Christmas Eve :)

December 24, 2011
This is how we celebrated Christmas Eve:)
My sisters’ boyfriends were invited by my parents to eat lunch at our house. πŸ™‚
They said na “para may representative naman si Ate Hannah this Christmas”. Haha.
*In case you didnt know yet, my eldest sister now works at USA. πŸ™‚
My parents were so cute! They played Christmas songs, bought/prepared delicious meals, and even arranged the table ala fine dining! Actually, Fine dining kuno daw. Hahaha!
Mom:  Happy ba kayo sa gintong kutsara’t tinidor? Once a year lang namin yan nilalabas!!
Oh my, the golden spoons and forks. =))

Clockwise L-R
Me, Kuya Paolo , Dad, Mom, Kuya James, Ate Yas

Guess who wanted to join the picture!
Spot Yuki the dog! haha!

Mom’s “golden spoons and forks”

AHH! My all time favorite Ube cake and Oreo Cheesecake!

How kulit!! Even the tissue papers fit in the “Christmas theme”

I rejoiced over the first glass of wine that Dad FINALLY let me drink (woohoo) while Kuya Pao just enjoyed his coffee. πŸ˜€

Christmas kisses, anyone?

After lunch, Kuya Pao left because he had to go to his grandpa’s place.
Dad suddenly suggested that we should have Yuki groomed.  
Off to Tiendesitas to pamper the princess!

While at Tiendesitas, Kuya James fell in love with this brown Siberian Husky who had blue eyes πŸ™‚

We went inside “My Pet OneStation” to have Yuki groomed.
While we were waiting for her turn, we met Charlie- the newly groomed poodle.
Charlie’s owners were still out shopping, so the groomers left Charlie at the waiting area.

We didn’t know if it was….okay…to play with someone else’s dog without permission…
but he was just too cute to resist!

Yuki was just staring at us while we were playing with Charlie.
We teased Yuki, “Yieeeeee. May crush si Manang Yuki kay Charlie. Ayieeeeee.”
Then Yuki just looked away and snobbed us. HAHAAHHA!
We also noticed that every time we touched Charlie’s back, umuusok siya! It was because of the doggie powder that was put on him. We even joked around and said, “Hala.. tigilan na natin ang paghawak kay Charlie. Baka magalit owner niya kapag naubos na yung powder niya! “

It was finally Yuki’s turn to be groomed.
“Ayieee, shineshave si Yukiiii”

After shaving, Yuki had her bath. She seemed relaxed. Probably because the water was lukewarm πŸ™‚

Yuki liked the blowdryer! haha!

My Pet One Station is a really great place to have your princes/princesses groomed!
The people there were sooo friendly, the dogs seemed happy, plus their store was clean and air-conditioned ( a major plus!!!) Oh, and they also gave us a Christmas gift: a doggie calendar!! Nako, babalik kami sa Pet One Station. Sulit na sulit ang binayad!
We availed of their Christmas promo. 350 pesos nalang yung grooming πŸ™‚ That includes bath, blow dry, hair cut, cleaning of the ears,and trimming of the nails. πŸ˜€
They also have a studio photo booth for dogs! You just have to pay extra 50 pesos πŸ˜€ 

Yuki getting  in her Santa Baby costume!

Heading home now! 

A photo of Tiendesitas:)


Dad was so excited to get home, so that he could show mom how gwapa she is now.
Mom was like “Wowwww, for the first time, nagmukha na siyang stuffed toy!”

My sister & I thought of wearing winter hats to welcome Christmas! 

This day, December 24, 2011, marks the VERY FIRST time mother held Yuki!!
Hahahaha! They usually don’t like each other. Mom hates it when Yuki goes inside of the house looking like a mess; Yuki hates mom when she nags at her.
But… wow. This photo is so convincing, ‘no? HAHAHAHAHA oh, what grooming does to people!

Noche Buena @ 9pm. πŸ™‚

Prayer time. πŸ™‚
The food was glorious!! We had HOT HOT HOT Sinigang Pork (ighh, my all time favorite woohoo), and delicious salmon!

