Fab Manila Giveaway!

More about the brand (from their website): 

Fab Manila came to be because of two sisters who absolutely love art, travel and of course bags!

Jen and She are not afraid to experiment with prints and colors. Fab Manila does your basic and functional bag but it’s always done with a bright burst of color or a unique fabric. No boring black bags here ladies!

The designs are one of a kind and they definitely stand out. The bags and accessories are all limited editions and are not sold anywhere else except at select boutiques. Only a few items of each style are produced so a Fab Manila girl will never bump into another girl with the same bag! However, above all else, Fab Manila bags are crafted with great care and attention to detail.

Brace yourselves for these lovely items from Fab Manila! Two (2) lucky winners will be able to receive these:

Here’s how the travel envelope looks like inside!!! Don’t you just love it??

The first winner will be able to get a color-blocked travel envelope and sunnies case!

Winner # 2 will be receiving a mini wallet, polly wristlet and a pencil case with cute prints!

To join the giveaway, click this.

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Stars and Stripes

It’s a holiday today! Happy Bonifacio Day to all my fellow Filipinos!
This is my outfit today.
Isn’t it kind of ironic that I wore an American-inspired outfit on Bonifacio Day? I just noticed that, like, right now.
*slaps forehead*
I’ll tell you guys what I did today on my next blog post.
But for the mean time, enjoy the photos!
PS. im sorry for the super low quality of photos! I tried my best saving the photos through editing, but this was all I got. You see, I shot these photos at around 4pm. The sky was cloudy, so the photos turned out to be dark!
Anyway, thanks to my nanny for taking these photos! I love her so much! She’s been with us for 15 years now:)

I like how these 2 photos turned out to look “retro-ish”.

On a random note, I just realized how long my hair is now! My goal is to have it super duper long, just like Vanessa Hudgens’.

Polo (Style Secret: my fave store at the big tent bazaar)
Shorts (Forever Young)
Bag (Louis vuitton)
Rings (bazaar)
Shoes (refer to this blog entry of mine; oh and I just borrowed this from my sister)

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A model? Me?

Last November, I received a text from a friend, asking me whether or not I wanted to model for this
small magazine. We’re talking about front cover here, people.
Knowing me, of course you people would know what I replied: YES!!
Then she told me to email her my photos. It would be submitted to her boss, who would determine whether I’d pass the second screening.
It’s always been my dream to be a model.
Okay, fine. I’m a girl who dreams a lot.
To be a doctor, a writer, a fashion boutique owner, a model, Miss Universe, and the next president of the Philippines are only few of my “things to accomplish before I die” list.
Anyhoo, she told me that the reason why I got selected is because right after she had talked with her friend about ‘business’, they went shopping for models in her Facebook friends list. We were all thoroughly screened before being texted/informed regarding this opportunity. 

I felt the honor. I felt excitement. I felt that this was finally my chance- my chance to be a model.

I wanted this so badly.
I prayed. I prayed a lot. I told God that this was what I wanted. I told Him that He knew how much I wanted this.
I had my hopes set up real high.
I wanted this more than anything in this enitre freakin world!!
So after submitting some of my photos via email, I waited for 5 days- 5 painstakingly long days. 
I checked my email day and night, waiting for a reply.
Waiting for confirmation.
Confirmation that I could finally be given a chance to model. 
Confirmation that I could finally be given a chance to do what I want….

I guess it was a blessing in disguise – me being stressed out with school like hell last night.
A blessing because it helped me feel numb. All I could think of was my lack of sleep. And that’s what I just needed last night- a feeling of numbness.
I stayed up late, and slept for an hour, then woke up the next hour, then slept again, then woke up again… It went on and on… I just HAD to finish my schoolworks.
I was so freakin tired and zombified when I received a text message late at night.
“Hi Hersh, Im sorry but the magazine wont be getting you as they decided to go with older looking girls. Hope youre doing okay. God bless!”
A train of thoughts went by inside my head.
I need sleep…..
This text is just a figment of my imagination. Of course I got accepted, I wanted this more than anyone….
I need sleep….
Why is the magazine not getting me?
I need sleep….
Oh, yeah.. because I’m not old-looking
I need sleep….
Me? Doing okay? uhm.. okay, let’s go with that….
I need sleep….
I freakin need sleep…
I’m going to……sleep…

