BTS: The Lost Fairy

May 23, 2012

It was actually the first time us girls weren’t complete in a shoot πŸ™
Ate Mitch had to leave early because she had another client to prettify. 
I honestly missed her. </3 But business is business! This is our second client shoot. Thank you for believing in us, Reimari! You were so easy to work with, oh and can I just say that you make such a charming fairy πŸ™‚
Photos were taken from my iPhone and some were stolen from Kat and June’s cameras. πŸ™‚ 
Reimari has arrived! πŸ™‚
Reimari getting prettified by THE Mitch Mabutas.

Ate Mitch’s collection πŸ™‚
Haha, hair and nail salon??
Reimari all dressed up and ready for the shoot! I’m proud to say that Junessa, Mitch and I styled her outfit. Yep, everything. The tutu, the accessories, the shoes, etc.  Yay for our teamwork, woohoo! 
We were eating our snacks while driving to UP Diliman. We had to pass through this particular gate which only lets people with UP IDs in. 
There was this first guard who came up to us and asked for our ID. Junessa drove pass him. The first guard whistled and commanded the second guard to stop us. The second guard ran after our car and knocked on our window. Kat and I were like “oh my god what are we going to do”. 
But Junessa just sat there, all chill and everything. She took a bite of her Mcnugget and said, in a sort of stoic manner, “La akong ID.” 
And we looked back at the guards and saw them scratch their heads.
And when we got pass them, Junessa suddenly came to her senses and was like “Wait. DID I JUST F***** DO THAT?”
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. =)))))))))) oh my goodness. 

Kat and her commanding fingers. HAHAHA.

We needed a mat for Reimari to sit on. We saw two people under a tree sitting on a picnic cloth. Kat was supposed to ask if we could borrow them for a sec. 

Prepping up Reimari and telling her what to “internalize”. HAHA WHAT.
Junessa and I being our usual bangag selves.
“Why are there so many couples in this area? ANO BANG MERON DITO?
Eh puro puno lang naman. AYYYYY. “
Junessa and Kat risking their lives just for a nice shot. =))
Kat: Okay nang mahulog ako, wag lang camera ko please.
Ang enkantadong bahay ni Reimari. 


I was a human diffuser for a short while. My friends had abused me because of the color of my shirt. 

While shooting, there was this super slow ______  *is this think called tractor haha gosh im so stupid*
As in, a freakin grandma could walk pass by them.
Okay, fine. I’m over reacting. Basta it was moving so slow, and the guys inside it were so……..chill.

See what I mean.

Them dudes chilling. Check out the abs.

Reimari looks fresh and fab, while June and I look stoned haha. 
Junessa trying to imitate the ridiculously photogenic guy.  (see orig photo HERE
At the waiting shed. Haha it was fun reading the posters!
OUR FAVORITE =)) UP students are so funny.

“Pwede pong damihann? Mga ‘Good Looks’ ganun?”

“Discriminatory labor conditions”
“contact Mani (aka Peanut)”
“Korean/ Japanese”
“Cute nung sulat. Anong grade na yon?”

CAUGHT ON CAM: Junessa and I not knowing what to do next. HAHAHA.
Story behind this photo:
Some random girl pushed me.  I was about to growl back at her, but then I realized that she was Iza, my friend, just trolling on me. HAHAHA. Hi Iza! Nice seeing you!
I love Pipe Dreams!
After prettifying her other client, ate Mitch was able to drop by for a bit, just so that we could have our group shot. Aww, how sweet of her!

Thanks again to Reimari for believing in us! WE LOVE YOU!

The Teenage Queen

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A Victoria’s Secret – Themed Debut

March 26, 2012
In the Philippines, instead of having grand Sweet Sixteen parties, the girls throw parties when they turn 18. We call those parties “debuts”. 
My cousin, Christel, celebrated her debut at Bellevue Hotel, and her theme was  inspired by Victoria’s Secret. What a cute motif!! πŸ™‚
This was the cover of her invitations. The cute thing is that her boyfriend , Rafi Silerio, was the photographer of her pre-debut
shoot! awww πŸ™‚
Here, let me share you a quick photo blog of what happened that night:
this is me at the photo wall. See my outfit shots HERE.
Vanity at the powder room before the party started.Haha. 
My cousin is so beautiful! 
Instead of having the traditional “Eighteen Candles”, Christel had her 18 “VS Angels”.
We ramped down the platform one by one, and in the end, as a group. It was really fun! I got to feel like a model for a night! haha!