11:30 pm. 
We had bible devotions at our garden area.

12 midnight.
We welcomed Christmas by EATING AGAIN!!!

Aww look! Even Yuki had her own bowl to join us for Christmas dinner! πŸ™‚

We opened our gifts together:)

I felt so blessed for having been given a fun family and a bunch of amazing gifts! πŸ™‚
Lord, thank you for this day.
But most importantly, thank you for the greatest Gift of all- Jesus, the giver of life.
Lord, I give back to you all the praise and glory!
Happy birthday, Lord Jesus!
The Teenage Queen

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1960s Headwrap

December 21, 2011
Well, it was an on-the-spot, what-will-be-will-be-na-nga-lang gimmick with my buddies, Angeline and Dave.
You see, I needed to do some last-minute Christmas shopping for this guy.
I asked Angeline to go with me because she’s my best friend, and I asked Dave because he’s the guy’s best friend– and I both needed their opinions. HAHAHAHA.
I’m so glad they responded so quickly. At super game na game sila.
I love you guys. Sorry I was sooo much of a hassle πŸ™
They arrived at my house at around 6:30pm.
My sister drove us to Trinoma at 7.
We went shopping from 8-10 or something like that (Trinoma closed at 12 midnight)
After we shopped for like 2 and a half hours, we ate dinner at Taco Bell.

My outfit!
I bought this bag from Greenhills Night Market. Haha! It’s super affordable. It just costed 300 pesos!! woah!
I was so kilig when my dad bought me this bag. I’ve always had a fetish for fur, plus I’m so into fringes right now!

Headwrap- Greenhills
Polo- Bazaar
[fun fact about the polo: It’s actually for men! Plus, it’s pre-loved. I usually wear it as a coat or something, but I tried experimenting that night. I tied the polo at the middle to form something like a bolero, and I folded the sleeves.]
Shorts: forever 21
Shoes: Mario D Boro

After eating dinner at Trinoma, we headed to the guy’s house and surprised him with my present πŸ™‚
The Teenage Queen

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Extraordinary Christmas!

December 20, 2011
My very last highschool Christmas party+ presentation.
I just want to Thank God for making this such a perfect day!
I got to spend time with my dearest friends, give gifts to my loved ones and see the smiles spread on their faces, and bond with my second family.
We did nothing all day but laugh (and eat)!
When I grow up, I’m happy to say that I’ll look back to this day with a gigantic grin on my face. 
*special thanks to Snow Florendo for some of the photos! *
8am-9:30 am.
We just chilled at our classroom and did whatever.
Gave gifts, talked and talked, took photos, had a dance showdown, whatevs.
Well, I’ve always dreamt of having a photo with me being carried like a goddess…..
But.. yeah. It was so funny when they, being the ‘gentlemen’ they are, just laid me on the floor right after the photo was shot.
HAHAHAHA sigh, good times. I love my guy pals!
Someone took this photo of me. Haha, what was I doing!?

Jomar borrowed my camera. Upon returning it to me, I couldn’t help but laugh my ass out when i saw this=))
I literally felt like my tummy was going to form abs or something.
His typical-pacute-jeje-5th-grader pose. =))

Rone joined in the photo and did his typical pacute-jeje-peace-tayo pose =)) 

People just chilling while waiting to be called to proceed to the stage for our Christmas presentation.

Our presentation was all about a poor boy (portrayed by Reinhardth Cristobal) who wanted to wish for gifts this Christmas.
First, he thought of wishing for toy soldiers.
The toy soldiers were portrayed by most of the 4th year boys.
They danced to “Drummer Boy by Justin Bieber”
choreo: Arturo Barredo, Ren Realeza, etc.

