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Yesterday, my sister got married at a dainty Thailand restaurant.
The wedding was simple and intimate yet very beautiful and sincere , with only close friends and family as witnesses (the big church wedding is yet to happen on June next year). 
Anyhoo, in accordance with the restaurant’s theme, I decided to dress up in an outfit with a “modern asian feel” to it. 
The girl in the center was my peg.
I kept my outfit reaaaally, really simple that day, since I wasn’t the one getting married anyway. HAHAHA.
Dress: With Love
Gold metallic bag: sponsored by Bagellia Filipinas  (Thank you so much for the love!)
Gold aztec bracelet: Forever 21 Philippines
Nude t-strap flats: Forever 21 Philippines
What do you guys think? πŸ™‚
The Teenage Queen
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A Cabaret-Inspired Outfit

This is what I wore to my sister’s cabaret-themed bridal shower three nights ago. 
This was actually my peg. 
I luckily found a similar vintage ruffled dress in our wardrobe full of old costumes.
 Fun fact? This dress happened to be my sister’s favorite back when she was a little kid. Yup, I too wonder how I was able to fit in it LOL.
Dress: vintage/ hand-me-down
Black pumps: The Ramp
Turban: Girl Shoppe
More photos!
Check out my “I’m with the bride!” pin! cuutie!
What’s a girls’ night out without glitters, make-up, falsies, feathers and everything else girly? 
The prizes for the games! πŸ™‚
This has got to be the cutest table napkin ever. HAHAH.
There’s a secret we’ll never tell πŸ˜‰
The Teenage Queen

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It’s a Hillbilly Christmas at the Neri’s!

My sister flew all the way from States just to celebrate Christmas with us. And to make this year extra special, we decided to pull off a Hillbilly costume party!! Haha! 
The Hillbilly family:
The Neri family:
LOL! What is bibbo much?
Anyway, this was my OOTD… or OOTN. whatever.
Outfit details:
Woodcutter’s hat: Nine West
Plaid polo: Anne Klein
Black skirt: Wet Seal
Belt: Crossings 
Gold socks: Forever 21
Boots: Zara
Putting on our costumes!
My sister and her fiance! πŸ™‚
My other sister and her boyfriend!
……….. just me. All alone. Yup.
The Tres Marias!
With the queen of the house! lol!
Howdy, fellaz!
Now for some family pictures! 
Yup, Yuki is family. 
With the boyfriends! (Hmm. I get what y’all are thinking. So stop rubbing it on my face, guys, haha)
The Neri sisters!
Yieee. This shot screams “pre-nup” all over the place.
I have this strong feeling that Yuki likes my sister’s boyfriend more than me.
This can’t be. 
Dinner tiiimmmee!! πŸ™‚
My awesome mother and her wonderful cooking!
Christmas cups and spoons and forks and plates and everything else
Singing a big happy birthday song to Jesus!!! πŸ˜€
Mom: For better health!
Us: cheers!
Dad: For more patients this year! (my parents are doctors)
Us: cheers!
Sister: Ipapa-renovate ang bahay!
Us: cheers!
everyone: CHEEERRRRSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ahahahahahaha love you guys~
Hi, Yaya!! >:D<
Daddy giving a Christmas message πŸ™‚
Gift-giving time!
What’s Christmas without Christmas chocolates? Haha! 
Yay for Guylian (aka. the seahorse chocolate! lol!)
Lord, thank you for blessing me with my family! 
We may not be a perfect bunch, but that’s what makes us love each other more. <3
Anyhoo, so that’s how my Christmas eve went. 
Tell me all about yours! I’d be glad to hear from you πŸ™‚
Merry Christmas, pals! Enjoy the holidays with your family, and don’t forget the reason for this season! πŸ™‚ That is, how God gave his only son Jesus Christ so that we may receive the greatest GIFT of all- eternal life (John 3:16) Mwahhh! 

