My Newest Sponsor: THE BEAD DIARY

“Every once in a while, I feel like making beads. This is my bead diary.”

THE BEAD DIARY is a cute and dainty shop that sells unique handmade accessories.
It is run by Miss Francesca Monroy, who makes sure to give every piece all the love and care before having them “adopted”.


The great thing about buying from this shop is that you’re sure that you won’t be seeing another person wear the same item you have, because stocks are limited πŸ™‚ Plus, you’re sure to be getting quality products over here, because, as I said before, everything is handmade with love.

Let me share you some of my picks from this very cute and dainty shop! πŸ™‚

Oh my goodness. This bow is perfect! <3 It will give even the laziest outfit THE extra girly oomph, don’t you agree?


Cute bookmarks for fashionista bookworms out there! πŸ™‚

Cute owl rings for adoption! 
Every owl has her own name and character πŸ™‚ Choose who you want to take home with you!
“Hello there my name is Chloe. When I grown up I want to be a scientist!” πŸ™‚

Hello my name is Sky! My skin looks blue but its really purple.”


You can even have your own piece customized! Here are some of The Bead Diary’s MTOs:

I really fell in love with this shop the first time I saw their lovely items—and that is why I squealed with so much excitement when I found out that The Bead Diary wanted to sponsor my blog, The DIARY of a Teenage Queen! Haha!  I sooo can’t wait to share to you the items I’m going to receive. πŸ™‚ I bet you’re going to love The Bead Diary the same way I’m in love with it!

Thank you so much, Miss Francesca! This is such a huge honor. More power to you and your amazing shop!


The Teenage Queen

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Handog 2012

July 13, 2012
Last Friday the 13th was definitely one for the books! 
Why, you ask me? For two reasons:
1. HANDOG 2012 (enough said)

For those who don’t know, Handog 2012 is a welcoming program and pageant for freshies. It’s also the time of the year when every freshman block would gather in one place to have some fair and friendly “PAGALINGAN-NG-BLOCK-EH-ANO??!” competition. Haha, kidding.. But seriously..
UNFORTUNATELY, my blockmates and I had classes the . 
Yep, our profs didn’t excuse us because there were important stuff to be accomplished.
T_______T * insert crying meme here* 
SOOOOOOO , let me share to you the story of how my amazing block suffered, and then eventually ended up at Handog 2012 =))
When we got to the Rizal Hall that afternoon, we found out that we were the ONLY freshman block left inside.
Plus, it didn’t really help that the rest of the population joined the WALK OUT RALLY MOVEMENT against PNOY’s Budget Cut (if you click the link, you’d be redirected to the walk out video taken by my blockmate, Alexia). 
So yeah, we were all left alone in a pretty empty building. Imagine our depression when we were just sitting along the super empty hallway, waiting for Manong to open the class room. T_T
 When we were about to go into the room, we spotted different freshman blocks heading their way to Handog 2012. We were intimidated with how prepared they were. They had matching shirts / banners/ ribbons/ costumes/ etc. Some colored their hair *this*, and some painted on their faces *that*. 
When we saw them, our jaws dropped  because we realized that………. we didn’t actually…prepare anything=))
So while our prof wasn’t around yet, we tried to do some rush planning, because you know, my block loves to cram. =)) <3
Our batch head discussing stuff. HAHA.
Me <please dont mind the face> asking for Superhero Costume ideas for Franklin, our block representative for the best super hero costume contest. =))))))) 
  • Superhero name: ~ da FRESHHHHHHman ~ =)))))
  • Powers: Invisible kapag walang nakatingin, pinapayungan ang mga estudyanteng nabibilad sa araw, namimigay ng libreng v-fresh diyan sa may kanto ng padro faura
We *sent* Arvin and Franklin to rush to National Book Store to buy some materials. Awww, thanks boys! You endured the Manila heat, the sweat, and the scary stare of the prof when you came in late for the next class. You guys are block 26’s heroes!
Right after our last class, we headed to the GAB lobby and did some major cramming. 
We got reaally sad when we found out that the best superhero costume contest ended already. πŸ™
Huhuhu. We decided not to continue making the costume anymore, so we just made banners and ponpons for Chesca. Haha yay for block spirit! 
Filled our stomachs so that we’d have enough energy to run to the PGH grounds =))

Heading to the PGH grounds!