And boom. I fell asleep. 
I went to sleep because I didnt really know how to react.
Part of me KNEW I was going to be rejected, because I knew that a girl like me couldnt pass for anything – ESPECIALLY on the front cover of a magazine.
Part of me lingered on the thought that maybe this opportunity was meant for me. That maybe God wanted this for me.
This experience also made me realize how much I wanted this…for myself.
I was hurt.
I wasnt surprised.
My heart was stabbed.
No wait, my heart was numb that time.
I didnt expect any of this.
No wait, I did.
I hate myself.
I hate everyone.
The only thing I love is my bed- where I could sleep all night.
I woke up around 4 am.
I didnt want to check my phone anymore.
I still hoped that I was just dreaming about the text. That maybe none of these were true.
And right now, I just checked my phone.
And the text message was true enough.
I failed.
I dont know what to do anymore.
I constantly remind myself that when an opportunity closes, another opens.
I just pray that God would help me realize to have Faith in Him.
Maybe He’s planning something else for me- a much bigger plan.
A plan too big that I couldnt even imagine of.
I constantly remind myself that while I just see what’s happening to me presently, GOD SEES THE BIGGER FUTURE.
Who knows? Maybe modeling isnt really for me.
And who knows? Maybe modeling IS really for me.
I’ll just wait for the future.
Study hard.
Work hard.
Be happy.
And wait for another text message.
A text message that could neutralize everything I’m feeling right now. 
Or better yet, wait for another door to open.
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Palawan Has Got My Heart! DAY 3

On our third day at Palawan, we went to Honda Bay.
Since we arrived there at around 10am, and we had to be at the airport by 4, we only got the chance to tour around TWO islets in Honda Bay: the Isla Pandan and the Snake Island.
I was kind of disappointed. Honda Bay was “over advertised”, so I had really set my expectations high. But when we went snorkeling, I was not the least bit delighted to see dead corals everywhere.
We also saw dead clams opened already (wait, not sure of the species; basta shell sila haha).
Oh well, at least we had fun feeding the fishes!
Even though I was disappointed with the corals and the environment under sea, the fishes didnt fail to make my visit to Honda Bay memorable! 
They were all lovely! x

Look, it’s Nemo!

After snorkeling, we ate at Isla Pandan.
We bought yummy food there!
We ate A LOT: fish, pork liempo, crabs, banana cake, turon, halo halo, etc.

lol filipinos are so ..err.. “creative”. San pa kayo naka-kita ng CR sa loob ng bangka? haha!

Fun camera tricks at Snake Island! LOL-ing. What is nakaka-asar? HAHAHA!

Saw this along the shore.
Inside my head I was like “DESTROYYYY. Bwahahaha!”
Seriously, I had to fight the urge to step on this.
Loljk. This was, uhm, sweet.
(bitterness alert haha)

Our flight got delayed by an hour and a half.
Huhu, goodbye Palawan! I love you so much! I promise to visit again.. SOON!
Palawan has got my heart!

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Palawan Has got My Heart! // DAY TWO

Our second day at Palawan was such an adventure!
First, we ate breakfast at Sheridan at around 6am. Yummy buffet!
Look at the beautiful morning sky!

Fortunately, the boats headed to the Puerto Princesa Underground River were
just a 5-minute walk away from our hotel.
Look at the cute tricycle!

At our boat headed to the underground river!

What a beautiful view!


It’s a bayawak!

Foreigners were taking photos of the bayawak!

We chose our own life vests. They vary in sizes πŸ™‚

The forest trail going to the river.

Here it is! The Puerto Princesa Underground River- a candidate of the world’s wonder of nature!

We landed on the first row of the boat. Which meant that we were responsible 
for holding the spotlight while inside the dark cave!! woohoo!

