Style Spotting: My Mom’s OOTD.

Like mother, like daughter. 

One of the people who influenced me to have this fondness for fashion is my mom.
I really love how her style is classy and elegant. I tell you, she is the epitome of being posh. Haha!
This is an OOTD post of what she wore two Sundays ago for her post-birthday dinner celebration with the family at Resorts World Manila. 
I asked her to pose for my blog, and well, I think she enjoyed doing so! Haha!

My mom is so beautiful, don’t you agree? 
I love her long lashes! πŸ™‚
Loving the colors this outfit as well! 

My mom is one of the people I look up to the most.Nobody could make me love her any less. 
And when I grow up, I want to be like her- a prestigious doctor serving the people and travelling the world….. in style!!

I love you, mom!
The Teenage Queen
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Happy birthday sa Samsung Stunner ng buhay namin (chos).

And because you’re finally eighteen now, you could finally get in jail (HURRAH) .
Reasons why I think you’re mean and that you should be put behind bars:

  • You bully us (and when I mean us, I mean me and Ji). 
[and yes, this is me and Ji with fake moles on our upper lips. See how much fans we are of your mole?]
  • MAS SUPLADA KA PA SA BABAE!!!! (x100) 

  • You always (I repeat: ALWAYS) fall asleep on us.
*at your condo unit*
Jude: May kukunin lang ako sa loob ng kwarto.
Us: ah. sige.
*After 30 minutes, you still do not come out of the room*
Us: buhay pa ba yun???
*After 2 hours*
Jude: Ay. Nakatulog ako. HAHAHAHA.
Us:  -______-      knew it. 
Pati ba naman sa klase, tulog ka? Tsk tsk….
But then again, I begin to think second thoughts. Because maybe, just maybe, you’re not that bad of a friend, now are ya?
Reasons why I shouldn’t sue you:
  • You let us girls abuse you for your kindness. =)) (chos)
*thanks for the free coffee ahihii*
  • You tutor us in Math for FREE. =)) Whoo Master Jude- the awesome and the wise ~
  • You agree to take our photos for us! HAHAHAHA (abuso, much?)
  • You let us crash into your condo unit—–ALL THE TIME. Ang peg namin? SQUATTER FOR LIFE. =))
[inside joke: the infamous McNugget barbeque sauce of Ji Young =))]
  • At higit sa lahat, baka maging sad daw si Alex kapag nakulong ka . =)) (ayieee)
HAHAAHAHA. Forgive me . Ang lame ba ng introduction?? =)) Huhuhu.
Anyway, happy happy happy happpy 18th birthday to you, Kuya Jude!!!!
Thanks so much for being a great friend and kuya to all of us. >:*<
May God bless you with even more blessings this year! I pray that He will grant you the desires of your heart. πŸ™‚
And I think I speak in behalf of the neighbor buddies when I say this: 
Stay the same! We love you for who you are and what you’re not (HUHH ANG LABO KO FOREVS).
And I hope that we’d still remain friends even after you shift. πŸ™‚ As girly as this may sound but……
Pinky promise na forever friends ang neigbor buddies haaa? huhuhuhuhuhhuh    
*cue MMK music* 
*ipasok na ang pintuan na pwedeng sandalan para makaiyak kami with matching pa-slide- side down the door effect*

Our very first picture together =))

The start of this beautiful friendship! yieee. wahaha.

Enjoy your day! Have a great one! Next sem na birthday gift ko sayo! πŸ™‚
 (photo edited by Hella) =))
The Teenage Queen
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Baba’s Halloween-Themed Surprise Birthday Party!

