“September is bright as Bjorn Manila photographed
 the best of the University of Philippines Manila! 
#socialmediayouth #SMYouthUniversity 
Assisted by Carlo Alcala.”

Thank you so much for the feature, SM-Youth!

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If you are not Chesca Tonson, then this post is not dedicated to you.

If you you were 
………that girl wearing an eye-catching pair of red boots during enrollment day….
…………. that bitch wearing a freakin’ <MINI> dress during the campus tour…
…. that slut who smelled like vanilla
….my first ever friend in college, who joined me in my pranks and silly tactics (and who was also as, if not twice, weird and jeje as me)

then this post is dedicated to you. Yup.
So, hi there, Frenchesca Tonson.
You’re officially eighteen and “legal”,
which also means that you could get in jail now. 
But anyway…
I just want to say that…………
even though it gets annoying (well, nope, not really) how I see that diamond-that- you -like -to -doodle -on-well, – just- everywhere ———EVERYDAY 

……………. and even though it hurts how you fall asleep on the professor and on me during first period

………… and even though you probably are the world’s greatest slut (who is also able to put on nail polish INSIDE the library without getting caught)

…..and even though we get to be thrown glances at almost EVERYDAY just because our outfits always, big emphasis on ‘always’, match (like we’re going to perform a dance number or something)….
I still really do love you– to bits and pieces.

I mean, it’s only been five months since we met, but it seems like we’ve been friends since, i dont know, probably  forever?

It scares me how alike we are, you know. Even in the simplest of things.

I remember our first real conversation went something like this:

me: so what org do you plan to join?
you: idk. Probably something in the field of drama, I guess.
me: oh so you act?
you: well, it’s my hobby.
me: I like to act too, but im not that passionate about it. I think I’d like to join an org that revolves around public speaking or something.
you: ahhh yes! I like public speaking, too.

We automatically just ‘clicked’ that day, if you know what I mean.

Hahaha. Oh, and never in my life had I thought of finding someone who is as pro in cramming as I am. Good job!! Do you remember the time we crammed together a History research paper in just three hours?
~Patapon kidz 4 layf~

And don’t even get me started on how I L-O-V-E you for having “Drive Marc Palpagan INSANE” on top of your priority list as well. HAHA, omg, kidding! (I swear, we are such mean friends to him haha)


Being the bunso in the barkada, I must admit that, indeed, you are very special to me, Ches!
You’re like my ate from another mother.
Thanks for always taking care of me when I don’t feel well, for helping me out in my problems, and for, you know, just being how ‘a big sister’ should be.

 You know, just a photo of us on our usual days..

This is a photo of a typical scene wherein PMS-ing Chesca stands at the back,
 just waiting for me to stop being all gawky and weird.  Don’t mess with Chesca
when she’s PMS-ing, I tell you.

And I guess this just doesn’t go for me, but for the rest of the bitchessas as well: We love you for who you are, so don’t ever freakin’ change!
Stay pretty, witty, intelligent, confident , strong and assertive!

Always remember that I would be right here just beside you, to give support in everything you do. 
I will always be your fan, best friend, and bunso. πŸ™‚ 
I so can’t wait for the many more years of friendship to come! πŸ˜‰
Here’s to future matching outfits, shopping sprees, getaways, food trips, heart-to-hearts, and cramming sessions! LOL
Aaand I promise you, we, the bitchessas (Marc, Irish, Micah, You and I), will get through everything TOGETHER. Kanto Kidz forevz.

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Tonson girl!
I pray that God will continue on blessing you with beauty, talent, wisdom and grace. I know that you will grow into a very beautiful, God-fearing, and successful lady (pero deep inside, kanto girl ka parin forevs, JK).

Enjoy your day, okay? >:D< You only turn eighteen once. πŸ™‚



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The day I cosplayed as Valentina

As a requirement in his subject, our History 1 professor asked us all to attend the cosplay event at Mall of Asia yesterday. According to the dictionary, cosplay, or “costume play”, is a form of art in which people dress up as characters or ideas.

The thing nowadays is that the word “anime” is what automatically comes in the minds of people when they hear the word ‘cosplay’. That is why our Histo teacher, Professor Karganilla , asked us to dress up as Filipino characters, fictional or not, to promote one thing: Filipino Cosplay.
I didn’t have much problem deciding on what character to cosplay as, because being the bold and fierce woman that I am (no, not really), I knew I just had to go as Valentina- the Filipino version of Medussa.

head dress and unitard: Divisoria (Tabora street)
shoes: Aldo
shawl: Robinson’s department store
It was pretty flattering when random people asked to have their photos taken with me. I really do hope that  I was able to do some justice to Valentina πŸ™‚
Anyhoo, here are photos of some of the other cosplayers around the venue.