The Teenage Queen
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Just Walk Away

Last December 20, I gave my alma mater a visit for the annual school fair. 
This is what I wore:
Dress- Mint/ Denim vest- Forever 21/ Shoes- Primadonna/ Bag- Bagellia Filipinas
Gold bangle- Divisoria
Spiked necklace (used as bracelet) that I won at a party (special thanks to the people behind Escape 2012!)- Le Plume Accessories
I don’t know if you’ve noticed or anything, but I’ve already worn 
all these items  in my previous outfit posts.
I just piled them all up together, and this is what I got. 
So yay for recycling! Haha!
Ladies, it is NOT wrong to wear the same pieces more than once! Just remember to style them differently each time so things won’t get, you know, too repetitive πŸ˜€
Thanks to Klyde and Rone for taking these shots! πŸ˜€
The next photo is an inside joke between me and my friend, Belly. You see, after the school fair, my highschool friends and I decided to take a nice walk outside and plan things out for our Christmas party that night. 
While the hullabaloo of planning, arguing and deciding was on going, 
 Belly and I were like “you guys, uhhhhh, balitaan niyo nalang kami ha.” 
*insert our what-is-going-on faces here*
But yuuup, everything was going real insane, so Belly and I were like “uh this is awkward. Let’s just …..walk away…..”
Twenty steps away from us parked a jeep.
 And so near the jeep we went, where we basically hung out and goofed around until our friends finally made up their minds on which food and drinks to buy. HAHAHAHA. We love you guys. 
#We support you in every decision you make. lolz. jk =)) #
Gawky photo ova here
Anyway, that night was indeed one night to remember. It was supposed to be a “countdown-til-the-21st-of-December” kind of thing, so we all stayed up til midnight over at our friend’s house. I thought I was going to explode from laughing too much, but thankfully, I didn’t. 
I am so sooo thankful that I got to greet “doomsday” with the friends I’ve known the longest (11 years, guys, 11 years). I love them so soooo much. They are like the people whom I could be the me-est version of me with. Wait. Did I just make sense over there? πŸ˜› 
Well, I really don’t sometimes, so why even bother. 
Ugh here I go again with all the babbling.
 I better stop now. Bye.
The Teenage Queen
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BTS: Blogged Magazine

Last August 22, Blogged Magazine went on a collaboration shoot with Arnie Villanueva, Kelly Medina, Denise Heredia and me for their year-ender issue. 
Venue: Heima (Cubao Expo)
This was my OOTD 
More photos on this blog post

With the make-up artist, Adanna Bautista!

They are such a cute couple, I swear. Heehee.

Look at the pile of clooottthhheeesss!!! πŸ™‚
 The fun part was that we were free to pick anything we wanted to wear. So yay!
Thank you so so much for sponsoring the shoot, TNC Manila, Fashion Dime, Lunachic and Luxe Mode! πŸ™‚
Felt so giddy seeing all of these pretty stuff! <3

Top and shorts: Fashion Dime x Shortcuts
Shoes: Luxe Mode

With one of the girls who influenced me to blog, Miss Arnie Villanueva!
 I love you, girl! :*
Say hello to Kelly Medina! πŸ™‚

Top and shorts: Fashion Dime
Shoes: Luxe Mode

While they were still shooting upstairs, Ate Arnie and I went down to have our own mini photoshoot. Heehee.

Kelly Medina and Arnie Villanueva
Lorraine and Laureen of Fashion Dime x Shortcuts
Such pretty siblings! πŸ™‚

Thank you to Margaret Gomez for pulling out all of these beautiful pieces!
With the talented photographer, Miss Kat Santos

With Sir Kelly Medina!

Representatives of Luxe Mode ! πŸ™‚ Thank you for being such sweet hearts, girls! :*

With the beautiful Denise Heredia ! πŸ™‚

It was such an honor to go on a shoot with all these amazing bloggers ! Thank you so so much for the opportunity, Blogged Magazine Ph! 
Hershey Neri (
Denise Heredia (
Kelly Medina (
Arnie Villanueva (


Thank you again for this opportunity, Blogged Magazine!
More power to you guys! πŸ™‚

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If the World Does End Today

Three weeks ago, a text message flashed on my phone’s screen and it said: “It’s already December, and if ever the world really does end on the 21st, could I at least get to spend one day together with you?”