Then Reinhardth realized 
“Hindi naman ako mabubusog sa mga laruan. Pagmamahal nalang. Gusto ko ng one true love!”
So some of the 4th year girls went as “Santa Babies”.
They danced to “Santa Can You Hear Me? by Britney Spears”
Choreo: Ysabel Lava, Hershey Neri, Dani Barretto, Kimmy Antenorcruz, ETC!
Actually, I think we all contributed in making the steps!
Group hug, santa babies! Best groupmates everr! :*
(L-R) Kim, Leigh, Aubrey, Dani, Ysabal aka Baba, Kimmy, Angeline, Yours Truly, Belly, and Alecx

Then, Reinhardth realized that he was ‘too young’ for love. So maybe he’ll just wish for candies.
Some of the boys and girls in 4th year went as candies!
They danced to Aaron Carter’s I Want Candy and Fergie’s Fergilicious.
Choreo: Kit Ladao, Miya Billones, Boodie Lastimosa, Klyde Tiberio, Bea Castaneda, etc.
Then Reinhardth suddenly remembered that his grandpa once told him that Christmas isn’t about receiving gifts.
It’s about remembering how God gave us the greatest gift of all time- Jesus Christ, the gift of life.
So this Christmas, just like how God gave to us His one and only son, we should all remember to give and spread blessings and happiness and joy to everyone!
We got tons of good feedback from the vice principal, the teachers, and the parents!
They said that our presentation was cute and enjoyable.
That really made me happy, because we were able to remind people the true meaning of Christmas πŸ™‚
For our finale number, we danced to Glee’s “Have an Extraordinary Merry Christmas” !!! πŸ™‚
I remember us laughing and just enjoying each other’s presence while dancing to this song.
We were all just playing around and doing all sorts of noises on the stage.
It gave me a warm feeling inside. Both happiness and sadness. Although I’m happy that I was able to dance a great number with the people I love dearly, I also got sad because I also remembered that this was going to be the very last Christmas presentation that I’ll ever have in highschool.
I’m actually growing up. And everything seemed to pass by too fast.
While I was performing in front, all I did was to do my best and make the most of that moment.
I will never forget the laughter we all shared and the cheers we all got.
I love you, 4th year batch 2012! πŸ™‚

I’ll try uploading the vid one of these days:)


Right after the Christmas program, we went to our respective classrooms for the Christmas party.

My class decided to have a costume party!!! Agh, I love how fun my classmates are! Haha!
Raha as a scuba diver.
He even flipped his damp hair in front of us as he entered the classroom.
We were like , “Uhm. Ok.”
Angeline, Me, Baba, Belly
Angeline and Belly dressed up as kiddies in pajamas, while Baba and I went as a Kitkat bar! 
Is our costume familiar? Haha, well of course it is! It was the same costume Baba wore during the Candy Christmas party! [Click this blog post to see the cute costumes! πŸ™‚ ]

Dave went as superman.
How cute!! Well, Dave is Super Kap’s (our barangay captain) son.
What a.. coincidence? lol.

Aubs and Ralph as Santa helpers. =))

Alec as a hippie! And yes, that’s still Raha beside him. Haha!

Sab as a milking maid, Alec as a hippie, Boodie as Esmeralda, and Geonah as Pocahontas

Teacher Lani (left) as someone from the 70s, and Lorra as Minnie Mouse

I loved Ally’s costume!

Carlo as experiment 626.. I mean, some Hawaiian dude. HAHAHA!
Oh, and Jacob went as the-guy-who-didnt-have-time-to-think-of-a-costume.

Random snapshots

Oh my gosh, am I really THAT small!?

I also hosted a game called ” Dress the Christmas Tree”, wherein the class was  separated into two group: Girls’ team and Boys’ team. Each group were to dress their own representative like a christmas tree in just 10 minutes.

The boys’ tree…

The girls’ tree..

And the winner was the girls’ team!! πŸ˜€

After the class party, we all went to Filinvest 2 to swim! πŸ™‚

 I’m happy that this was the BEST and LAST Christmas party I’ve ever had.
Thank you God for this day!

The Teenage Queen

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A Senior Moment: “Sir, Yes Sir!”

December 17, 2011

I had to wake up at around 6:30 am— on a SATURDAY MORNING!

I swear, I had to force myself to get off bed.

Anyhoo, I arrived at school around 7:30.

We had our very first CAT (Citizens Army Training) that day.