Candle lighting time!

Christel making a wish! 

My dad lead the toast! πŸ™‚

Sisterly love! 

My sister practicing for her “impromptu number”

Grabbed this photo from Christel. I guess this was the highlight of her night: when her boyfriend serenaded her! πŸ™‚ They are such a cute couple, I swear.
Family picture at the photo wall! 

Victoria’s Angels ang peg. HAHAHAHA. hala.

The VS Angels received red velvet cupcakes. Fortune cookies ang peg. Haha. 
I love what mine said. πŸ™‚ 

Before going home! πŸ™‚ 

Awww πŸ™‚ I’m so proud of and happy for my cousin. I really saw and witnessed her grow into the beautiful, intelligent woman that she is right now. I still remember the times when we went to each other’s houses to
color and play. Hahaha!
Yup. She’s not a girl anymore, but a lady.
Happy 18th, babe! Friends forever! πŸ™‚ Great party! Congrats!
Now I can’t wait til I turn 18! I already have a theme in mind. Haha! 
The Teenage Queen 

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Outfit Post: Victoria’s Angel

This is what I wore to my cousin’s Victoria’s Secret – themed debut. 
I learned from Tyra Banks that it’s okay to wear gold and silver together, as long
as you style them properly. Thanks for the tip, miss tyra! I miss watching your show.

Had my nails done at Posh and Glam .
[ Click THIS to read my post featuring Posh and Glam boutique and home spa πŸ™‚ ]

Mom’s vintage purse. <3

Corset :Anti-Fashion / Skirt: Forever 21/ Heels: People Are People/ vintage purse: borrowed from
my mom/ earrings and bracelet: SM Accessories/ necklace: borrowed from my mom
I had a lot of fun being a VS Angel for a night! Watch out for my next blog post to see photos of that lovely night! πŸ™‚ 
The Teenage Queen
* Thanks for taking my shots,  Kuya James! πŸ˜€ haha!
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Featured: Browhaus- The Brow Architects

I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries from my friends about Brow Haus. They said that they’ve read THIS blog post of mine and suddenly became interested. 

 I thought of making another blog post featuring browhaus so that I could answer their questions πŸ™‚


We should remember that eyebrows are an essential part of the face, because they frame and define it.  Having our eyebrows groomed is as important as having our hair cut regularly, and that is why I only trust my brows to Browhaus, the brow experts.”

Here are some photos of me “rocking” my caveman brows. Eckhh. Just looking at makes me shudder. 

Now, to the grooming part!

Q: Does it hurt?
A: It’s not completely painless, but it’s LESS PAINFUL than having your brows groomed at other salons. Because in other salons, they use NORMAL THREAD. As in, the thread we use in sewing clothes. THAT’S A BIG NO NO BECAUSE “NORMAL THREAD” IS NOT SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR THE FACES, and just to remind you people: OUR FACES ARE SENSITIVE.
Browhaus uses SPECIAL 100% cotton threads that are imported and specially designed for the face.
Also, Browhaus is less painful because the staff (or the “BROW ARCHITECTS”) really know what they’re doing. They learned their techniques from Singapore, where Browhaus first started in. 

Trust me, it’s really not that painful. I really noticed the difference of painfulness between that of other salons and Browhaus.  I recall my first visit to Browhaus. Right after my service I asked “Tapos na? Yun na yun? Ba’t hindi siya ganun kasakit?” Hahaha!

Q: There are plenty of other threading salons out there. Is it really worth it to try the threading services at Browhaus?

A: Yes, there are plenty of salons out there, but I honestly can tell that nothing compares to the service that Browhaus gives me.

