Buy 1 Take 1

October 30, 2011
Dad’s uncle, Uncle Joe, celebrated his 80th birthday party at Pampanga.
Our family, being the “bibbo ones”, volunteered to be in charge of the games/hosting/program.
The theme of the party is Hawaiian. We went  in our FULL costumes. When we got to the party, not everyone was wearing a costume. We decided to take off some of our accessories, so that we won’t look too “over-the-top”. lol.
The party was a blast! It was a party AND a reunion at the same time. There were lots and lots of food!! Lechon boboy, crabs, shrimp, pancit, lasagna, fish fillet, etc!!
There were sing-alongs , too! Y’all know that us Filipinos LOVE to sing!
Mom and I. 🙂

Dad, Ate Yas, Me, and Mom

With our Aunt Sai

Dad was the emcee of the party. I swear, he’s the funniest, coolest, greatest emcee slash dad ever!!!
My sister getting some free “dirty” ice cream

With our little cousin, Yra

After the games and program, the dance floor was opened to everyone. They hired a live band to play music from the 70s-2000s! It was fun! There was one point where everyone joined the “train” dance!
We went home to Manila around 5pm. While we were on our way home, we decided to have a stop over at  “Shell of Asia”. Shell of Asia is the biggest “Shell gasoline station” in the Philippines. It’s like a mini mall or something. 
When we got to the Shell of Asia, we saw a bunch of mini stores.
We were attracted to this particular sign board that said “BUY 1 TAKE 1”

We found out that these shoes were made from Laguna, Philippines. That means that it’s of good quality.
The designs are super cute, too!
So each costed 795 pesos. Since it’s BUY 1 TAKE 1, we only paid for 1,590 pesos. 
It shows that, because of the discount, each pair of shoes was priced at only 397 pesos!! not bad, huh? 
And to think  that it’s made from Laguna!! 🙂

My fashionista sister fitting her chosen pair of heels. The pair is super cute, I swear!! It’s sooo “fasyon”.

I just picked a classic. Everyone knows that nothing beats the classics! I chose a black pair of wedge heels. It’s simple yet cute, and it can match almost any dress!

They had espadrilles, too! 

Lol, the sales person looked awfully tired!! Maybe because us three were so makulit and “choosy”. 

While we were shopping, dad turned his chill mode ‘on’ at Starbucks.

Our cute pairs of shoes were stored in a shoe box, and then they were put inside a cute, purple tote bags:)
My outfit today:
Pink floral mini dress form Forever 21 (I just borrowed this from my sister, Ate Yas)
Brown vintage hand bag
Green nine west shoes 

I loved Ate Yas’s outfit today!

Shell of Asia!! 🙂

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Featured: Cha Dao Tea Place “The Way of Tea”

October 28, 2011

It’s been some sort of a monthly “ritual” that my best pal, Ralph, and I go to Cha Dao to have a happy date.
Cha Dao is located at Don Antonio, just near Chic Nails and Mini Stop. 🙂
Their milk teas are extra affordable (and yummy too) !!

Love letters from their customers. 🙂

Ralph and I enjoying our yummy milk teas.
Assam with pearls for him, and black tea with pearls for me. 
This is our favorite spot at Cha Dao. They have mini tables with lots and lots of pillows surrounding it. 
It’s a perfect spot to just chill with friends.
(these photos were taken last August; used just for reference only)

I recommend that you guys try out Cha Dao. 🙂 I love going there just to relax and enjoy quality time with my friends. 
CDTP Branches:

– KATIPUNAN, QC: #42 Esteban Abada St. corner Rosa Alvero St., Quezon City (Beside Kostka and Fruit Magic)
Directions: Turn right before McDo Katipunan, and you will see it on the left side, beside Fruit Magic.
FOR DELIVERY OR PICK-UP: 2100765 / 0905-2236039

– DON ANTONIO, QC: #64-D Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City (Beside Don Enrique village gate, across the Pure Gold)
FOR DELIVERY OR PICK-UP: 2100677 / 0905-2236040

– KAPITOLYO, PASIG: Unit 2, FADI Building, #5 West Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City (Beside Cebuana Lhullier and main Kapitolyo gate)
FOR DELIVERY OR PICK-UP: 7388719 / 0905-2236041

– MAGINHAWA, QC: 111A Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Diliman, Quezon City (Between Burger Project and Barangay Hall)
FOR DELIVERY OR PICK-UP: 6227076 / 0917-8636644

– EMERALD-ORTIGAS, PASIG: B-1 Food Plaza, Wynsum Corporate Plaza, F.Ortigas Jr (formerly Emerald Ave), Pasig City

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My “Unkabogable” Night! ☺

October 27, 2011

It was a boring, boring Thursday afternoon when Daddy called me out of the blue.
“Ah, Hershey…”
“Magbihis ka nang 8pm, okay? Nood tayo Praybeyt Benjamin”

Not later than a second, I told dad ‘okay’.
Okay fine, hindi lang “okay” ang nasabi ko.
May kasama na ring tili at yehey. lol. I was soo stoked to watch the movie that everyone has been talking about (yes, literally EVERYONE).

