Death March (get it? No? Okay)

1 am feels.
And because it’s just too darn cold here. (The ice land that is Coffee Bean)

This is so not conducive to studying…..but it is to sleep. Jk. Wahahahaha. Hi guys, im still alive (well, barely).


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Times Square Bazaar Fashion Show Day 1

Febrauary 9, 2013
SMX Convention Center
Times Square Fashion Bazaar Day 1
(organized by the Business Management Society of the De La Salle University)
Here are some photos of the walk for Tango. πŸ™‚
stylist: Will Cheng
Go to this album to view more photos of the event πŸ™‚
HAHAHA ano ‘to? Tallest to shortest ang peg? =))
Thank you to Miss Janette Munoz of Make-up Designory for my make-up!! πŸ™‚
And thank you to Tango for sponsoring the clothes πŸ™‚
Words cannot express how frustrating it is that my phone got stolen that day.
I actually took lots of photos of the event just so that I could blog about it, but noooope,  Mr./Ms. Thief here just had to rain on my parade. So please bear with these very few photos that I was able to save. Feel free to look through Times Square Bazaar’s official photos on Facebook though! πŸ™‚
Anyway, I just want to thank the people of the De La Salle Business Management Society for believing in us and for inviting us to this wonderful event. Hoping to hang out with you guys again soon! Congratulations on the success of the bazaar! hugs to all of you. Mwa! More power, BMS! πŸ˜€
The Teenage Queen

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Taking It Easy

So, how do I start?
 Well, I turned seventeen last Sunday and my iPhone got stolen and I just had the worst break-up ever and I think that everyone is hating on AND judging me and I feel like I’ve not only been swimming in a pool of school work, but have also been living inside a cave for quite.some.time. now.
and to cut to the chase, I just feel exhausted. And sad. 
And I’m sick of having to feel.
But hey, I promised myself that I would try my best to not make this post as emo as possible, so.
Here are some photos of what I wore to my birthday dinner at Vikings. 
White polo: Forever 21 Philippines 
(I got this for 50% off. lol.)
Shorts: tiangge
Shoes: Aldo
Eye glasses: Emporio Armani 
Super thank you to the best sponsor ever, The Bead Diary, for my cute bow πŸ™‚
And thanks to Posh and Glam for my birthday nails!  (nail polish: Orly witch’s blue)
I chose the color blue because, well, I’m a Pisces. lol.
doze i-stads. 
stads ebriwher.
The Neri sisters’ OOTNs lol.
Check out Bagellia Filipinas on Facebook if you’re eyeing on my sister’s bag. 
Anyway, I just want to give a shout out to the sister I never had, Chesca Tonson. 
Baby, thanks for being for being up for doing the “big sister stuff” , and just for listening to me earlier. 
Your advice and words of wisdom were just what I needed (kahit sobrang funny na nagawa mong i-incorporate lesson natin sa Human Development sa pagbigay ng advice. Haha. DABDA just got real.)
So yeah people, I guess that’s just about it.
Sorry for being lame and boring, I’m just drained to do anything right now.
And sorry for not posting much the past few weeks, school and emotional stress have been eating my free time.
 I’m Hershey. And, just like every other girl out there, I deserve to be happy.

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