With the characters of Dream Dolls. 
Batman Villains
*With a sniper from Modern Warfare

*Nope. Don’t ask me. I really have no idea what he was trying to portray… 
Here are photos of me with some other peeps wearing Filipino cosplay outfits! haha!

Faisal, Roselle, Gera and Armaine in Amaya costumes! 
* With Zito, who went as President Marcos. Yep.
Me: Ang daya mo!!
Him: why?
Me: Naghanap kami ng costumes kung san-san man, tas ikaw, magbabarong lang?!
*With the beautiful Dana in her Princesa Juana (Ibong Adarna) costume πŸ™‚ And yuup, that’s Frank at the back, in his Katipunero costume! 
*That’s my histo prof right there! Hi, Sir Kargs!
* With my super sexy blockmate, Priscilla, in her Amaya costume ! 
* With three men who went as soldiers πŸ™‚
*Fun fact: That dude in the middle is wearing a Katipunero uniform, which was the basis/inspiration of the uniforms worn by the student nurses in the University of the Philippines. πŸ™‚
*With the brave girl who went as Zuma! =))
(L-R): AC as Ibong Adarna, Marc as Simon, Chesca as Paulita, Micah as a diwata, Christien as a soldier, me as Valentina, Irish as Marcela Agoncillo, Jessica as a diwata, Priscilla as Amaya, and Winona as a diwata πŸ™‚
*Super cutie pie Christien!! hihihi
*Barkada photo!
*Marc in his Simon ( the lead character in El Filibusterismo) costume!

*Micah as a diwata (forest fairy) 
*Irish as Marcela Agoncillo , the lady who sewed the Philippine Flag
*Chesca as Paulita, a character from El Filibusterismo

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually enjoyed cosplaying for a day! Thanks for this opportunity, Sir Kargs!

Now, I end this blog post with two photos.

One of me greeting the delivery guy at midnight

and one of me hailing a cab in the middle of the road.
Oh, Professor Karganilla. The things I do to pass your subject!
The Teenage Queen
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Almost Independent

I know, I know. Right now, you’re probably thinking what in the world has gotten into me that now, you suddenly see me holding a broom and a dust pan. Well, sit back and relax as I tell you the story of how I turned out to be……… almost independent. πŸ˜€
Okay, so to cut a long, looong story short:   my parents threw me away.
Just kidding. Omg.
It all started out when my parents saw me getting all moody, cranky, and you know, bitchy.
They also saw me not getting enough sleep, having to endure 2-3 hours of intense Manila traffic on the drive home to QC. 
And to cap it all off, they heard me ranting, okay fine, PLEADING, to them about how I think that moving closer to school would help me cope up with my studies. 
It was kind of a tough decision for them to make because:
1. I’m the bunso (youngest child) of the family , thus they still treat me like a baby..
2. I’m a spoiled brat (well , minus the bratty part. Wait did I just make sense? No, not really. Okay.)
They also think I can’t survive by myself because:
1. I don’t know how to cook
2. I don’t know how to cook
3. I don’t know how to cook!!!!!
But thank God they understood my situation , trusted me enough, and let me join my friends, Micah and Dionne, in a condo unit.
September 2, 2012- the day I moved in
My very first photo inside the condo! Oh, and that girl on the bottom right is Micah. Haha. 
The first few days were tough for me. I had to learn how to fix my own bed, sweep the floor, wash my own dishes and… you know….. be all responsible and …..stuff. Thank goodness Micah was patient enough to bear with me. Props to her for teaching me every chore! πŸ™‚ Micah, if you’re reading this, I just want to say thank you. πŸ™‚
September 3, 2012
Here is a photo of Micah frying. It was a proud moment for me because, well uhm, I was the one who sliced the spam *croo croo*. Although Micah started off teasing me because the slices weren’t consistent- some were too thick and some to thin- , she also said  that it was a pretty good start for learners like me.  HAHAHAHA!
 From then on, I learned how to do kitchen chores as well. My favorite chore would probably be “pagsasaing ng bigas” (cooking rice). 

This is a photo of me studying for my History long test.
 That Crunch bar on the upper left was given to me by Micah.
The pair of socks on the upper right was my recent purchase from Saizen, an 85-peso store near my school. I found myself always wearing socks and pajamas to sleep because it was too darn cold in the condo.

September 4, 2012
On that same week, I also found myself a support group. I call them my neighbor buddies, simply because we all live near each other.
Although they’re students from the other Nursing block, they still treat me like I belong. I tell you, I’ve got the best batchmates EVER. πŸ™‚
I thank God for giving me them. They tutor me, feed me (haha), and make me laugh pretty much all the time.
This is a photo of us studying for the Math DepEx. 
Jude was kind enough to let us crash at his condo. We slept over at his living room. 

