support you’s and BLAH BLAH BLAH ALL DA FEELS IN DA WORLD asdsdgfdaskfasfkasfjkajfkaf sadfgfhytrsazxcv. 
Fast forward to the end of the conversation. 
I ended up informing dad that there was an ongoing radio rookie auditions on 99.5 Play FM that day, and that I believed trying out would help mold me into a better and more confident communicator.
He was a hundred percent supportive, and so he allowed me to commute to EDSA with my friend, Ken (hi K, if you’re reading this, I just want to say thank you for coping up with my being clueless with trains).
To call that day “spontaneous” was an understatement. 
First, I wasn’t able to prepare for this audition because I just freakin found out on the day itself that I was gonna try out=))
Second, I didn’t even have a biodata with me. Ken and I had to rush to National Bookstore to buy one. AND I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ON MY BIODATA.
Third, I didn’t have an ID picture with me! (gahd wth is wrong with me)
Fourth, the auditions was supposed to start at 10am. We freakin’ left Manila and rushed to the train at 10:30 am. =)))))))
We ended up arriving at the Paragon Plaza around 12:30 pm. 
When I arrived to the place, I heard the other auditionees loudly conversing among themselves. I got intimidated. 
I felt so small and clueless and inexperienced and shy and everything else in between.
All of the confidence that I was able to muster just that morning suddenly shrank inside of me.
I told Ken that I didn’t want to audition after all, and that all I wanted to do was go home. 
And just when I was about to press the elevator button going down, he asked me:
“Do you really want to go home and miss out on this chance? Or are you just afraid ?”
The last word hit me.
Come to think of it, what was I afraid of?
Yes. I was afraid of the judges; I was afraid to look like crap next to the other auditionees.
Yes. I was afraid to get hurt; to handle rejection. 
But then again I realized that the one thing I know I am most afraid of is being regretful at one point in my life, knowing that I missed out on a chance to fulfill my dreams. As the saying goes, “Oh wells are better than what ifs”.
So I took a deep breath , turned around and replied, ” On second thought, where do I enlist my name?”
My friend had other stuff to do that day, so he had to leave early. 
So I was basically forced to socialize with people I didn’t even know. 
I mean, I didn’t  have any trouble making friends, but it was just that I felt so small next to them. 
It was my first time to audition for something “legit”, and I just thought that the only thing left for me to do was to stick a big note on my forehead that says “HI. I AM A NOOB. BE MY FRIEND?”
But thank God the people around me were really cool and approachable. 
And, as being the epitome of “That escalated quickly!”, from hi’s and hello’s, in just a matter of minutes, we  instantly became one big family that day.
Not only were my fellow auditionees uber fun to be with, but the radio DJs themselves, who stayed at the hallway with us for some time, were super cool as well!
We ended up with so much photos together.
Here are just some of them:
Papu, me, Isabelle, Sari, Patricia
Hi Jerom!!
Yay! A photo with DJ Justin!!!!
(Isabelle is asuch a photobomb, kainis haha)
With the beautiful DJ Jaz and DJ Nikko!
DJ Jaz got hold of my phone and filled my camera roll with so much pictures, but I just didn’t find it in me to get mad because, ugh. She is just so adorable.
Out of the 110 (?) auditionees in line, I was number 90 something. HAHA. I literally waited in line for 7 hours, but it was so worth it in the end.
I thank God , not only for helping me pass the first screening, but also for allowing me to build up confidence and for letting me meet awesome friends! πŸ™‚