Photos of Handog while we were still in class. Haha, thanks for covering this for me, Ellee Mizukoshi! You are such a great events photographer! Naks! haha! 
Block Six has got the team spirit! Haha they were soooo energetic!
Major thanks to our batchmates from Block 27 for cheering for Chesca while we were still away! You guys are the best! Go team Kyla-Chesca! Go Team Nursing!! woohoo! 
Physical Theraphy’s superhero πŸ™‚
HANDOG 2012: Ipakita ang Sarili, Ilabas ang Kakayahan, Iskolar, Kaya mo Yan!! 
I am so proud of my fellow UPM students! You guys did such an amazing job in making your block’s superhero costumes!!! <3 
Oh, lookie! Bagellia Filipinas was one of the sponsors of the event!
JUST IN TIME! When we got to Handog, our block representative, Chesca, was already singing to Accidentally In Love. =)) Haha we love you, pretty girl!

It was a pretty darn hot afternoon. Like, darn hot. 


Supportive friends over here.

Me, Irish, Micah and Priscilla <3


Stunning ladies of UP Manila πŸ™‚

When the boys started to dance, the rain started to pour as well. It honestly looked cool at first, you know, when the boys were dancing while the rain was pouring at their backs…parang effect from a movie…haha omg what am i talking about…=))))
… but when their number ended, BAM. It rained so freakin hard. As in, it was super ironic because it was really sunny earlier that day.

Grabbed this shot from Mr. Marc Olan of Block 2. πŸ™‚
The rain didn’t really bother us that much. In fact, I honestly thought that it was a blessing in disguise. The rain served as an opportunity to make our batch closer. Despite the scary growl of thunder, my batchmates and I were just singing along to random songs, and laughing out loud while we cheered and chanted. We even agreed na HINDI NA USO ANG BEST BLOCK BEST BLOCK NA YAN. All thanks to the rain, the whole batch just magically became ONE that night πŸ™‚  Plus, it paved a way for us to have a second installment of FUN! Let’s give it up for Handog 2012 PART 2 that’s coming REAAAL soon! I’m so excited ! πŸ™‚ THIS IS THE SUPER CUTE TEASER VIDEO =))
“One good thing about the rain is that it highlights the sunshine. Nothing raised our spirits more than the bright smiles on your faces in spite of the gloomy weather, mga anak. :)” – from the Freshman Block Coordinators 2012

Right after Handog, my friends and I headed straight to the candidates’ tent so that we could congratulate Chesca. Yay!!
When the rain got angry again, we parted ways and decided to head home already.

Marc stayed with me as I waited for my ride to come pick me up.
We  decided to go to the FMAB (the private hospital University Physicians Medical Center’s canteen) to dry  ourselves up and eat dinner. 
We didn’t really know the directions going there, so we approached Manong Guard.

Hershey: Manong, pano po pumuntang FMAB?
Marc: Yung pinaka mabilis na way..
Hershey: …Yung pinaka di kami mababasa
Marc: … Yung pinaka mabilis na daan
Hershey:.. yung pinaka mahusay
Marc: …Yung pinaka mainam

*Guard stares at us in a stoic manner*
Guard : *in the Vica Ganda tone* Oh, ano? TAPOS NA KAYO?
Us: Opo…
Guard: Kumanan kayo diyan, tas diretsuhin niyo lang. Sa may dulo, pasok kayo sa gate.
-after a few feet away from him-
Marc: ABAAA. Marunong na palang mangbara si Manong. Sana pala sinagot ko nalang siya ng, “Oh bakit? Gusto mo pa??” =))
We spent the entire night there and waited til the rain stopped.
By 9pm, the rain finally calmed down. 
We walked to UPCN. It was funny (well, not really) seeing my fellow students from different schools going through the same flood, too. It just proves how “waterproof”  Manila college students may seem. I spotted some St.Paulinians enduring the rain in their black heels , some Tamaraws and Thomasians  going down from jeeps, and plenty of La Sallians stranded along Taft. 
OH AND CAN I JUST SAY NA FIRST TIME KONG LUMUSONG SA BAHA. I kept praying that I won’t get the leptospirosis. And, being my OC self, I just knew I had to bathe for at least an hour once I get home. 
At first, I thought it was really fun because it was just like playing a game. Ala Dora-the-Explorer kuno.
There was this time when we had to pay the manong 5 pesos in order for us to walk across the ladder that he put up just so that we won’t have to wade through the knee-high flood.
But when we had to go through this massive crowd of people, and had to endure all the pushing, I knew the line just ended over there. Manila’s really scary in the dark, you know. LOL.  
 I thank God that everyone got home safe and sound. πŸ™‚ 
I shall end this very long blog post with a quote by my batchmate, Ellee Mizukoshi.