Naks. Ang drama namaaaaan! Hahaha.
He was a very, very, very close friend of mine, and so as might be expected, I replied with a message that said “Ano ka ba ba! Of course!! Are you free on the 19th? :D”


So anyway, this is what I wore to our if-ever-the-world-does-end-in-2-days date.
Sweater: Forever 21/ Floral shorts: Jellybean/ 
Black shoes: Comfit/ Bucket bag: Bagellia Filipinas

Whenever I think about the apocalypse, the first thing that comes in my mind are flashfloods and tsunamis. Hence, the color of my outfit. Haha!
Big hugs and kisses to BAGELLIA FILIPINAS for my bag. πŸ™‚
*please like their page on Facebook! Their friend page got hacked, so they had to make a new page. So please please support them! LIKE BAGELLIA FILIPINAS ON FACEBOOK HERE. 
*Thanks for taking the photos, Rone!
Adding these photos to this blog post just because. πŸ˜›
~Sanrio girl forevs man ~
Blue is the color of the day! πŸ™‚
It was also my first time to try out Jamba Juice! πŸ˜›
When the day was about to end, Rone asked me to put a blindfold over my eyes.
I asked him why, but he *demanded* that I just ride along. LOL.
When I took the blindfold off, we were on top of this hill overlooking the city.
The best part? My favorite dessert- vanilla ice cream and Nutella- and sticks of freshly grilled barbecue were on top of the bench in front of us.
I really, really got touched by this. Thanks, Rone, for making that night special πŸ™‚
You’re the best!

Anyhoo, it’s the 21st of December today and I’m still (thankfully) alive.
Guess the Mayans were wrong after all, ‘ey? 
The Teenage Queen
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Christmas 2012 in UP Manila: Facades


As a tradition in UP Manila, a facade-making contest is held annually all over the campus.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take photos of the facades of every college, but I do hope you get to bear with the few photos that I took:

What you’re looking at right now is the facade that landed first place on this year’s contest.
Other than the great contrast of colors, I also love how every single piece just “hung” perfectly in place. Haha, get it? No? Okay.. πŸ™
Anyway, a big congratulations to the med students who worked their asses off in making their facade this beautiful! Idol! Wootwoot!


Their facade was honestly one of my personal favorites (and FYI, I only had two favorites, teehee).
They were able to utilize their area and resources really well! Everything was beautiful, down to the smallest props.
I’m pretty sure everyone who passed by their building saw how much effort the students put into this.
So, congratulations to the College of Public Health for winning second place! Clap clap clap!
Notice the super cute heart-shaped rain drops! heehee.

Define effort! Woot woot! 

I love how they hung silver doves all over the place. <3
This facade also looked hella amazing at night. Not only did bright lights flash outside the building, but a loud sound system also played my favorite Christmas songs from 5:30 pm til about 7 or 8pm! haha! 
Yup, kabog na kabog po sa bongga, guys! 

*at siyempre, being the complete gawky girl that I am, I danced my happy dance every time I passed by their building at night. LOL. I mean, who could resist dancing to Christmas songs? 
Everyone else but me? Okay …. πŸ™


Soli Deo Gloria means “Glory be to God alone” in Latin.
True enough, I’m pretty sure you guys made the Big Man up there reaaaaal proud! 
Congratulations , CAMPers! Y’all were able to put up one very beautiful and colorful facade! πŸ™‚
 It screamed out “happy vibes” all over. <3
Check out the windows! Super cute! 

Let me first share to y’all how my super bibbo college launched our facade!
The event, which we called the “Kick-Off Party”, started at around 5:30 pm last December 3, 2012.
There were dancing, singing, and most of all, fireworks!!!! πŸ˜€

Here’s a super fun-to-watch video by Dex Galban that shows the highlights of the UPCN Christmas Facade Kick-Off 2012!! πŸ™‚ YAY!
Yup. Us Fighting Maroon Nurses sure know how to celebrate! πŸ˜‰

Now on to more pictures of our facade:

A big congratulations to the UPCN Batch 2015 peeps for giving their all in making this super beautiful facade! Hands down, you all made us super duper proud!
Everything, down to the last detail, was made from love- and for me, that’s what mattered the most. <3
Yup, nurse na nurse lang ang peg?! haha! 