Let me tell you a secret. I used to have my brows done at a nearby waxing salon, but I was never completely satisfied by their service. Minsan nasusugatan ako, minsan hindi pantay yung pagkagawa, at minsan makikipag away pa sakin yung girl if I complain na I’m not satisfied with the outcome. Geez. WHAT A SERVICE.

And another factor why threading is painful in other salons is because YOUR SKIN GETS PULLED TOGETHER WITH THE HAIR AND THREAD. Tsk tsk. 

Browhaus is really professional in what they do. I mean it.
And when they groom your brows, THEY DON’T JUST STOP AT THREADING. They make sure to go the extra mile by TRIMMING, PLUCKING,  AND EVEN BRUSHING your brows.

They applied Ice Cream, what they call their soothing lotion, on my face to reduce
swelling πŸ™‚

 And their staff is SMART, POLITE, CLEAN, and PROFESSIONAL. Yes, may emphasis talaga ang CLEAN and  SMART. Malaking factor yun.


Don’t you just love their walls? You could pick a style of brows you want and consult your Brow
Architect whether or not it will suit your face. Trust in your Brow Archtiect
because she knows what’s best for you. They make sure to style and groom your brows to
frame your face perfectly.

 Q: What branch do you go to? And who’s your brow architect?
A: I usually go to the Fort branch. I tried the Greenbelt branch too, and yep, they’re also good. But it’s just more convenient for me to go to the Fort. My brow architect (and my mom’s, too) is always Miss Izza. We love her.
Fun fact: She was the very first person to groom my brows. See, I’ve loved her work on me ever since the very start! Parang hiyang na ako sakanya. She knows what I want perfectly πŸ™‚ Of course, everyone in Brow Haus is great!! They are all professionals and experts. Kay Miss Izza lang talaga ako hiyang. πŸ™‚

Q: I think 580 pesos is too much for an eyebrow threading service. Is it really worth it?
A: Yup. As i said before, we go to salons to have our hair cut and to spas to have our skin pampered and rejuvenated. That’s why it’s also a must for us to go to experts to have our brows groomed, because brows are what frame and define our faces! 

For me, 580 is really worth it because you get the service that you really deserve. 
Kesa naman dun sa 100 pesos na chakang service in other salons πŸ™‚ I really love Browhaus. There’s just something in Browhaus that makes it different and stand out from other threading salons. 
Plus, what you’re trying to groom here are your brows! The brow area is a sensitive part. Plus, the eyes are the first thing that people look at, so it’s a must to have well-defined brows! 

 You wouldn’t want to entrust your eyebrows to unprofessional ones, now would you?
Let me just tell you:
Their service= BAM
 The staff= BAM
The atmosphere= BAM

Don’t worry, there are packages naman. Mom and I availed of the 12 sessions package. Bali 480 nalang per service ang binabayad mo. There is also the 17 sessions package. I think that’s way cheaper compared to the price of the 12 sessions package. 

Tip: You’d get to SAVE A LOT if you’d avail of the packages.

And now, to the results:

Before (above) and after (below) photo

 My best friend complimented my new look. She said that it looks so clean and polished. It made her want to try out Browhaus, too, because she was traumatized by the pimples she got that were caused by her last threading experience at *insert beauty salon here*.

Here’s a closer look of the salon. I love their interior!

Featured articles by bloggers

When it comes to my brows, I never settle for less! Browhaus all the way! 

Price list:
  1. Brow construction
-reconstruct your brows to its rightful shape. In our quest for the perfect arch, we have found the way to construct every individual’s best brow- from angle to peak, root to tip.
*classic threading= 580 pesos
*modern tweezing= 580 pesos

2. Browgraphy
-Add color tweaking to your thread or tweeze for a full browgraphy. In addition to shaping, brows are also lightened or darkened a notch to achieve perfect harmony.
*threading= 1,280 pesos
*tweezing= 1,280 pesos

3.Color Tweak
-If your brows demand an extra boost of color, we have vegetable-based dyes in our arsenal of tools to give you that brow je ne sais quoi. Soften features with a lighter shade or darken your brows for added definition. For the true perfectionist, there is no perfect brow without the perfect color.