If Handog did something, it was that I think it brought the batch closer.”


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DIY PROJECT: Cutting a pair of jeans into bermuda shorts

So I currently have this thing for men’s street style fashion. It started 2 weeks ago when I accompanied my friend Marc to the Topman sale. I saw bermuda shorts everywhere— and in all colors! I grew such a fetish for them, that I even have a “Girl-Rocks-Boys’-Clothes” outfit planned out in my mind already.

The sad thing is that I never got to see any nice pair of colored bermuda shorts for women , so I decided to make one myself just this morning.

I found the perfect pair of pants to “DIY”. Hah! It was a pretty ugly pair, so I had no hard feelings of “letting it go”.



I can’t wait to wear it! I already have the perfect outfit in mind. πŸ™‚
How’s your Sunday going?:) 
It just stopped raining here a few minutes ago. I’ll be off to church later with my family πŸ™‚
The Teenage Queen
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Feeling Blue

I’ve always wanted to post this photo on my blog. And thank goodness I finally have! Haha, since you know, everything in the photo is blue…..and the title of this post says “Feeling Blue”. Get it? Get it? Haha anyway,  I look so different here; I was obviously not my usual girly self that day. But I kinda like the change. This was probably the most comfortable outfit I ever wore to school.
I can’t help but feel blue when the weather outside gets THIS gloomy; it‘s been raining cats and dogs the whole day. 

Makes me feel lazy for no apparent reason. All I wanna do now is just lie on bed and hug my pillow while listening to mellow songs, but unfortunately, I still have loads of work to do, like get rid of my backlogs < and err, study for math and do some papers > .


Oh, and speaking of “stuff to do”, I also need to go and buy myself a pair of rainboots (haha yuck, that just sounded so ditsy). I’ve seen the perfect pair already online, and all I have to do is save up for them. 
You know, I really can’t stand getting my feet soaked in flood contaminated with heaven-knows-what whenever I’m outside of school. I swear, Manila has the worst drainage system ever. 
Oh my goodness, I was supposed to make this post super short. Forgive me for my rants, I’m just a girl who’s PMS-ing as of the moment, LOL. 
The Teenage Queen

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                                                      Photo by JUNESSA RENDON PHOTOGRAPHY 

Japoy Lizardo, Co-owner of Moonleaf Don Antonio

Shot by Junessa Rendon

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Contest ends on August 1, 2012. Winners will be chosen via randomizer. πŸ™‚

Good luck!

The Teenage Queen 

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Family Fun @ Stacy’s

July 8, 2012
My sister treated the family at Stacy’s πŸ™‚ 

Stacy’s is located at the Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center along 1 Capitol Hills Drive, QC.
Read about my lovely experience at this very lovely restaurant HERE.
The Teenage Queen
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Fashion Need Not Be Expensive

