The Quirky Neri’s

I just wanna thank the Lord for giving me such a supportive, bibbo and fun-loving family! πŸ™‚
Here are some photos of us in our costumes taken during my 1950s-themed Sweet 16 and Thanksgiving party last Saturday πŸ™‚

Dad went as a Navy, I went as a Preppy Girl, Mom went as a Classy 50s Lady (although her head piece
wasn’t shown in the photo!) , and Ate Yas went as a Nerd πŸ™‚

What do you think of our costumes? Haha! We must tell you, we take costume parties seriously! lol!

Stay tuned for more photos of the event! πŸ™‚

The Teenage Queen

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Blissful Delight: A 1950s-inspired Outfit Post

This is what I wore last Saturday to my 1950s-inpired Sweet 16 πŸ™‚

Special thanks to my sister, Hiyasmin Neri, for styling me!!

I actually wore two pairs of shoes that day. I originally planned to wear my black Mario D Boro babydoll heels, but then it eventually tore apart that particular day (it was a prettttyyy old pair, lol). Good thing the clubhouse was just a few blocks away from my home! I headed straight home and stepped right into my nude Charles and Keith heels πŸ™‚


Crochet Top: Feroce Shop | Skirt: It’s All About Hue| Bolero: Forever 21|
Knee high socks: Forever 21| Shoes: Aldo| Bag: Bagellia Filipinas

Do you like my bag?:) It’s from Bagellia Filipinas! Check them out! πŸ˜‰
What do you think of my 1950s preppy girl costume?:)
Stay tuned to my next blog post for more pictures of the awesome party! πŸ™‚
The Teenage Queen

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You Only Live Once.

It’s been a while since my girlfriends and I hung out (to be specific, it’s been 28 days).
We decided to go on a girls’ day out last April 21.

Our agenda?
Shop at Forever 21.

Forever 21 The Block opened their doors to public that day.
We were actually a bit hesitant to go, because we feared long lines and the typical “shoulder-to-shoulder” sort of population inside. We also read a lot of tweets saying that there was a super long line at the entrance of the door.

I think it was a good thing that we arrived SUPER LATE (ehem, all thanks to me and my turtle-ish ways). We got to Forever 21 at around 2 o’clock (we were supposed to go there at around 11 am, heehe).

We were surprised to see that there wasn’t that much people inside!! yaay!

While shopping for 1950s- inspired stuff for my costume party this Saturday, I spotted THE Arnie Villanueva of Raid My Closet. I was like “Omg, omg, omg, omg”. I knew I had to say hi to her. I just had to! haha!
So, being my old gawky and clumsy self, I dropped the bow tie I was holding and went up to her  (NICE GOING, HERSHEY).
I was like, “Ate Arnieee!” (She used to be a customer of my online shop).
Thankfully, she still recognizes me.
Excitement got the best of me, and I babbled and babbled and babbled a lot. I think it was awkward for her, seeing a girl talk and talk and talk up in front. But oh well. LOLZ.
Just as about I was going to ask for a photo with her, THE Kyla Zuniga of It’s All About Hue went up to us (okay, maybe to Ate Arnie). She was like, “Arnieee!” . And then she saw me (I’m her suki!).
We had a photo together πŸ™‚ I was super duper kilig because 2 of my idols were in the same photo with me!! ackhh. Kilig vibes.

Arnie Villanueva, Kyla Zuniga, Me

Right after we said good bye to each other, I kept on babbling to my friends about how I wished I wasn’t that haggard that day. My make-up was smudged all over and my hair was all over the place!!
But whatever. They were so friendly and nice.Heehee. πŸ™‚
I was able to buy plenty of stuff that day. I used up my Gift Certificates. πŸ™‚

Forever 21 The Block is such a nice store:)
It’s not that big, but it’s not small either. It has a good lighting, at “HINDI NAKAKALULA YUNG MGA ITEMS”. I enjoyed my shopping experience there!! πŸ™‚
Right after shopping, we crossed the bridge to go to Trinoma.
From there, we saw a smoke coming out of a burning building.
There were plenty of firetrucks racing their way to the place.
We stopped for a moment of prayer for the victims.
Good thing I didn’t hear anyone die from the incident. Guys, please be careful next time! Especially now that it’s the Summer Season. 
We went to Taco Bell to eat late lunch.
We did a lot of omg-nakakahiya-ka-ang-jeje-mo stuff.
Belly spilled her drink. I took photo manipulations of a masungit lolo bathing inside a Taco Bell cup. We laughed at people having a hard time eating their tacos (wagas eh). 
Omg. We’re forever jeje. Eeew.