4.Brow Resurrection ver 2.4
*full brows= 35,000 pesos
* lengthening= 25,000 pesos

5.Brow Tuning ver 2.4
* 4,500 pesos

-Sometimes, feminine wiles call for a deeper gaze. Unleash the full power of your sexy, fluttering lashes by tinting them a shade darker for a more dramatic, mysterious look.

7. Lash in bloom ver 2.1
*3,800 pesos

8. Sideway thread
-Overworked hormones tend to result in unwanted furry action where there shouldn’t—the face. We give you stroke-worthy cheeks and chin with this smooth solution.
*900 pesos

9. Complete workout
-A full face treatment: brow construction, upper smooth, face, and forehead threading for the ultimate refined look.

Individual threads
Upper lip: 200 pesos
Lower lip: 200 pesos
Forehead: 320 pesos
Sideburns: 640 pesos
Chin: 320 pesos
Fingers: 260 pesos
Cheeks: 320 pesos

                                                    BRANCHES IN MANILA :
2F Serendra Bonifacio High St. Bonifacio Global City Taguig 
Store Hours: 
Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM 
Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM
T:             +632 9010597      
M:             +63 917 5771352       

4F Greenbelt 5 Phase 2 Legaspi Street, Ayala Center Makati 
Store Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM 
Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM
T:             + 632 5013998       

They also have branches in Singapore, New York, Shanghai, Jakarta, and Hongkong.
You may visit them at

I’m planning to have my brows colored, too. Will have to think it over first πŸ™‚

 Tell me all about your Browhaus experience! I’m interested to hear!


The Teenage Queen

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The Teenage Queen x Bagellia Filipinas on 99.5 RT!

May 22, 2012

Justin Tubelleja tweeted: “Seryosong seryoso tayo, ahh? =)) HAHA hi Hershey!! :>”
HAHAHAHAHAHA. My goodness. My face. I HATE YOU. =)) But thanks for the screenshot, tho!! Haha.
It was my first time to talk on air. I got really, really nervous at first, but thanks to the DJs of Disenchanted Kingdom, everything turned out to be really fun and chill.

We were interviewed about our upcoming event this May 30 (read THIS  post for more details).

 Bagellia Filipinas’ “bag auction and fashion show” aims to raise funds for the Pimentel family who needs 12M pesos for Joyce’s much needed liver transplant.(Read the full story HERE)

Ate Kim, Me and Kuya EJ ! πŸ™‚

Entering the booth. Here we go! Haha spot EJ!

With the awesome DJs of Disenchanted Kingdom πŸ™‚ They were all really accommodating and nice. Oh, and I have this girl crush on DJ Cleo. She’s so pretty and charming! And her red hair is just gorgeous <3

This is one experience I’ll never ever forget πŸ™‚ And what makes my first radio interview EVEN MORE MEMORABLE is the fact that I’m doing this not for myself, but for my friend. I love you, Ate Joyce! Hang on there. God will provide for us. Onting tiis nalang! Kayang kaya natin to! We love you!! 
Oh, and thanks to my friends and family who tuned in! Your tweets and text messages all made me smile πŸ™‚
Big hugs and kisses to 99.5 RT for helping us promote our cause! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
DJ Logan: And again, we have Hershey Neri of The Diary of A…….. am I right? is it ” the Teenage Queen”?
Me: Yep!
DJ Logan: Okay, I keep mixing it up with “The Teenage Drama Queen”
EJ: Oh, MINUS THE DRAMA. It’s “The Teenage Queen”.  The drama is on my part.

HAHAHAHA. I’ll never forget that part. :)) Too funny.

*Thanks for the screenshots, Rone and Tubs!! 
See you all this May 30! 
Some of your favorite bloggers are gonna be there, too ! πŸ™‚
The Teenage Queen

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A Night of First’s

The night I rode the rodeo, danced with the waiters in Johnny Rockets, went to the mall in PJs, slept over with friends, and “dishonored” my dentist— all for the very first time.