What is CAT? 
Well, Citizen Army Training is a course that is part of the fourth year highschool curriculum. The students receive marks for their performance. They could either fail or pass. Oh, and mind you, we wouldn’t graduate highschool  if we fail CAT! Haha! For 4 hours a week for the rest of the school year, we would undergo rigorous military training. Nakakatamad nang i-explain. Haha, just google it! πŸ™‚

Anyway, the CAT started at 8 am.
I was so glad I decided to attend today’s session.
Turns out that students who missed CAT sessions would STILL be asked to do 4-hour community, perhaps clean the canteen, or worse- the bathroom walls.


First up, community service.

We swept roads and painted on gutters.

The girls were responsible for the roads and gutters IN school, while the boys were responsible for those OUTSIDE/ SURROUNDING the school.

The people were laughing at me, because I brought with me a “walis tambo”.
I didn’t know that we were supposed to bring a walis ting ting!

And I didn’t know that walis tambos were for sweeping indoors, and that walis tingtings were for outdoors!
God, I felt so stupid. I blushed and hid away my embarrassment.
But I just laughed it off anyway. At least my friends and teachers were funny and supportive.
They  were joking around and laughing with me as I tried my best sweeping off leaves on the road with a walis tambo. Gosh, I totally wished I brought with me a walis tingting!
After the sweeping and the cleaning, we were asked to paint on gutters and pedestrian lanes!
I thought that it was rather therapeutic! It was so much fun! HAHA!
Thanks to Brianna for using my cam to take all these photos! 
Hala, hala. Kung makatawa naman ako, oh. =))
Eeew, what a geek. =))

I borrowed my dad’s cap from St. Petersburg! I thought it was cute. Plus, bagay sa event today. Military kuno, ba. =)) HAHA WUHT.

Lol, this photo’s hilarious! Jomar, what are you doing to Dustin?!

Thanks for Kim Rubina for letting me steal her photos!

After painting, we were told to proceed to the covered court.
But the teachers asked me, Dustin, Jomar, Snow, and Justin to stay and finish painting the gutters.
We took our time and relaxed. We didn’t really want to go to the covered court because we didn’t want to undergo military training. Nyahahaha.
But alas, after relaxing and joking and fooling around, the teachers told us to hurry up and proceed to the court.
When I got to the court, I didnt help myself but giggle.
The military officer was none other than Sir Francis, my 2nd year highschool algebra teacher.
But sadly, he was not the same funny teacher that day.
He was a monster.
HAHAHA, im serious.
He was so scary- okay fine- uh…intimidating.
He asked us to do marches and follow his commands.
We were to respond with Sir, Yes Sir’s….
If we misbehaved, we were asked to do squats, or worse, push ups.
He asked us to tuck our shirts in our pants…
He asked the girls to tie their hair back into a pony tail…
We were to stand straight and sit straight…
The training was kind of cool.
I liked the idea of being called Cadet Hershey.
Then I remembered  Hillary Duff’s movie “Cadet Kelly”. HAHAHA, omg.
The CAT session ended at 12 pm.
And boy, were we all tired!
But we also had sooo much fun!
After that, my guy friends and I went to Trinoma to do some shopping! haha!
While at Trinoma, this march song still lingered in my head
“left..left..left right left..
kaliwa..kaliwa.. kaliwa kanan kaliwa”
HAHAHA! I cant wait for the next CAT session!
The Teenage Queen

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package 1

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Good luck! xoxo
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A Candy Christmas!

December 16, 2011

Check out this blog post to see what I was up to before this party.

So imagine this guys:

After being all so hungry, drained, and not to mention SWEATY, I still had to attend a Christmas party!

So after I had gobbled up all the left over spaghetti (thank God we had around 10 extra plates! Buti nalang talaga hindi nagkulang yung good. Praise God!), I immediately ran to the classroom to pack my stuff, and then headed to my school bus.

But lo and behold, my bus left me.
I checked the clock and- woah- it was already 4:20 pm!!

The party started at 3 o’clock, and would end by 6pm.

So I had no choice but to commute.

Rone, my friend, felt uncomfortable about me walking to my house- even though it’s just like a 15-20 minute walk from Don Antonio.