Right after eating, we watched the movie ‘The Lucky One’.
It’s actually a really cute movie, but it was sort of disappointing.
I myself haven’t read the book yet, for your information.
It was just that I didn’t get to feel “driven” right after the movie.
There was just no chemistry between the two main characters (but they were good actors!).
But oohh lala, I got so kilig because of Zac Efron’s hot boddehhh.
Also, we didn’t get to ‘feel’ the movie that much, because the people sitting in front of us were grandmommies. And everytime there was a “sexual scene” between the two characters, the grandmas kept LAUGHING OUT LOUD and hitting each other. We were like “ayiee, natatandaan nila kabataan nila”. HAHAHAHAHA. It was so cute to see them getting kilig.
Right after watching the movie, we got thirsty again.
Being my “practical” self, I got Belly’s “Drink-All-You-Can” cup and headed straight to Taco Bell again and made “pa-simple” to have my drink refilled. 
I dont know if that’s even “allowed” , but my excuse is that they didn’t state any expiration date on until when we should claim free refills!!! hehe. You only live once, after all. Better take risks! LOL

All of us had our own YOLO moments. Angeline spotted the pants she was wearing displayed on a mannequin. Brianna was dared to do stretching while on the escalator. Belly saw a life-sized Thor that looked like her =))
Okay, we’re immature, jeje people… but we love each other so much. =)) HAHAHAHA.
Thank God for true friends:)

The Teenage Queen

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Inspired by Miley!

Thanks to Brianna Cardenas for taking these shots!

top- greenhills/shorts-Miley Cyrus/boots-Aldo/bag-greenhills/accessories-forever 21
This is what I wore to the opening of the F21 SM North Edsa branch last April 21:)
It’s inspired by Miley Cyrus, as you could see from the boots and the fringes =P
(oh, and the brand of the shorts is Miley Cyrus, too!)
Oh, and do you like my necklace? I bought it for only 95 pesos from F21 that day. I think that it’s such a steal! πŸ˜‰ Don’t you think so, too?
The Teenage Queen

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Blissful Delight!

In exactly seven days from now, I’m going to have my 1950s-inspired  <super duper late> sweet 16+grad party.

And because I won’t let this once-in-a-lifetime-event pass by without having a pre-party shoot (para naman mafeel ko ang aking pagiging “sweet sixteen” nyahaha) , I hired Junessa Rendon . If you are looking for a photographer that you could hire for pre-nups or pre-debut shoots, feel free to contact her! Her details are at her facebook page: She’s really good, I swear.

*See behind the scenes shots here

My most favorite shot πŸ™‚
This looks so hipster, don’t you think?
The Teenage Queen

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Cheers to lechon, chicharon, and paksiw!

We attended a fiesta in Pampanga, my dad’s province, last Sunday.

What I love most about attending fiesta is, of course, the GLORIOUS FEAST! We actually went to three different houses just to gobble up lechon. Bwahahaha.
Haha, putting my baboy-ness aside, I would also say that I enjoyed watching the people practice their culture. I saw giant mascots dancing along the streets, strangers going inside random people’s house just to eat what is prepared on the table, vendors pushing a cart filled with colored baby chickens sold for 20 pesos each, people watching the prusisyon, men making “chika” while drinking beer at day time, etc.
And that’s what I admire about people in the province: they have simple wants and simple needs. They are happy & contented with their slow-paced environment. Oh, and do you know that because of the small population, almost everyone in Macabebe, Pampanga know each other (and for some weird reason, almost all of them are, in one way or another, related! lol! ) ?
Me, Ate Yas, and Ate Yvette (a relative)
Thanks to Tita Yollee for the pasalubongs from USA! heehee.

Special thanks to Uncle George, Uncle Joe, and Lola Mimi for having us that day!
Our stomachs almost exploded from all the eating! heehee!