May 14, 2012

We celebrated Angeline’s (aka “Ging”) Sweet Sixteen a day later than her “real” birthday.
We really didn’t have an agenda planned out. We all just knew that we were gonna hang at Eastwood, sleepover at her condo and leave the next day.

Not one of us had a single clue of what sorts of epic-ness awaited us that day!

Let me share you all a very long photo blog of what happened on my day of first’s:

1. It was actually our first time, in a veerrryyy long time, to have a reunion. As in, a reunion where EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US WAS ACTUALLY PRESENT. It felt so nice for our group to be complete again πŸ™‚

* Taken with my most favorite game in my iPhone: SNOOPY’S STREET FAIR. looool. HAHAHAHA!

2. It was my first time to ride the rodeo. 
We saw this rodeo place along Eastwood walk. I was like “Pshh this ride is for babies”. I guess I was wrong. LET ME TELL YOU THAT MY LEGS HURT FOR 3 DAYS BECAUSE OF THIS RIDE. Hahahaha.
Feel free to watch the video! lol, don’t judge πŸ˜›

3. It was also my first time in a veryyyyyyyyy long time to watch a movie at the old Eastwood mall! We watched the Dark Shadows! The movie was great…and freaky..but great πŸ™‚
4. It was my first time to eat with friends at Johnny Rocket’s 
……………..and to dance with the waiters. HAHAHAHAHA. I am such a dare devil (chos)! 
The waiters sang Angeline a birthday song! How cute!! x 

Hi, Ralph!
Hi, Rone!

 4. It was my first time to “act drunk” at Eastwood…………………when we actually WERE NOT. HAHAHAHA.

We made a fool of ourselves by skipping and jumping and laughing along the Eastwood walk at 12 am. Nobody was around. Most of the people were drunk ones at the bar. We just stayed at the Eastwood walk, you know…………..stepping on the names of famous people, and laughing our malicious, evil laugh.
Example. BWAHAHAHAHAHA INAAPAKAN KO SI “_______<name of celebrity here>”
Hahahaha. C’mon! It’s not all the time we get to do this. Let us be kids for a night, lol! πŸ˜›

The boys sort of got bored with trying to follow us girls wherever we go. They had a world of their own.

Us girls left them behind (lol) and we walked like divas to the bar area. We faked giggles. Some people asked if we wanted to enter their bars. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

We also made a fool of ourselves by internalizing different roles.
I was the “HOKAY”. Bria was the “INCREDIBLE HOOLK”. Belly was the “CHOOR”. Angeline was the “BLACK WINDOW”. And together, we teamed up against Chela and Vicky, whose roles remain a mystery to all of us til now (but seriously, who were you guys trying to act out again?? haha, some heroes from Marvel too, I guess).

So imagine this: we were playing hide and seek at the garden are beside the dancing fountain at the “New Eastwood”—- at 12 IN THE MIDNIGHT.

We crawled through bushes and hid under chairs. We saw people dating < kissing> in the dark. We kept shouting “ABENJARS, ASSEMBLE”. (I KNOWWW WE’RE SO JOLOGS HAHA).

And the highlight of my night?
It was when us girls shouted “3..2..1… ABENJARS!!!! *with matching poses* ” at the middle of the street going to the pedestrian walk. Call center agents freakin’ stared at us like we were drugged. HAHAHAHHAHA. 

Oh my goodness. It was one crazy, alcohol-free , wholesome night with friends, and I couldn’t think of any other better way to spend it πŸ˜€ It was one of my best nights ever!

PS. I have photos of our poses…. but they are just too embarrassing to post it here. HAHAHA.

5. It was  my first time to get harrassed….

By my friends.

In a sleeping bag.

And I was also brought outside of the condo unit’s door.
And I had to knock on the door for like, 10 times.
And by knocking, that included shouting  “HELP” and “I HATE YOU GUYS” really fast because i was afraid to get eaten by the monsters that lurked the hallways at midnight.

