I just want us to be friends again, but that will never happen, won’t it?

You’re probably off somewhere hating on me, burning pictures of us together, cussing behind my back,
thinking how much of a worthless piece of crap I am.
Or maybe you just want me to evaporate, to disappear from your life forever.

Or maybe you just want to forget.

But you can’t.

Cause you hate me.
Your heart burns with a deep and passionate hate for me.

And there’s nothing I can ever do to make you forgive me.

Because I’m a monster- a heartless freak.
I’m mean.
I’m ruthless.
I’m a “worthless piece of shit”, as you now call me to be.
But I’m not a cheat. I never was. And I don’t know how I’d make you accept that; understand that.

I admit that I’ve done you wrong.
And I’m sorry.
And I hate myself for hurting you.
And it also hurts how you hurt me.
But it aches the most how one time, we meant the whole world to each other, but now we’ve grown so much apart.


Well, I did ask for this, didn’t I?

I wanted

Don’t get me wrong.
I’m having a great time learning, growing and discovering things by myself.

And actually, I’m happy with my life right now- with where I am and with the people I am with.

But you’re not.
And that makes me unhappy.

Sometimes, I think I start to miss the little things.
How you lulled me to sleep at night over the phone, even though we both knew you didn’t sing.
Or how you randomly knocked on my door and surprised me with flowers (and fries).
Or how you wrapped me with your sweater in class when the room temperature went on Antarctica mode.
Or how you told me I was beautiful every. Single. Day.

But then I realized that the one thing I miss most is how we were before:
the best of friends.

It’s been months since we last talked.
And I’m trying to be okay with that.

I try.
And try.
But I fail.

And I’m sorry that I’m very happy, but you’re not

and that makes me unhappy.

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Nacho King x The Teenage Queen give out free tix to the Heat Wave Bazaar!

The summer heat is definitely on!!  (I meant that both literally and figuratively, hahaha!!)

(I know, I know. Please forgive me for being such a dork, but that’s just the way I am)

Credits to whoever owns this photo! Just saw this on my Facebook timeline a week ago. HAHA!

 So why not bring those hut buns of yours over to the World Trade Center on April 19 – 21, 2013 so that you could shop for your favorite summer essentials with your barkada at the grandest bazaar in the metro- the Heat Wave Bazaar! woot woot! And in between all the fuss over searching for the perfect bikini  (AND the cover-up that matches it), why not drop by your favorite snack booth (and by “favorite snack booth”,  I really do mean Nacho King 😛) to munch on some delicious, triangular, cheese-and-salsa-topped heaven-sent goodies?

chilling in an air conditioned building + shopping for the cutest items + satisfying your craving for nachos = Now ain’t that the perfect way to beat the summer heat? (say haler to 35 degrees C, guys, lolz)
(LOL, I know, I make up the lamest equations…but still!)

Pwede na ba akong mag print ad model, guys…..

And in line with that, Nacho King Events x The Teenage Queen are giving away FIVE FREE TICKETS to the Heat Wave Bazaar to one lucky person! Yup yup yup!

Here are 2 simple steps to join the raffle:

1. Like Nacho King Events on Facebook (click)

2. Follow these 3 accounts on Twitter

Leave your full name, Facebook url, Twitter username and contact info in the comments box below!
This contests ends on April 18, 2013 at 7pm. Winners will be picked via randomizer and will be announced at 8pm that night! 🙂
The Teenage Queen

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