The Teenage Queen

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Buy a cupcake; save a life

Dear diary,
                          The cupcake drive was a success! As of now, I only have 10 boxes left with me– all ready to be given to hungry heroes out there! πŸ˜‰
You know, I truly believe that deep inside every human out there, is a heart that is ready to help and to give.
I just want to thank everyone, young and old, who has helped out in raising funds to save my friend’s life.
You are a blessing to ALL OF US!
** before reading this post, make sure to read THIS**
Special thanks to ate Yas Neri for taking the product shoot and for editing all of these πŸ™‚ 


April 11, 2012
I attended House of Dance’s second recital rehearsal at the BF QC court.
Kuya Mark ( “THE” chef) was the one who delivered the new batches to me. He drove all the way from his kitchen! πŸ˜‰ He was able to give the cupcakes to me at around 2:30 pm, during our one-and-a-half-our break time.
Baba and Raha helped me carry the cupcakes. We sold them to random recitalists and guardians.
A photo with Raha πŸ™‚
* A big shout out to Kit! He went to the clubhouse on purpose, just to support the Aid For Joyce campaign. He waited for the cupcakes to be delivered for about 15-20 minutes!  Wow! 
Thank you so much for your support! πŸ™‚ A big hug to you!!! mwah! 
After our break time, Tita Merl Clarete (the owner and founder of House of Dance), held the microphone and called me up in front. She said that there was a special announcement. I was a bit shy, because I didn’t know most of the recitalists. But then I told myself,  “This isn’t about you, Hershey. This is about Ate Joyce. This is about sharing God’s love to her.” I quickly went in front and told the people about the Aid For Joyce campaign (please read New Liver, New Life ).
I was very much surprised when I saw a bunch of little ballerinas indian-sitting in front of me. Their eyes  and ears were focused on me. And a little more to the back were jazz students, b-boys, hiphop kids, and the other recitalists, giving me their full attention And then I saw the director, the teachers, the parents. There was no time to waste this moment, for everyone was listening; everyone was a potential hero. 
I told them about Ate Joyce. I told them about how much it bothers me that a person could only live longer with THAT big of an amount of money. It seemed so unfair- no, it was unfair. 
I told them that I demand for a change. I told them that with the help of one another, WE could make a change.
I told them about how we could save a life. I told them about being heroes. I told them that we could be heroes in our own little ways.
I don’t know what went inside me when I started tearing up (oh my god, Im forever dramatic). I looked like some crazy person in front, because while I was tearing up, I was laughing and giggling and saying “Oh my god ba’t ako umiiyak?!” over and over. Seriously. I really didnt have any idea why I was tearing up– okay, maybe I do. Maybe because I was too driven, too passionate for this cause. All I saw was Ate Joyce smiling; her family being all happy; and God pouring out all His love and blessings to them. Seeing Ate Joyce healthy made me cry happy tears. I want her to live. I want to help her. I want everyone to help me help her. I want everyone to help one another.
Thankfully, the people just laughed along with me as I made fun of myself in front. And after my talk, A LINE FORMED IN FRONT THE TABLE WHERE THE CUPCAKES WERE SOLD.
Our products were freakin SOLD OUT in literally just TEN MINUTES.
I will forever remember this conversation of mine with such a heroic little ballerina.
Ballerina: I’ll buy a box.
Hershey: Wow, thank you dear!
Ballerina: Ate Hershey, how much has aid for joyce earned so far?
Hershey: I think we’ve earned around 300, 000 pesos. Haha! 11 million 700 thousand to go!
Ballerina: Oh my! Okay, ate hershey. I’ll buy TWO boxes instead!!!
I admire her so much for her heart to help and to give. <3 Sigh!! 
After the cupcakes were sold out, a bunch of recitalists came up to me and said that I should sell again! 
“Naubusan ako! Ang daya! Gusto ko rin bumili! wahah!”, they kept saying!
Thank you, House of Dance!
April 14, 2012
Recital day.
Tita Merl allowed me to bring in cupcakes to Meralco theater to sell! 
Thanks so much, House of Dance!
Thanks to Samantha Manga for these bunch of photos!:)
It was so nice to see people being so supportive in this campaign!
the 35 boxes of cupcakes were sold out in 30 minutes! wow!

They all told me that they would pray for Ate Joyce.
Some also paid me larger bills, and didn’t ask for change. They wanted the change to be added to the funds. Awww πŸ™‚

I admire everyone for having such beautiful hearts!
 To all those who bought, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!
You are all heroes. You have all helped save a life. 