Not only because I was young and naive, but also because he knew that I don’t really go out by myself (read this blogpost).

He was kind enough to give me money to ride on a tricycle. I was really touched by his concern for me. :’) Gentlemen really do still exist! hehe.

Anyway, Boodie let me hitch a ride in her car.
She dropped me off at Don Antonio. From there, I rode on a tricycle alone.
After riding on the tricycle, I had to run to my house.

I arrived at my house at around 4:40pm. Not baaad! Haha I told you my house was not that far from school!

Anyway, I had to do a super quick, 5-minute shower.

Then, I didn’t know what got in to me but I was able to dress up in 30 minutes!
My sister helped me out with my costume. She’s a stylist, you know:)

Anyway, since the party’s theme was “candy land”, I decided to go in a “Willy Wonka-inspired” costume.


Good thing that House of Dance was just inside my village.
I walked halfway going there, and then rode on a tricycle- again, by myself.
[I’m so proud of myself! haha! I’m not sheltered anymore! woohoo!]

It was really funny when, while I was walking, people rolled their car windows at me and just stared.
Maybe they thought, “Has this girl gone loka?”
HAHAHA! And some passersby even flashed me an “oh-my-god-im-walking-beside-a-crazy-person” look!

I arrived at the party SUPER LATE— 5:30 pm.

It was already the announcement of the costume winners.

Aaaw, too bad! I wanted to win, loljk.

These were the winners of the costume party:


Random snap shots!!

I love candies! Hahaha!

Hat- borrowed from my sister
Wig- borrowed from my sister
Rayban Glasses- borrowed from Rone
Zara top- borrowed from my sister
Purple Jacket- from Solo
Denim shorts- bazaar
black stockings- SM Dept store
Leg Warmers
Harajuku Lovers shoes

This is me with Teacher Fina- a super sexy ballet and jazz teacher! Haha! πŸ™‚
I loooove her costume!

Teacher Kim (ballet teacher), Teacher Clang (my jazz teacher), and Tita Merl (the owner of House of Dance)

Good thing my friends were still there.
L-R (Baba and Erricka)
Baba, my classmate in school, also arrived late. It was obvious that she also got tired from the amazing feeding program we had!:)

I gave away tiny, cute boxes of Wonka Nerds! haha!

Sweeeet! They had a candy bar! Unlimited gummy bears, pochi’s, cakes, hard candies, etc!
Their buffet was also nice! They served DELICIOUS pasta (red sauce, white sauce, and pesto), sausages on sticks, etc!

I loved the sausages on sticks! haha!

Erricka posing in her Kitkat costume! Kudos to Baba’s mom for making this! How creative!!


I left the party at around 7 pm, because we stayed to chill even though the party ended at 6.

Then I went to the Big Tent bazaar to shop for some stuff πŸ™‚

I decided to dress down a bit so that people won’t give me “what-the-hell-is-she-wearing” stares again.

Tune in for my next blog post about what I did the next day! Haha! What a hectic schedule, kidd!

The Teenage Queen

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A Senior Moment: Live To Give Feeding Program

Last December 16, 2011 (Friday), us seniors organized a feeding program for the less fortunate people of the barangay.

We planned everything out for 2 weeks: the food, the decorations, the packing of goodies, the handing out of tickets, the games, the agenda— everything.
This experience made me believe that people as young as we are could also help spread happiness to the world!

Our program was entitled “Live To Give”. We were able to host around 90-100 people, more or less.

7am.  We packed a bunch of candies into 102 lootbags for the children.

The bags of donated goodies that were collected from nursery- 4th year highschool students.
The bags all had 1 box of alaska powdered milk, 1 pack of milo, 5 packs of pancit canton, 2 bowls of Lucky Me soup, 1 pack of cupcakes, 1 kg brown sugar, 1 kg rice, 1 kg oatmeal, 2 cans of corned beef, 1 can of luncheon meat, and lastly, toys.

<play Aaron Carter’s I Want Candy song here>

The loot bags!! <3

Bea sticking “Merry Christmas” cards on the bags of goodies.