5. It was actually my first time to go on a sleepover with boys! My parents trusted me enough πŸ™‚ Yay for that! 
It was also my first time to stay awake ’til 6am with friends………….
We told horror stories. Laughed our butts off. Teased <harassed> each other. Made jokes. And yep..we also watched Baby TV <by we, I mean me, Angeline and Belly; we tried to entertain ourselves while everyone else was either trying to sleep or making chika> . AND NOT ONLY THAT—- we must admit… we actually were entertained.

6. It was also my first time to eat “breakfast” at 11:30pm……… at eastwood…………. in our freakin’ PJs.

Oh gosh, imagine how many stares from strangers we got that day! 

 *At Mcdonald’s. Dave was trying to make me jealous because he had a sundae, and I didn’t.
I love how this photo seems to look “faked”, but in fact, it really IS candid. LOL.

Funny thing that happened at Mcdo: 
While we were in our PJs, eating around the table, we saw rich, well-dressed, pretty girls at our backs. And we were like “dang, I feel degraded”. HAHAHA.

Oh, and yes. We entered the mall in PJs, too.

<well, definitely not one of us, because we weren’t dressed like one… HAHAHA>

Dave got us a free drink! HAHA YAY! Rocksalt and cheese <3333

 7. And last but not the least,

it was my first time to disobey my dentist’s order .

LOL. Haha you all know that I have this small 2-minute timer that i got the day I had my braces right?
So I had to brush my teeth for 2 minutes everyday. But, after everything I did that night, I felt so bad ass, so I decided to cap off my dare devil stunts by “dishonering my dentist”. I BRUSHED MY TEETH FOR ONLY A MINUTE.

Okay, forgive me for this incredibly long photo blog.

I just wanted to document how epic that night was.

Happy birthday, Angeline!

I love you, my best friends πŸ™‚ I could never act as silly with any other people than you guys.

The Teenage Queen

View my outfit post HERE 

Join my back-to-school giveaway!! OPEN ONLY TO COLLEGE STUDENTS! Hurry! Contest ends on June 8, 2012! 


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The Magic of Colored Socks

Top: bazaar, shorts: Forever 21, socks: Forever 21, Boots: Zara, bag: Impulse Co, accessories: bazaar
Hi, everyone!
Here’s a quick post before I head into the station booth of 99.5 fm. Make sure to tune in at around 7pm, okay? DJ Logan, Kim Castillo, co-owner of Bagellia Filipinas, EJ Alonso of Click productions and I are going to promote the Bagellia x Aid For Joyce Fashion show this May 30 (read THIS )
Anyway, this was the outfit that I wore yesterday as I helped my sister, Hiyasmin Neri, style some models. I can’t spill the beans just yet, so make sure to stay tuned, okay?? It’s for a campaign for a big company. Heehee. <3 I enjoyed meeting new people and getting exposed to those kind of stuff. 
Okay, now on to my outfit. Haha sorry for babbling a lot. Imagine how plain my get up would be if I didn’t wear socks! Just look at how they made the outfit look interesting, and how it added a pop of color!
I swear, I have this new thing for colored socks. I actually bought this pair from Forever 21. FYI, they’re actually knee high socks, but I just folded them down πŸ™‚
And guess how much I got these babies? 125 pesos! What a steal!! x
Can’t wait to buy more socks! Haha, I’m such a geek.
The Teenage Queen

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Hope is what guides me. †

” This story is all about a girl who mustered enough strength and courage to pull herself up from the things that 
have brought her down and bound her to life’s hell. She’s changed into someone better, someone stronger, and someone braver; truly someone you can depend on. Brianna is a beautiful piece of art that has been molded into something that cannot be broken down easily.The photos relay a story. Use your imagination and enjoy πŸ™‚ ” – Junessa Rendon, photographer

Meet Pipe Dreams’ first client!

Model: Brianna Cardenas
Photographers: Junessa Rendon & Kat Rosario
MUA: Mitch Mabutas
PR Manager/Blogger: Hershey Neri

* These are only some of the amazing photos we shot.
Please click these links to view the rest of the sets.