I believe that clothes don’t necessarily need to be very expensive in order to be “fashionable”. I do believe in the saying that it all just depends on how you carry them. It’s all about style and of course, CONFIDENCE!
And so, allow me to show you an example of a so-called fabulous “budget outfit” !
This is what I wore to my sister’s birthday dinner last Wednesday at the Intercontinental Hotel.
1. My old gray top actually had a small print on it. I just turned it inside out , because all my other plain tops were still in the laundry. I love how it wasn’t obvious that I was wearing the top wrong. Haha.
Plus, the cover-up really helped conceal that “secret”. Which brings me to item number 2.
2. I got my oversized polo from PUNK-X-PRETTY for only 150 pesos! What. a. steal. 
3. The  highwaisted floral shorts were on super sale at Jellybean. From 650 pesos, I got it for only 300. And the best part? IT WAS THE LAST STOCK LEFT. It was really meant for me, teehee. 
4. The vintage bag was on sale, too. I got it from SALAMIN SALAMAIN for only 150 pesos! 
5. I got the shoes from Asianvogue. I think that this is the most “expensive” item in my “budget outfit”, but still! It’s so worth it. It originally cost 1540 pesos, but since I had a coupon, I paid only 600 bucks. 

Bracelets (L-R) : Accessoire, Quirkypedia, Rockwell bazaar 

What do you think of my outfit? πŸ™‚
Oh, and I would love to see your fabulous “budget outfits”, too! Link them in the comments below πŸ™‚

The Teenage Queen

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Happy birthday to the best sister in the world!

To my best friend, stylist and make-up artist, lazy-afternoon-chill-mate, pagandahan-ng-snoopy-fair-opponent, business partner, advising machine, role model, bully and sister….

I just want to say thank you for all the opportunities, advices and support you gave me. I wouldn’t be where I am and who I am if it weren’t for you. So, thank you! 

And I just want to let you know that I’ll always do the same thing for you, too. 
As I said a million times before, I will always be your #1 fan. 
You are an epitome of what a girl with both beauty and brains is!
And that is why I look up to you. Always remember that  I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. You are one unique, gifted, talented, and special girl, you know that?

 You’re still young! Go end enjoy life and live it to the fullest. Grasp on every opportunity there is!
And don’t worry, because I assure you that I, together with mom and dad, Ate Hannah, Yuki, Manang Susan, and of course, Kuya James, will always be your support group.
We will always be here to cheer for you, to pray for you, and to love and accept you.

We may fight over little things sometimes, yes, but that doesn’t (and will never) change the fact that I love you so much—- to the moon and back!
You don’t know how much you light up the world of people around you with your quirkiness. And you also don’t know how much fans you’ve got out there. People look up to you, ate, because you’re special. I mean, c’mon! Who else has met a girl who models, styles, sings, acts, draws,hosts, lectures, leads, and at the same time, has graduated from the University of the Philippines, and now co- owns a business and takes up MBA at Ateneo ? Dang, girl! You’re the BOMB!

So stay the way you are- funny, CRAZY, intelligent, beautiful, Christ-centered, resourceful, talented and strong!

 Enjoy your day, ate!
I will treat you out once I’ve made ipon already, teeheee.

And I will end this post with a very, very beautiful picture of us. πŸ™‚
HAHAHAHAHA NEVER GETS OLD. Don’t kill me, okay? Maganda ka naman in real life, eh.
kidding. I love you, ate!! 
your super gawky sister,

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Compilation of the best THOR , LOKI and HAWKEYE memes I’ve seen.

July 3 marked the night when Thor jokes was all over Facebook. It was raining really hard that night (that our classes even got suspended), and people joked about the situation saying “Ginagalit niyo si Thor.”

After a day,  Loki and Hawkeye memes were all over Facebook, too.

These jokes were (and are still) such a hit to us Filipinos, that they even got to be aired on our local news! LOL!
Here are some of the memes I find the funniest. I just got these from Facebook shares and Google Images. If ever you own one of these photos, feel free to contact me so that I could give proper credits. πŸ™‚

Filipino jokes are the best, don’t you agree? πŸ™‚
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Bagellia Filipinas x Aid For Joyce: Fashion & Compassion !