September 5, 2012
My roomies and I decided to play real-life Sims.
And by that, what I’m really trying to say is that we rearranged our furniture. LOL. We made it a point to make our condo very aesthetically-pleasing. HAHAHA. It was an exhausting job, I tell you.
Oh and see what we did to the study tables? We moved them near the window so that we’d get inspired every time we look at the city lights. πŸ™‚

September 7, 2012 
Dionne had the surprise of her life when her blockmates, Micah and I woke her up at exactly midnight.

Dionne: Grabe, nung nagising ako, akala ko talaga nasa hell ako, kasi walang ilaw tas puro kandila. Pero nung nakita ko yung cake , bigla kong natandaan na birthday ko pala kaya siguro may ganito. 

Oh, this is a photo of Micah instructing me where to throw the garbage. Good thing Irish, the girl in the yellow shirt, was there to give me a hand! πŸ™‚

September 8, 2012

                             Micah and I stayed up late to make this Chores Chart.
                             I did the writing while she did the cutting! Hahaha! πŸ™‚

The next days went by in a blink of an eye. It was hellweek then, you see.
September 13, 2012

 When hell week finally ended, we decided to celebrate the temporary end to our sufferings (haha WHAT). The neighbor buddies and I headed out for a swim to  detoxify!

Hi, Ji! πŸ™‚

I can also honestly say that living near my school is so convenient. During breaks, my bestfriends and I just crash here, either to sleep or to study.
September 17, 2012
The forever paasa and bipolar weather of Manila. Sighhh.
We really felt that school was going to be suspended that day, since it was raining real hard and all, but NOOOOO. A few minutes after I took this photo, the sun just suddenly decided to show up and shiiinnee. =))

September 18, 2012

 Micah took this photo of me. She said she’s so not used to seeing me doing this. I MYSELF AM NOT USED TO SEEING ME…COOKING. Hahahaha!

September 19, 2012
I, being the sweet roomie that I really am, decided to surprise Micah and Dionne by making breakfast. πŸ™‚
I cooked nuggets and rice- not bad for a first timer- and also mixed up some pink lemonade juice. Dionne helped me spice things up by frying the rice and adding some cheese to it. Micah, well, just ate. everything. up.

What can I say?
I’m just so happy at how things are turning out to be.
I can now cook simple meals (and by cook, I mean fry..LOL), take the garbage out, fix my own bed, clean the bathroom, sweep the floor and do other chores WHILE coping up with my studies!
I thank God for giving me this opportunity to learn and expand my horizons by myself.
I’m proud very proud of myself for venturing into this new world of  ~responsibility~ 
That, and the fact that I can already COOK. lol.
I can’t wait til the day I can make “real” meals, like Singing na Baka, perhaps.
The Teenage Queen
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Neon and Aztec

Crochet top: Divisoria
Neon pink shorts: Divisoria
Nude pumps: People are People
Tattoo stockings: Gen’s Closet
Styled by: Hiyasmin Neri
Well, duh. Everyone knows how addicted I am to stockings, tights and knee-high socks right now. And what better way is there to quench my thirst for leg wear than to get myself a pair of tattoo stockings?! Haha! I’ve always wanted to get a tatt like this one, but I just don’t have the guts to because: 
1) well, I’m underaged
2) I’m afraid that my 80-year-old self might not like the idea of having a hipster tattoo on her thighs.
But anyway, to tame down the punk-ness of this outfit, I decided to play with girly colors. 
With the help of my super-talented-fashion-stylist-sister, we were able to come up with this look.
Girly and eccentric. Now that’s my kind of mix.

                                                            Watch: Aldo Accessories

I bet you’re drooling over my Dome Aztec bag, huh?
It’s a teaser for Bagellia Filipinas’ latest collection.  Visit  for more details! <3

I love love love the play of colors! <3

 What do you think of my outfit? πŸ™‚

The Teenage Queen

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Freshman Interblock Debate: QUARTER FINALS