Woohooo! We did it! We were able to pack loads of bags to be given away!!

11 am to 1 pm.

Well, us seniors were separated into committees : decorations, program, food, games, tickets and usherettes.
I lead the games committe.
So I dragged along with me my gal pals, Boodie and Geonah, to help me pick out prizes for the little ones.
The nursery students were able to donate hundreds of toys! That was too much of a number to be able fit into the bags of goodies that we packed, so we decided to use them as prizes.
there were LOTS of new toys! I had to fight the urge to play with them and reminisce my childhood days! They were just too cute! 
Boodie playing with the puppets.

Boodie and I playing with the toys! Ah, heaven!!

I was sooo overjoyed when I saw these two cuties: a teddy bear and a stuffed poodle. The poodle reminded me of the purple dog in “Clifford- the Big Red Dog”. HAHAHA!

       We all agreed that THIS was one of the freakiest stuffed toys we saw in our lives. eerr.

Ugh, too much cuteness! 

   Packing, packing, and more packing!!

We chose this as our GRAND prize. A COMPLETE set of BRAND NEW art materials! Yes folks, BRAND NEW!! Ughh! I wanted to steal this! haha!

1 pm. Since the games committee had already packed what we needed,  I decided to make “pa-epal” at the food committee. They were kind enough to accommodate me ! HAHA! Mhhmmm the air inside the kitchen smelled soooooo good!

Testing my mixing skills! Haha! I’m such an epal forever.

  Wow, good work, decorations committee! The court looked magnificent!!!

 “Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon!” 
 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  Woohooo! GIRL POWER!

 The boys helping out bring the goodies to the covered court.

The registration area.

 Boodie, Geonah, and I hosting the “Bring Me” game!

Alyssa’s face, omg!! HAHAHAHA! 
So I said “Bring me the prettiest 4th year student around”, and the kids brought…
(L-R) Alyssa, Dani, Bria, Baba, and Kim.

         We had a lot of fun games for the kids  like Bring Me, Pass the Ball, and Relay.
        For the adults, we had the infamous Hep Hep hooray!

Our emcees, Dani Barretto and Jaime Castaneda.

The elderly gave us a splendid dance number! huuraah! Thank you po, lolas!


                Lola Tacing. I will always remember her:) She was sooo sweet and kind. God bless her!:)

Alec serving food!

  The grand prizes!

Look at how many people there were!!!

Giving away toys and candies to the kids.

This experience was soooo life-changing.

First, I felt happy because my batch became CLOSER than EVERRRR.
I love 4th year batch 2012!!
We became one family, and we loved each other very much.
We laughed together, planned things out together, served together, shared together, packed together— we basically needed each other to make this possible!
I am blessed to belong to such a loving batch!!

It felt SO GREAT to be used as an instrument to be a blessing to others.

I can’t believe how simple our guests were! Simple things that didn’t seem to matter to me actually meant the world to them!

The kids delighted in candies and toys, and the adults delighted in cans of corned beef that we gave away as prizes!

This Christmas, let’s not forget how God gave His one and only son, Jesus Christ, for us.  It was the greatest present of all time. So just like Him, let’s also share and give to the people around us.

That’s what Christmas is all about, after all πŸ™‚ It is a time of giving!

Have a blessed Christmas, friends!!


The Teenage Queen

Stay tuned for my next blog post about the party I attended after this tiring program! πŸ™‚

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Simone’s Closet Giveaway!!

And because Christmas is coming in a few days, Simone’s Closet will give you a special treat! She will be giving away 2 braid necklaces and 2 wrap bracelets, all handmade by her!!! 1 winner takes all!
To join, check out this blogpost.
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Saturday Morning Blues

When will I ever be good enough?
                               pretty enough?
                               talented enough?
                               charming enough?
                               mature enough?
                               smart enough?
                               responsible enough?
when will I ever be fcking enough?
Oh how I long for the day that people could actually call me.. “perfect”.

It’s as if everything I do is wrong.
And I couldn’t be any more disappointed than I am now.
Disappointed at how everyone treats me…
and disappointed at myself.

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