                                                              May 30, 2012

We would like to thank everyone who joined us and volunteered for our fashion show and fundraising project! We would also like to thank the following for your kind support 
and effort to make this event possible:

Marco Borromeo and his team in Shutterpro and Bria Cardenas for all our event photos,EJ Luis ALonso and Click Productions for our digital posts, video, and for hosting the night and making the event in Scarlet possible, Brei Cabrera and her team for Scarlet Lounge who were at great service during the night, Chris DJ Savvy for spinning for the night, Bee Lu and her team for La Faerie’s make up sponsorship, Rea Pinpin who is such a great make up artist and a friend who volunteered to do make up for our Prima Stella models, Chinie go for providing us with her gorgeous Prima Stella models, Hillary, Zoe, Olivia, Julia, Steph, and Julia Q. Liz Reyes who also catwalked with our bags, Iza Ledesma who helped in stage management and preparations, Jose family, Theresa, Naz, Gil who helped backstage and facilitated the bidding, TSMS Seniors who volunteered to help us as well, Rone, Belly, Hershey, Bria, and for inviting their friends Vicky, and Ralph to assist. Hershey Neri for persistently blogging about the event and sharing it to the blogging community and also for being one of our facilitators in bidding, Angeline Lopez who helped us out with the DIY shirts and supporting us in this project all the way, James Soyangco who provided financial assistance for Donations, Dr. Rey Neri who gave a short message about Joyce’ situation, Edifice studios for helping us with our photo shoots, Pimentel family for allowing us to do this event for Joyce. Thank you also for all of our sponsors and bloggers who helped us promote this event..

Thank you so much Scarlet Lounge, Prima Stella Talent Management,
Edifice Studios,Click Productions,Slate Planner,Moon Leaf Don Antonio,Strip It Wax,
Green Rides, Versatile Couture,Azta Urban Salon,Soul Flower,La Faerie Cosmetics,
Rea Pinpin Make up Artist, 99.5 RT…

And above all,

Thank You God for bringing us all together to be able to help our friend, Joyce, to have a successful operation!

Yours truly, 

Yas and Kim (owners of Bagellia Filipinas)

Make-up time!! πŸ™‚

Make up by Rea Pinpin

Make up by La Faerie Cosmetics 

Discussing the table arrangement , guest list, etc. 

Hiyasmin Neri and Iza Ledesma doing the line up and prep πŸ™‚

I am so blessed to have such supportive and helpful best friends! Thank you for helping out that night, Ralph, Bria, Rone and Belly!

Pimping up the Aid For Joyce shirts!

Architect Angeline Lopez spilling out her creativity!



Our dearest Yaya Susan was there to help out, too!

My friends, Belly De Guzman and Rone Laccay, welcoming the guests!


That night wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for this guy. We love you, EJ! Thanks so much for organizing and advertising this cause. You rock— big time!

The pretty ladies modelling the bags for auction!



Doctor Neri of St. Luke’s Medical Center giving a short talk about Joyce and her ailment.
Everyone inside the room was very driven by Joyce’s inspiring story πŸ™‚

(L-R) Hiyasmin Neri (co-owner of Bagellia Filipinas), Lindy Pimentel (liver donor and sister of Joyce), Kim Castillo (co-owner of Bagellia Filipinas), Joyce Pimentel, and Doctor Rey Neri

Ate Joyce being overwhelmed by the love and support of the people (and strangers) around her.


Auctioning the bags! πŸ™‚

Haha go, Miss Therese!

Commercial model Therese Jose for Bagellia Filipinas X Aid For Joyce πŸ™‚

(L-R) Bee Lu  of La Faerie Cosmetics, Kim Castillo and Hiyasmin Neri of Bagellia Filipinas, Vincent Lizardo, Japoy Lizardo and Jian Alvarez of MOONLEAF DON ANTONIO

Owners of Bagellia Filipinas with Joyce and her siblings

My Bagellia Filipinas X Aid For Joyce family! <3 <3 <3

Rone Laccay, Liz Reyes and Bria Cardenas πŸ™‚



YOU could help save a life, too!

Below are the bank accounts where any amount of financial help can be deposited. 
Bank account: Banco de Oro – Diliman Capitol Hills Branch
Account name: Joyce Anne Pimentel
Account no. (Peso): 3920023875
Bank account: Banco de Oro – SM City Fairview Branch
Account name: Corazon de Jesus Pimentel
Account no. (Peso): 1270940579
Bank account: Banco de Oro – SM City Fairview Branch
Account name: Corazon de Jesus Pimentel
Account no. (USD): 101270539688




Check out this blog post by Miss Arra Arabella who went to the event!
 Know more about her experience at:

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