It’s been two weeks since, and we must admit that we’re still on cloud nine upon hearing that we made it to the semi finals!
It’s just so funny how God works in very mysterious and silly ways. As ironic as it may seem, that Wednesday actually started out disastrous, but eventually , we ended up victorious.
The story:
Just when my team mates and I were off to walk from the “Nursing Tambayan” to the College of Arts and Science together, the sky just suddenly decided to be all bipolar and rain cats and dogs
We had only had one umbrella (and of course, it won’t be enough to shield us all dry) , but since we had to go to CAS right then and there, we decided to just pretend that the rain was non existent, and that we were not going to get wet.
But then again, reality kicked in and we literally started looking like wet fish the moment we stepped out in the open. We were laughing, screaming and running all over the place. The passersby, who were all dry and comfy under their umbrellas, were STARING at us with jaws dropped. Yep. They were probably thinking that we were going nuts. Well, actually, we were. 
Arvin took his shoes off so that he could run faster. Alexia giggled loudly as she tried to catch up with him. Magan, who actually had an itsy bitsy umbrella, SCREAMED at everyone around (<— survival instinct right there, guys). And of course, I, being the slowest runner of them all, decided to not even bother. 
So it’s pretty obvious who got wet the most, right? 
While I was running for my life, Chesca, our blockhead, called me up.
Chesca: Anong ginagawa niyo?
Hershey: Eto, tumatakbo sa ulan
Chesca: uhm……… okay (?) By the way, Government side daw kayo, guys.
Hershey: Oh okay, got it! Thanks!
All drenched in the rain, I murmured , “Ano ba yan, guys. Mukha tayong kawawa. WALANG NI-ISANG INTIMIDATING FACTOR NA NATIRA SA ATIN.” 
After freshening up at the restroom in CAS, we decided to talk and plan about our debate. We were informed long before that the motion was “This house supports the total mining ban”, and we were informed just recently that we were on the government side. 
We had everything planned out. As in, everything. We were as ready as ready could be!
When we got to the venue, we sat down and tried to act all calm and chill.
But a few minutes before our match started, Magan and I noticed that the motion of the debate, as printed on the papers that were being given away that time, was changed into “This House believes that the total mining ban will bring about more adversities than solutions”. We were all shocked.
To make the long story short, we prepared for the WRONG MOTION, because we (and yep, including Chesca, our blockhead) weren’t informed that it has been changed! We had to CRAM 30 minutes before the debate (good thing the APO fraternity was understanding enough to give us time to prepare).
We were literally about to cry. Magan was starting to shut down. Alexia was worried. I forgot how to breathe, and I was THIS close to fainting. Arvin, being the only man in our group, stood up and reminded us this: “We have no time to lose. Let’s do everything we could.” 

In the end, we were able to pull ourselves together. We told each other that if we were going to lose this match, it wasn’t because we didn’t work hard for it, but because we were just misinformed.
So we went inside and competed against Block 11 BS Bio Chemistry.
And the rest was history.
OK, so after looking like underdogs in the room, being the only block who didn’t have supporters from the crowd, we all were already expecting to lose. But lo and behold, God works in such mysterious ways. We won the match, and we made it to the semifinals.
All shocked and overwhelmed, we literally shouted our lungs off and hugged each other like there wasn’t any tomorrow. People, annoyed by our over-reactions, murmured out loud “quarter finals lang ‘to, guys, Kumalma kayo.”
Magan, being her loud self, said “PAKE NIYO BA!”
God is great all the time! πŸ™‚ We lift everything up to Him.
Lord, salamat. Sobrang galing niyo po.
Thank You for giving me the best team mates ever.
Arvin, Alexia and Magan, thank you.
You all have made my very first debate competition all sorts of memorable. πŸ™‚
Through Him, we could do this!
(Philippians 4:13)
The Teenage Queen

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Thank you to everyone who joined!! 

Please go to Moonleaf Don Antonio and present a valid ID until the end of the month to claim your free drinks πŸ™‚
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Big thanks to MOONLEAF DON ANTONIO for sponsoring the giveaway! You guys are THE BEST!
If you’re just around the Holy Spirit area, then go check them out, guys! 
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Stripes on stripes

I’ve been having this thing with black stockings for a while now. They just never fail to add up some 
character in every outfit! Pair them up with a short dress, a cute skirt, or some short shorts- and you’re good to go!
Look at what I did with this outfit! I was feeling really lazy to dress up last Sunday, and I was also really tempted to wear the typical lazy ass combination- a big shirt and a pair of comfy shorts.-BUT when I realized that it looked so “pambahay” and dull, I decided to just pair it up with my ever trusty black stockings, to, you know, at least add some style in it. And they’re actually compressor stockings, so they keep my legs “beautiful” by preventing varicose veins. Haha!  Too much info? ok then.
Oh , and I apologize for my lame outfit shots. Haha! I had nobody to take my photos for me, so I just took advantage of the mirrors found in ALDO. Haha! Can I just say that I LOVE their accessory line?

When I got home, I decided to take more mirror shots just to show off my new Kate Spade iPhone Case. It ‘s neon pink and white, and it says “UNDER STATED IS OVER RATED” at the back! Sooo cute! I got it for only 250 pesos at Greenhills.

Do you like my stripes on stripes combination?

The Teenage Queen
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