**Yet another wonderful conversation with another cute little ballerina:
-ballerina and I exchanged smiles during the last runthrough of the finale number-
-ballerina came up to me and whispered something in my ear: “Good luck on your cupcakes, ate hershey”
I didn’t help but say “awww” and hugged her in return.
And then she said “I hope your friend gets well soon.”
and then she hugged me.

huhu. I forgot her name (ugh im not good with names!!). But I will always remember her and her beautiful heart <3

Please buy cupcakes from us! We have 10 boxes left. πŸ™‚
100% of the proceeds go to Aid For Joyce. πŸ™‚
Sadly, since Chef Mark is flying back to Bangkok next week, we won’t be able to bake cupcakes.
But we’re still looking for more ways to be able to continue this cupcake drive and/or to start a new fun way to raise funds!
Here are some satisfied HEROES :
A student from HOD shared this status on Facebook πŸ™‚

I hope that you would help my friend live longer πŸ™‚
Please pray for her and for this campaign.
Let’s be heroes in our own little ways.
The Teenage Queen

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Behind The Scenes: Blissful Delight!

Dear Diary,
                         I’m having my Sweet 16th and Graduation party this April, and that’s why I hired no other than Miss Junessa Rendon to shoot for my pre-party pictorial.
                         We had the shoot last April 12. Right now, I’m still waiting for the final photos. I can’t wait to have them printed! πŸ™‚

Here’s a sneak peek of the 1950s-inspired shoot.

Credits to Miss Brianna Cardenas for these photos! πŸ™‚ Love you, bebe girl!

Bria, me and Junessa!

Buhay ermitanyo. =))


The Teenage Queen

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Just some good ole friends in the kitchen, making a difference

Dear Diary,
                                 Do you still believe that unselfish, generous people still exist?
                                 Do you still believe that, with the help of one another, we could make a difference?
                                 Do you still believe that raising the much needed 12 million pesos is possible?

                                 I do.

                                And I think that it was all in God’s plan that my family and the Manlapaz peeps had lunch together last Sunday.

                              While Kuya Mark Manlapaz, an INTERNATIONAL chef (think Boracay shang+ CCA + top culinary student in Bangkok…. okay I dont know if I should be saying these, but I just really admire him for all his accomplishments! And what I like most is that he still remains the most humble man I know… okay I think I just put too much sentences in this parenthesis already lol ) , my sister, and I were chit chatting, we suddenly came upon Ate Joyce. I shared with him this post, and he felt that God wanted to move through him, too. We decided to make a Cupcake Drive, where 100% of the proceeds will go to the Aid For Joyce Campaign.

                                 On April 10, 2012 (Tuesday), an hour right after my dance rehearsals (which I will blog about soon, of course), my good friends came over my house to start MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

Let me recap about what happened that day:

  • 5:00 pm
  • Kuya Mark, or should I say Chef Mark, went over to my house
  • We set everything up together! It was fun pulling out loads of ingredients and utensils from the plastic bags he carried!

I just want to thank Kuya Mark for his generosity. Thank you so much for everything you did, Kuya!
Thanks for the donations (ingredients, utensils, packaging, labor, car gas, etc)!
Thank you so much for your heart in this!
You are a blessing to all of us!
May God bless you with overflowing blessings!
  • 5:45 pm: Ate Joyce and Ate Lindy arrived! They came all the way from Caloocan! πŸ™‚
They were their usual cheerful selves. We were so happy that we had enjoyed each other’s presence!

Ate Joyce wanted to help too! πŸ™‚
  • 6:30 pm: My sister, Ate Yas, and her business partner, Ate Kim, finally arrived!
Actually, they were so driven to help Ate Joyce when they found out about her story.
Ate Kim wanted to help so badly. She already thought of future projects for fund raising. 
She was even more compelled to help when she found out that she and Ate Joyce were actually batchmates in college before! What a small world!
When Ate Joyce and Ate Kim saw each other, they hugged and made chika.
They also phoned their old friends. It was a reunion for the two of them. πŸ™‚
It’s baking time!! First up: blueberry cupcakes!
Let me tell you that whisking just isn’t my thing…. LOL! Kapagod sa muscles!
Hi, Ate Kim!