Blaming my stupid-self-who-doesn’t-check-her-email-regularly, I just found out about the second screening on the night before!
Thank goodness my friends (fellow auditionees who I met last week) tweeted me about it. LOL!
Anyhoo, the second screening was a whole lotta fun. We were asked to do pretty cool stuff like read news articles and talk with DJs as if we were doing a legit radio show. I met more awesome people, too. Yay for new friends!!
This is Cham! She’s the prettiest med student I’ve met!
Say hey to Milky! When we met each other, we were like, “Wait. Hershey and Milky.. Gosh we should totally start our own show.” =))))
With the super funny, Mr. Congeniality Paolo Del Rosario! πŸ˜›
we couldn’t help but take jeje photos in the booth because omg. =))
DJ Tino!! aaahh! <3
I got in so much trouble for doing this dare, but YOLO… 
The pretty Sam and Sari!! <3 
Jerom!! πŸ˜€
To cut to the end of the story, I didn’t get to the final list of radio rookies (but my friends Jerom, Sam, Paolo, and Khrystal did! I am so proud of you guys!!) 
Even though I didn’t get in, I still can’t be any more thankful. I learned so much from this experience. 
Not only did I feel better about myself after the auditions, but this opportunity was some sort of confirmation to me that this is in fact what I want; that this is where I see myself in the future- maybe not necessarily as a radio dj, but someone belonging to the field of communications. 
Proud to say, I did not have any regrets in the end. I am so happy I didn’t back out on day one.
Lord, thank You πŸ™‚
for new friends, for chances, for dreams and for passion πŸ™‚
The Teenage Queen

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Hershey gets the beach waves that she has always wanted

     From reading my previous posts, some of you may have concluded that I’ve been going through a very rough route the past couple of months. And yes, I must admit that I’ve been through a lot recently– and because of that, I’ve also decided to give myself a makeover, both internally and externally. So expect a better Hershey to come your way real soon; or as I’d like to call it, a Hershey v2.0. I just realized I needed to fix myself in some aspects, and that I really want to rebrand myself as someone who is now better than she was yesterday. But I guess this is getting too personal, so let’s not go any deeper into that. Haha.

     Anywaayyy, in the process of creating a new and improved version of me, I finally gave in to the idea of changing my look . And one part of that is doing something drastic with my hair. I’ve wanted to perm my hair since then, but I didn’t really have the time to do so. But just two lazy Sundays ago, I woke up in bed feeling bored with my life my hair, and  I told myself that it was probably a sign that I should get started with my long-wanted “makeover” that day.

 Azta Urban Salon (Eastwood branch) 
Hair stylist: Sir Jo
Oversized sweater: GAP (a birthday gift from Marius!)
Shorts: Forever 21
Neon flats: Primmadonna (a birthday gift from my bestfriend, Ji!)
Gold satchel: Bagellia Filipinas
Hat: tiangge

Compulsory “before-getting-made-over” shots! haha!

     I arrived at the salon at around 3:00pm. I was a regular customer there, so everyone around me was so warm and friendly.

    After explaining that what I was aiming for was “sexy” beach waves, the amazing Sir Jo recommended that my hair be set in both large and medium curls. His assistant, Janice, was very lovely, too. πŸ™‚

setting my curls

They gave complementary drinks, too! I was asked to pick from coffee, iced tea and milk tea.
Guess what I chose?
(in fairness, it was super yummy! made me want to try this at home. haha!)
Setting the curls took lots of time, and being the girl-who-gets-bored-easily, I ended up taking lots of goofy photos to entertain myself….
I am Medussa.
Fun story: While I was “attached” to this, idk, heating machine (lol), I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Miss Aisa Ipac, enter the salon. I wanted soo badly to approach her but….. I thought that it would be rather awkward to greet (or at least wave at) her while I was, you know….. stuck.
After the heating process which took about an hour (if im not mistaken), they placed some sort of chemical on my hair. Miss Janice said that its purpose was to hold or keep my curls.
After that, they rinsed my hair and put treatment on it. 
I didn’t know that digital perming could be THAT tedious! The process took soooo long! But the 4-hour wait was really worth it. πŸ™‚
And for the results!
Drum roll, please!!!
The awkward “what-the-hell-do-i-do-with-my-arm” pose
*Disclaimer: According to Azta, the curls seen in these photos are still “tight”. In a week or two’s time, it will loosen up eventually and will appear long and sexy – the kind of waves I’ve wanted in the first place.
I’m really happy with the service Azta Urban Salon gave me. Not only was everyone  kind and accommodating, but they were also very professional in what they were doing. I am very satisfied with my new look, too πŸ™‚ And I can honestly say that my confidence boosted because of this bold step towards change. Change is good; cheers to a new me! πŸ™‚
The Teenage Queen
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