Set by Kat Rosario:

Set by Junessa Rendon:

Like PIPE DREAMS on Facebook!:)  
If you’d like to hire us for shoots, feel free to contact Hershey Neri thru 0917 805 88 63. Thank you. πŸ™‚

Brianna is a genuine friend of mine, and she’s definitely one of the strongest people I know.
She’s been through, been hurt by,and been dragged down by a lot.

Yet, what makes me admire her most is her ability to smile back at her frustrations, leave them behind, and cling on to Him.

And you know what? I’m happy whenever my best friend smiles her beautiful smile, because I know that deep inside that curve of the mouth is a heart that has healed…….

…..and a heart that has learned
….. and a heart that has moved on.

Brianna is stronger, happier and wiser than ever. And I couldn’t be any gladder for her. πŸ™‚

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BTS: Sneak peek of my next giveaway in partnership with Moonleaf Don Antonio!

Yep,that’s THE Japoy Lizardo.

You know, THE famous Filipino Taekwando master who bagged Gold in the 2011 Southeast Asian Games? 
He’s a legend, I tell you.

Still doesn’t ring a bell?


He’s the Milo kid, for goodness’ sake! 

Remember him now?

Yea, well I thought so.

(c) Junessa Rendon

Yep,my next partnership will be all about three things: 

1. Moonleaf Don Antonio
2. Japoy Lizardo
and of course,
3. Milo
(c) Junessa Rendon 

Photographers doing their thinggg. Haha.
Say hi to Ms. Junessa Rendon and Sir Vincent Lizardo!
Watch out for my next contest!
The Teenage Queen
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BTS: Pipe Dream’s First Client Shoot

May 16,  2012

It’s such a real blessing to have these girls with me.  I mean it, I really super duper love these girls to bits.

 It’s really funny how we are so different from one another, but in the end, we all just treat each other as family.

** Can you believe it’s only our third time meeting each other, but it’s as if we have known each other for years now? LOL. **

Anywaaay, this day shall be marked as THE DAY WE BECAME “OFFICIAL”.
Yep, this was our very first client shoot. Super thank you to Brianna for believing in us! We love you so much, you pretty girl!

Here are some photos I grabbed from Junessa. Loool.

Tank top: Folded N Hung, Shorts: bazaar, Shoes: Forever 21, Socks: Forever 21, Bag: Impulse Co
Rockin’ the reflector!
Kat “directing” her. Hahahaha. Best creative director in the world!

Weeeeeee. Matching shoes with Junessa! Well, sorta.

Giving modelling tips to Brianna πŸ™‚

Hands down to Mitch Mabutas for the make-up! You just made a very beautiful girl EVEN MORE beautiful!
Imagine how jealous we were of Brianna that day! Haha. She was such a doll.


At the parking lot. We jumped for joy when we saw that there weren’t other cars parked there.
BUUUUUUUUUUUUT there was this scary security guard who kept checking us <or brianna> out.
And when he asked us why we were there, we all “played along” with our “invented excuse” : Uhm, Kuya, college students po kami sa Ateneo. Kailangan po namin ito para sa project namin.


Ate Mitch and her much envied bag!

Thank goodness it didn’t smell back there! Hahaha. Ironically, the parking lot smelled okay even though
it was full of trash. πŸ˜›
Brianna’s theme for her shoot was something like
“I am still strong despite everything that had happened to me. “

“Uy may kotseng dadaan!!!!”

Ate Kat and her mighty-pointing-finger-that-she-uses-to-direct-us-around

When I look into your eyes, it’s like watching the night skyyyyy <3 <3 <3

So at the latter part of the day, we got to “solve the mystery” that has been bothering us all day long: Who were those people who kept on whistling and laughing?!
When we looked up, we saw them. Uhm, okay. You guys are gross.
Group shots! Yay <3

I love you, girls!
Junessa , Kat, Bria, Me and Mitch!

Can we like, change the phrase “For Lease” to “For Hire”?  Hahahahaha.


Photographers: Junessa Rendon &Kat Rosario
MUA: Mitch Mabutas
Public Relations Manager: Hershey Neri


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