First batch ready to be baked!!!!
  •                                   MERIENDA TIME! Ate Yas and Ate Kim bought pizzas! πŸ™‚ And just in time, my parents also came in with buckets of Jollibee chicken and pasta!! πŸ™‚ yaay!

Dad and the Pimentel siblings talking πŸ™‚
  • Okay, so now back to baking…

Yay for first batch! 

Ate Lindy, Ate Yas and me!! πŸ™‚

Now time to bake cheesecake brownies!!

Now this is how you make marble brownies!! hehe! Toothpick lang pala ang katapat!

Ate Joyce and Ate Lindy bonding while swirling their toothpicks all over the brownie mix!

It’s dinner time! We had Chinese food for dinner.

  •          We had a “pop corn” prayer before eating dinner (wherein each person in the room will say his or her prayer). We all thanked the Lord for the wonderful time of fellowship, praised Him for his goodness and faitfhfulness to us, blessed the Pimentel family, and of course, claimed Ate Joyce’s healing and provision.
We know for sure that God will use ate Joyce as an instrument to be a blessing to others.
Just so you know, she’s a LIVING MIRACLE. Rarely do people survive/ get old with Biliary Artresia (most kids only last until 7 years old). 
But look, it’s been 23 years, AND SHE’S ALIVE AND HAPPY. We know for sure that she will WIN this fight, for God is beside her, and she has God’s favor. 
After this battle, she will serve as a living testimony that God is faithful. God is truly working in her life. She will have an amazing story to tell. πŸ™‚ She will be an instrument to bless other people with her case, too. πŸ™‚
Dad and Ate Joyce talking about her much needed liver transplant πŸ™‚ Dad also made sure to give her good company.
She needed to rest, and all this baking stuff drained her energy. Dad let her sit down because he didn’t want her
to get sick from fatigue. 
We finished baking at around 1 am.
All our hardship paid off, because our cupcakes were SOLD OUT on the first day (thanks to House of Dance, who were so supportive in this campaign)!!!
We sold cupcakes from Wednesday-Saturday, and it was such a success!
  As of the moment, we have already raised 5 thousand pesos.
That’s not enough!! We’re planning to do more cupcake drives to be able to raise enough money!
And while Chef Mark stays in Bangkok (where he studies), we’re going to think of more ways to fund raise!
I just wanna thank the Lord for giving us each other.
Kuya Mark is such a talented chef! He is a gentleman with a heart to serve.
Ate Kim and Ate Yas are such wonderful event organizers! They know the where’s, what’s and how to’s of just about everything! I can’t wait for our future events!
Ate Joyce and ate Lindy are such blessings to us. They never fail to inspire us and make us smile with their cheerfulness. We thank God for giving us new friends, and of course, an addition to our family <3
Forgive my eyebags and haggard-ness! lol! 

YOU could be a hero, too!
Support the Aid For Joyce Campaign!

  • buy the campaign shirt for 350 pesos! (click here)
  • buy cupcakes or brownies from us (only until april 17, 2012)
  • pray for Ate Joyce and the campaign
  • donate at the following banks: 
Bank account: Banco de Oro – Diliman Capitol Hills Branch
Account name: Joyce Anne Pimentel
Account no. (Peso): 3920023875

Bank account: Banco de Oro – SM City Fairview Branch
Account name: Corazon de Jesus Pimentel
Account no. (Peso): 1270940579

Bank account: Banco de Oro – SM City Fairview Branch
Account name: Corazon de Jesus Pimentel
Account no. (USD): 101270539688

  • donate at the ff donation jars: Moonleaf Don Antonio, Moonleaf Sgt Esguerra, Icebergs Timog, ang Glam Nails & Skin Spa at Sgt Esguerra. 

God bless you! 
Thanks for helping me save my friend’s life.

The Teenage Queen

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Flower Girl

I just saw these pictures in my documents earlier.
I can’t believe I just thought of posting these today!
These were all taken on Christmas Day 2011.

Looking back at this 4-month old photo of me, I only have one thing to say: EEEW BANGS.

ACKH.  I am happy that I finally got rid of my dreadful bangs.

Oh, and by the way! Im using one of the many dresses I won from the giveaway by Simone’s Fashion Closet!
Thanks again for this, miss Denise and AUX Manila!

Dress: Aux Manila
Vintage Bag: Salamin, Salamin
Necklace: borrowed from my sister
Boots: F21
Ring: Greenhills
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