I love how they included all of the colleges/main buildings (CAMP, CAS, CN, CPH, PGH, CM, CP, CD) here. 
I super love how they added lights covered with cellophane sheets along the walkway!
Oh, and there were also colored injections (that were actually pens) looped around the posts (and it’s just so sad that they weren’t seen in the photos) . Haha!
Aaaaand! Hands down sa effort! Just look at those phrases posted along the railings. <3 
As I’ve told you guys a million times before, I’m all about details. And this facade just screams out “WE PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS “— and I LOVE IT. 
I wasn’t able to help but coo out ooh’s and aahh’s upon checking out every decorations put up in the place. 
Well done, ates and kuyas of Batch 2015! Congratulations again!! πŸ™‚ Clap clap clap! >:D< 
Though , it does pretty much suck that you guys had to set up high expectations /standards for the next year! HAHA! OH NOOO. I still can’t believe that my batch will be the next ones in charge of the facade come 2013. Yuuup. I fear that the only decoration we will ever get to put up is a banner that says “Merry Christmas” in front of the door. LOL, hopefully, that won’t happen. Hopefully, the kind of “spirit” and energy that got into you guys would get into us, too. 
Right now, I hate myself for not being able to take shots of the facades of each college! *sigh* T_T
I reaaally wanted to share with y’all the rest of the amazing contest entries.
But anyhoo, this activity just proved to me that UP students are indeed well – rounded.
Matalino na nga, artistic pa!;)
*wink wink*
Congratulations to everybody! >:D<
The Teenage Queen
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My Christmas 2012 Wishlist

Just because everyone else is doing it as well.

1. Oversized sweaters
 These have got to be on the top of my list. I mean, c’mon! It’s cold December and it’s (supposedly) that time of the year when we actually get the right to wear thick clothing. AND AND, I’m also really into knitted stuff right now.

These are some of my favorites:

2. Sandals
So there’s this dress code in my college wherein we’re not allowed to wear slippers (eg, flipflops). The only types of footwear allowed are flats/ sandals with hooks at the back/ closed shoes/ yougetwhatimean.
And to be honest, I dont really have much sandals in my wardrobe, so if you’re planning to give me a pair this Christmas, I would love you forever. HAHAHAHAHA.
[btw, im a size 7 lolz]

                                                   Boho Sandals all from Forever 21

Some of my favorite looks:

3. Make-up! Make-up! Make-up!
Ever since I got into college, I got even more obsessed with make-up. Please help me add these to my collection? Hehe.

  •  Urban decay naked palette
  • Brows-a-go-go from Benefit
  • Bathina from Benefit
  • Matte lipsticks from Revlon (003 “Mauve it Over” and 013 “Smoked Peach”) 
  • Face foundation (either from Shiseido or MAC) 
  • Bronzer
  • Mascara
4. School bags

                                       Aztec backpack from Forever 21

5. Leggings/tights/colored socks
Oh, c’mon! You all know how addicted I am to tights and socks, right? HAHA
6. Sunglasses

7. Slouchy beanies
8. Cute underwear

9. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks / Shopaholic Take Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella

10. Sneakers
And again, I’m a size 7. HAHAHA.
11. Boots
Size 8
12. Acid wash shorts

13. Arm candies, rings, watches, statement necklaces, etc. 
14. Dresses
15. Caps!

                                          FOREVER 21 MEN

16. A necklace with the word “Cristabel” on it.
Cristabel is actually my second name, and it means “Christ is beautiful”. πŸ™‚
17. A blogger bracelet from The Bead Shop

20. Highwaist shorts
21. Trousers/pants

23. Pumps/heels/wedges/statement shoes
24. A UP shirt/hoodie/sweater

The blue STATE U hoodie from UP MERCH ( please huhu

25. A black iPad 4. Teehee.
26. Lastly, anything that comes from the heart! I’m a sucker for anything sweet and sincere. 
To be honest, just a simple handwritten card is enough to make me beam with happiness <3 

 Anyhoo, let us not forget the reason why we call this month the season of giving:

Because God sent His only Son, JESUS CHRIST, to die for our sins
so that we ALL could receive the BEST GIFT OF ALL— eternal life. πŸ™‚

The Teenage Queen
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BTS: Floral and Plaid