Here we go!

There’s this place inside the cave called the cathedral.
There were rock formations of angels, Virgin Mary, and Jesus.

Goodbye, underground river!
Hello, sunlight!

I was so moved by the underground river.
I really felt that it deserved to be part of the world’s list of wonders of nature.
When I got back to school, I headed to the office to talk directly to our Vice Principal.
I proposed that the school make a movement on voting for the river.
Thank God she thought that the idea was wonderful.
Us senior students in highschool campaigned all over the campus.
We encouraged everyone to text PPUR to 2861, and to vote online.
Thank God that the PPUR is one of the provisional winners! Which means that we got in! But no final announcements have been made yet. Let’s wait until 2012 for the winners to be announced.
Go, Philippines! Pinoy Pride!
On a random note, I really think this girl’s tan is so neat! I love it!

Jumping for joy!

Oh, look! It’s a face of a man! Can you see it?

Kudos to the group of friends who made this neat sandcastle!

Mom enjoying the 340-foot long pool at Sheridan!

“I just wanna be at the beach! Sunburn!!”

Tres Marias. LOL!

The fail sandcastle that my sister and I made.

I only had my Henna for 150 pesos! What a deal!

Letting my henna dry.
I super love my henna! πŸ™‚

I suddenly remembered the movie “The Last Song” when  I
saw this sea turtle nest:)
We planned on going to the Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour. But to go there,
we must have some sort of transportation. And what better transpo is there to go on than an ATV?!

VROOOOM-ing all the way to the mangroves!

This place was a mess- PERFECT for adventure-seekers like us!

And after the chaotic, muddy place….
is, of course, the beautiful beach side!

This was especially my favorite part of the trip. 
The breeze hitting my face, my hair flowing to all directions, and the people staring at me. I could 
almost hear the voices inside their heads say, “who’s that chick on wheels?” (partial chos lang haha)

And we’re here at the Mangroves!! woohooo!

Our tourguide was a sweet, witty, and charming native of Palawan.

He taught as a very important lesson that day. We learned that mangroves are important, for it is where fishes are born. Fishes all over stay in Mangroves while they are super duper young. So we should take care of mangroves because the population of fishes depend on them.

Look, kuya manong is smiling with us!

At dahil bibbo ang pamilya ko… HAHAHAHA!

Riding on ATVs again heading back to the hotel!

We had another candle-lit dinner by the beach πŸ™‚

Phew! I just got exhausted from creating this blog post.
Oh how I wish I could relive this day!
Watch out for DAY 3, okay?

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Palawan Has Got My Heart! // DAY ONE

We headed to Palawan last November 5, 2011. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights.
It was actually my first time to go to Palawan. I must admit that every single thing in Palawan has made me so happy and blissful.
God is so amazing! I still get the shivers whenever I realize that our God made the beautiful mountains, the dancing trees, the breath-taking ocean, and the calming sunset. Indeed, our God is wonderful!
I can’t wait to go back to Palawan. I am such a proud Filipino! πŸ™‚
Here, let me narrate to you what I did on our first day in this amazing place:
I, with my mom, dad, and sister, flew to Palawan on a plane. I would like to thank Cebu Pacific for a safe flight!
The clouds were beautiful, weren’t they?

We just landed on Palawan!

I super love my mom’s fab Versace bag.

Love my unique pair of sunglasses? 
My balikbayan Aunt Sai from Los Angeles stayed in the Philippines for a while.
While we were shopping at Bonifacio High Street, we came upon Aldo Accessories. She told me to pick anything I want. This pair immediately caught my eyes!! I think it’s so edgy. πŸ™‚ Thank you Aunt Sai!!

We had a stop-over at this small, charming place.