October 14, 2012
It was literally a surprise to me, too.
I was just bumming around that day when my friend Raha texted me, “Yo! May surprise party mamaya para kay Baba.”
Wow, na-surprise din ako dun, ha. =)) 
When I texted back saying I would come, he then replied “BTW, come in Halloween costume.”
 WOW. =)) Teka. Mas nasurprise ata ako dun. =))
So I panicked and texted him, “Let’s go as kanto kids.”
And then he said, “Pusa, pano yun!?”
and I said “Magsuot tayo ng gutay gutay na damit!”
and then he said “sige game. Seryoso ha :> “
After 15 minutes, he texted me again and asked “Seryoso ba talaga? Magsa-skwater talaga tayo?”
And I said “Oo nga.”
After another 15 minutes, I suddenly changed my mind. So I texted him 
And then he said “Ay puuuuuu—“
And then I said “Edi maging hunchback ka nalang.”
And then he said, “Magzozombie na nga lang ako.”
I raided my closet to look for possible gypsie costumes.
I ended up finding nothing.
I thought of other possible costumes , but then I also realized that I didn’t have much time left to search for clothes and to fix myself…..and to prepare…and all.
And you know what they say ,

if all else fails, just go as a freakin’ panda.

And as a panda did I go.

Correction: a    h i p s t e r     panda.
Okay fine. Forgive me for not coming up with a better costume. HAHAHA.

Black long sleeves: Yves Saint Laurent
Boots: Zara
Polkadot Headband (used as bracelet): Bayo

Okay enough posts about me. Let’s get on with the partaaayyyy!!!
Imagine the fright I felt when I saw these three dudes sneaking up in front of Baba’s house. 
Then I realized that they were just (sadly) my friends. jk love you guys.
Say hello to (L-R) Raha, Rone and Dave!


Me and the pretty celebrant dressed up as Esmeralda! 
Baba, Kaka and Me. =))

Eew, Friends. Please stop embarrassing me. Grr.

Raha and the chicks!

Raha and the chicks minus Raha

My new friends!! hehee! Say hi to Bea, Patchi, Gail and Candice! 

Hats off to Baba’s mom who decorated the house! She is sooooo talented!
If you see it… you’ll shitbrix. 

<don’t worry, it’s just Raha in the mirror. LOL. Spooky much! >
Cool !!!!

The foood! The glorious, glorious food! 

Photoshoot session πŸ™‚

I love you, my abnormal buddy :*

One of them boyz!

Si Baba ay may pet panda tas hinoldap siya.  Tas ad daw ito ng casio. (huhuhu labo)
Oh, what joy!! πŸ™‚
Thank you for inviting me to your super fun and cute party, Baba (even though technically, you didnt invite me…because this was a surprise party… haha.okay i should stop blabbering now) !
I wish you had a great time! Happy birthday! Remember that  I love you and that I will always be here for you!
Here’s to 5 years of friendship and counting!
The Teenage Queen

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Let the dress do all the talking.

Perks of living and studying right beside a mall!
Haha ! I impulsively bought this dress three weeks ago at Kierei, a stall in the tiangge area of Robinson’s Manila. 
When I showed this to my friends, they fell in love with it as well. I winked back and said that they’re never going to guess how cheap I was able to bargain for this. LOL. C’mon, take a guess. :>
 As the Filipino saying goes, “Na sa pagdadala lang yan.” 
Anyway, I wore this to my daddy’s birthday dinner on a Thursday—  meaning I came all the way from school that night! I didn’t have that much time preparing, so my outfit was pretty simple. Good thing the dress was detailed and pretty by itself, so my lack of accessories was easily compensated for. 

Btw, thanks to my roomie Micah for lending me her super adorbs bag!

A week later, I decided to take this dress for yet another spin during my friend’s black&white – themed debut.
Which look do you prefer? πŸ™‚
The Teenage Queen

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But loving you was red.

On our last meeting for Math 11 for the first semester, we , as a block, agreed to wear the color red. 
The funny thing was that I didn’t have anything red in my closet! You see, red had never been my choice of color. I’ve always thought that it didn’t suit morenas like me. 
But because I keep promises and because I love my blockmates, I went on a hunt for red shirts inside the house. Good thing I found this one in my sister’s closet. πŸ™‚
*Special thanks to my forever supportive friends, Micah and Marc,  for taking my outfit shots!