This photo deserves a caption. 
How about,  “forever gawky“? 
or “just my normal self“?
Lol, kidding aside, this just evidently shows how much fun I had two Fridays ago at a shoot for my friend’s portfolio. 
Call time was supposedly to be at around 8am. But, being the over-sleeper that I am, I got to the venue 2 hours later. The odd thing was that I, of all the people, was the first one who arrived =)))) 
Yup, guys. 
Just some of Mich’s collection.
So. much. colors.
They look so cute and precious and omg omg omg. <3
Ahh, I love this girl so, so much talaga! 
Thank you for my make-up, Ate Mich! 
Cant wait to bond with you and the rest of the Pipe Dreams team again!! <3
With my pretty highschool bestie, Angeline πŸ™‚ 
Pastel colors suit her a lot, don’t you agree?:) 
Meet Jam, a new friend of mine. I love the smokey look on her!
Define H-O-T !!
In between us is the photographer, Brianna Cardenas ( an Advertising student from UST) .
Thank you so much for inviting us to this shoot, baby girl! 
I’m saying ‘congratulations!!’ to you right now because I’m confident that your portfolio’s going to be the bomb. Mwah!! You can do it, baby girl!
Angeline’s behind-the-scenes shots:
N to the A to the K to the S!
Say hey to Tonini!! 
Spot me being the third wheel that I always am. LOL. 
Ugh, you guys are so cute together, it makes me want to hate you both.
But I cant..
because you guys are so cute together.

Test shots are gangstah shots
Goofin’ around with the love birds!
Too cute for words aahahaha
Forever alone is the peg, guys. Forever alone.
And the “most bibbo family” award goes to the Ferrer’s! 
Jam’s mom, sister and boyfie stayed the whole time just to show support. Awww  <3 Cutie pies indeed.
And now for some group shots!
(L-R):  Jam, Tonini, Mitch (the MUA), Me and Angeline
And because we can never get over of the gangstah pose. Yup. NEVER.
(L-R): Me , Brianna (the awesome photographer), Mitch (MUA), Jam and Angeline
LOVE YOU GUYS! Thanks for the super fun day. πŸ™‚
Hope to shoot with you guys again! πŸ™‚
And of course, I end this blog post with my favorite photo of the day:

The Teenage Queen


Thanks for letting me steal the photos, Bria!! Heehee. πŸ™‚ 

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Back to layers! Thank you, AZTA URBAN Salon!

I’ve been hearing comments from my very own mother saying that I looked like a “manang” with my super long and thick hair– and yup! Though it was hard to gulp it all in, I do believe that mother really does know best. 
So last Sunday, I headed down to Eastwood to have my hairstyle changed. I immediately looked for Sir Jo, since he was the one who cut my hair the last time. I specifically told him that I just wanted the length of my hair trimmed 2-3 inches, and that I wanted him to cut my hair in such a way that natural waves would form. I was really aiming for the “looong, sexy, bed hair” peg. 
While my hair was being cut into several layers, Sir Jo and I had a little chit chat, and I happened to mention to him that I was planning to have my hair permed (as what I’ve written in THIS blog post). He said that it was perfect that I was having my hair cut into layers, since he recommended that hair style for permed hair. He showed me samples of his works, and to be honest,  I really was impressed. But even though I’m really convinced to have my hair curled permanently by them, I’m still a little scared. I’m not really sure if I should go for it. Should I, or should I not? πŸ™‚
If anyone of you has tried the perming services at Azta, please do tell me all about your experience! I’m dying to know all about it. 
Anyway, since I did make kulit to Sir Jo about wanting to have curls, he asked his assistant stylist to give me some! LOL! 
This much hair has been taken away from my head, guys.
I love my new look! Thank you so much, Sir Jo!
Me: Kaasar naman. Kung kailan pauwi na ako sa bahay, dun pa umayos buhok ko! HAHA!

Sir Jo: HINDE! HINDI AKO PAPAYAG! Bumaba ka jan sa may city walk. Maraming pwedeng pag-party-han jan! Pumarty ka muna! Sayang kulot mo.

I love you, Sir Jo! You’re my favorite hair stylist ever <3
AAAND Thank you, Azta Urban Salon! Everyone made me feel so welcomed and special. πŸ™‚
Til next time, yes? πŸ™‚
And if you’re wondering how my hair turned out to be the following day, Ta-duuhh!
Yay for natural waves! πŸ™‚ 

BEFORE                                      AFTER
Now back to the question:
To perm or not to perm?
The Teenage Queen

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