My outfit:
Kids of Bayo corset-ish tank top (yes, apparently I still have my size in that shop!)
Denim shorts that I bought from a bazaar in Tagaytay Highlands
Mario D’Boro flats
F21 black cardigan
Louis Vuitton bag
Aldo shades
Actually, Ugong Rock wasnt really supposed to be on our Agenda. 
We just saw this on our way to our hotel. We got curious so we stepped out of the car and inquired what this was all about.
Turns out that Ugong Rock Cave Adventure is one of the must-do activities in Palawan!! woohoo!

We had the freedom to choose our own pair of helmets. Of course, i chose girly pink!

In front of the cave!! 

The cave was named “Ugong Rock” because it produces noise
whenever you tap its surface.
“Ugong, ugong”, says the cave!

Going through the tunnel!

This was the hardest part of the challenge.
We had to get to the top by just holding onto a rope.
It was really tricky! And mind you, it’s a lot more challenging than it looks!

Finally out of the cave! I can see the light!!

Going up the stairs to go ziplining! πŸ™‚

Ziplining, here we go!

The cave adventure lasted for about an hour and a half.
Then we drove all the way to Sabang.
We had a reservation at the Sheridan Beach and Spa Resort.
It was the most beautiful in Sabang, Palawan, I swear!!
It’s so beautiful that even President NoyNoy Aquino stayed here!
It was a very hot afternoon when we arrived in Sheridan. The people were so thoughtful, that they gave us refreshments upon entering: a glass of yummy pineapple juice and a damp, cold hand towel to wipe our faces with.

These photos do no justice to Sheridan itself.
The place is just so beautiful.
Even more beautiful than these pictures!
Look at this 340-foot long pool! It even has a bar in the middle, and some jacuzzis inside the pool, too!

The lounge or something.

This is so cool. The chairs were actually in water, too!

The sand was like that of Boracay’s. 
Tho it wasn’t colored white, it was still talc-like.

We had a candle-lit dinner at Sheridan by the beach.

Look at how cute my parents were! They had fun making shadow art together. Awwww.

After dinner, my sister and I stayed at the verandas outside. The place had WiFi EVERYWHERE so we surfed the net while sitting on a comfy little couch outside. It was relaxing because we could hear the waves crash the shore while we were busy surfing the net. heehee.
Stay tuned for my post about what we did on our second day!:)

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Carlotta Manila Giveaway!!

Hi girls just a quick giveaway from CARLOTTA MANILA! 
Win 1 pretty floral skort valued at P980! Plus a surprise feather earrings too!  One winner gets all!!!
Aren’t they such a cutie??
Go to this blog entry!!
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Hello, lovelies!
I’m sorry I’ve been out for almost 3 weeks!
I’ve been so busy lately. Exam week + projects + everything stressful under the sun lol. I’ll make sure to post about everything I’ve been busy about, though!

Til the next blog post (which I promise would be put up soon)


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Street Chic

October 31, 2011
I was supposed to go Trick or Treating with older sister today. But due to circumstances, we just decided to cancel our plans.
I texted Bria if I could go to her house. She wanted to have a fun shoot, because her mom had just gave her brand new lens.
I arrived at her house around 3pm. It was funny because I was still wearing vintage rollers on my hair when I got there. I didn’t know that her uncle and mom were there, too. Everyone practically just stared at me for what I was wearing on my hair lol.
The rollers turned out as failure. My hair didn’t curled up. NOTHING happened except that it became even more untame-able. grrrr.
We shot these photos at the vacant lot, just outside Bria’s  house.
Photographer: Brianna Cardenas + Bria’s yaya (haha)
Make up: Hershey Neri
Editing: Hershey Neri

Oh, and if you are wondering why my hair is abnormally wavy at the left side….. it’s because I had difficulties using the curlers (and by curlers, I mean the vintage ala jurassic rollers my mom stored at the very back of her make up room)……. because I don’t really know how to syle my hair (and I was too lazy to use the curling iron haha say what)
lol what a disaster. Haha, oh well papel. hahaha. keme lang.

Oh, and look guys! I’m actually wearing the pair of wedges I bought the last time (refer to my previous blog post)!

 I had a really fun time with mah girlfrrand! 
What about you guys? How did your Halloween go? πŸ™‚
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