Sweater: Bayo/ floral shorts: bazaar/ cross necklace: Forever 21/ safety pin necklace: bazaar
rings: StyleHub Shop/ flats: Mario D Boro

Oh, and by the way, it’s my blog’s first birthday today!! And I thought of posting this today because I know that red is a very happy color. So, yay red! 
Thank you so much for supporting my blog, friends. πŸ™‚ >:D< 
The Teenage Queen

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Something Borrowed

This is what I wore to my best friend Brianna’s debut last Saturday.
Her debut’s motif had something to do with fairy tales and enchantment, so we were all asked to dress up in pastel colors.
 But instead of going with the usual light, cute and Easter-ish palette, I chose to make do with much darker hues. 
You know, I really wasn’t supposed to buy a new dress for this event. But while I was walking around Robinson’s Manila last week (which is like 15 steps away from where my condo is), I saw this dress on the sales rack, and guess what?  I fell in love with it. 
You guys know how I really have this weakness for girly dresses , floral prints, AND discounts, so I didn’t have any reason why not to buy it! <— [what an Impulsive-buyer-who-is-trying- to -stop -herself- from -feeling- guilty usually says]

Can you believe I got this dress on fifty percent off?! Yeahp.

Dress: Mint
Heels: Borrowed from my mom
Rings: (stone) souvenir from russia , (masquerade) LunaChic Accessories (big thanks to sis Margaret Gomez of Blogged Magazine for giving me this ring!)
Necklace and bangles (SM Accessories): Borrowed from my sister
Earrings (Chanel) : Borrowed from my mom
Vintage purse: Borrowed from my mom

Oh, and can I just share to y’all the newest addition to my collection of nail polish?
It’s a nude one from The Face Shop, and I got it as a gift from my friend Rone. I love how it makes my nails look much cleaner and longer.

*Thanks to Rone for taking my outfit shots that night! 

What do you guys think of my outfit? πŸ™‚

The Teenage Queen 

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Sticking to mah Stelly Bows til away the hell week goes!

One thing about myself , that I unfortunately just realized yesterday , is that I have a very bad habit of cramming.
Reflecting on my actions right now, it’s no wonder why I haven’t been acing my subjects. 
And I realized that now that I’m in college, I shouldn’t be practicing the same habits I’ve had back in high school.
College, unlike high school, is a jungle, where everyday is a fight for survival.
 Slacking off and saying “maybe next time” won’t get you anywhere.
So here I am, promising myself that I would work harder and fight a better fight. I guess it’s really sad that I just realized these things now that the semester is almost over. But anyway, I still promise to end October with a BANG. Second sem, I’m going to conquer you, so watch out.
To help put me in a studying mood, I posted these on my window to give me some motivation. 
By the end of the school year, I hope to fill the whole window with sticky notes of my favorite bible verses and inspirational quotes.
I find it sort of annoying that THIS is what I see first thing in the morning.
Yup, I’m referring to my school campus, UP Manila.
It’s as if it’s screaming “Good morning! Now get your ass over here!” right at me every time I stare out the window and daydream .

And if those just don’t motivate me enough, I’ll just stare at this photo I found on 9gag. Yup.

       Oh, and the thing about me when I study is that I can’t concentrate when
       1. I don’t have music to listen to
       2. I don’t have snacks to nibble on
      and 3. my hair is all over the place.

 Good thing THE BEAD DIARY, my super generous sponsor, sent me some Stelly Bows to keep my hair away from my face. I swear, they are very convenient to have in hand. I love how they’re already cute on their own. I use these headbands whenever I’m too lazy to dress up , and when I just want to go out and look simple. I mean, I can just imagine myself rocking a messy bun with these bows. Watch out for an outfit post with me wearing these cuties next time (cause, I cant now….Im drowning in a pool of stuff to do! haha)!

                                                             Stelly bows!

                                                                      Owl clip


Forgive my stressed + worn out face. This was taken during my break time from studying. 

Sucks that I have to end my post right here, guys. I’ve to finish reading my History book by 2pm, because I have an event to attend to on 6.

Anyway, please do pray for me for my upcoming final exams! thank you! πŸ™‚

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