I started dressing up at around 6pm (yes, dapat talaga maaga, excited ako eh haha).
{If you would like to see photos of my outfit, click this .}

We ended up going to Trinoma late.
We went there at around 9:30 pm, and the mall was closing.
We hurried up to the tickets area.
“oh my gosh, perfect timing!! Last 4 seats available nalang yung available for the LAST screening! Saktong-sakto satin!” I told my Mom, Dad, and Yaya.
The people in front of us got the tickets first.
My jaw dropped. I was super duper mega disappointed.

But then…. the girl said that they opened another screening at 11:30pm, due to popular demand. lol.
Even though it was super late, we still bought it. Ayaw naman naming masayang yung pagpunta namin ng trinoma. Tsaka, na-excite at na-intriga kami kung ano yung meron sa Praybeyt Benjamin eh. 🙂

 This is our “ticket to happiness”. Loljk.

Oh, and do you see what we’ve got there at the upper right corner of the ticket?
It says that when you buy one scoop at Gelatissimo, you get another one for free.

We decided to go to Gelatissimo to avail of the promo. Plus, we didn’t know what else we could do for one whole hour, now that the mall was closed!

Gelatissimo is the home of the great gelato.

What’s the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream?
Ice cream has over 18% fat and up to 70% air content, whereas gelato has under 10% fat and 25% air content, making it a healthier and better quality alternative.

 I love love love Tiramisu!! yuum.

We headed to Cinema 5 at around 11:15pm.
Woah, even if it was super late at night, there were still A LOT of people waiting outside the cinema for the doors to open.


It’s funny na kahit sa simple na movie na ito, nagka isa ang mga Pilipino. Mapa sosyal man, o mapa-jejemon, lahat nasa loob lang ng movie house. Lahat tumatawa as if isa kaming malaking pamilya. Different people from different “classes” ng society, nandoon, nanunood.
This proves na ang mga pinoy talaga, mahilig tumawa. Hehe.

I had a lot of fun watching Praybeyt Benjamin.
Naalala ko ang Disney movie na Mulan mula dito, but extra FUNNIER ng bonggang bongga.
From start to end, super halakhak lang. May jaws started to hurt from all the laughing- literally!!
It’s a feel-good, enjoy-it-while-it-lasts movie you’d definitely want to see, I swear!!
Kudos to Vice Ganda who made the movie extra special!!
I heard that they earned 24 Million Pesos on its first day.

To my Filipino brothers and sisters out there, I recommend that you watch Praybeyt Benjamin! Nakakawala ng stress. Tumawa naman tayo from time to time. 🙂

View the official trailer here!!!

Don’t forget to comment on this post about your experience watching this super unkabogable movie!! 🙂

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I Heart Manila!

This was the outfit I wore going to Trinoma yesterday to watch the unkabogable movie “Praybeyt Benjamin”.
Watch out for my next post to find out the stuff I did last night!

Anyway, I felt like going super casual yesterday. Casual…. with an edge.

On me: Blue v-neck shirt from Forever 21
A pair of maong shorts that was handpainted and pimped by Hiyasmin Neri (my sister)
Red polka dot headband from Bayo
Leopard ribbon necklace made by Kyla Zuniga
Black flats from Mario d Boro
Black vintage sling purse that was given as a hand-me-down
Rings from big tent bazaar and Quiapo

And to pimp up the outfit even more, I added an oversized polo.

Oh, and if you all were wondering how I got my curls..

Surprise, surprise! I actually used real rollers. My mom brought the curling iron with her to her conference, so I was left with old school rollers. Talk about Jurassic! lol!!

Honestly, I kinda like the vintage feel the rollers gave me. 🙂
On a random note, how’s your sembreak going, guys? 
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Featured: the Aux Manila Clothes Giveaway!!

Hello everyone!  Another giveaway is here for you from AUX Manila !Here are the items you can win from this giveaway:

 AUX Manila sells pretty thrifted clothes just like these pieces, but who would have thought these are from ukay shops right? They look like they are good as new! Know more about AUX MANILA SHOP and its pretty clothes here.


make sure to check out this blog post!

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Featured: Brow Haus

We go to salons just to have our hair styled…
We go to spas to have our skin pampered…
We go to nail salons to have our fingers and toes groomed…
So why not take time to groom our eyebrows as well? I believe that the eyebrows are an essential part of our face, because they frame and define our faces.  Having our eyebrows groomed is as important as having our hair cut regularly, and that is why I only trust my brows to Browhaus, the brow experts.
I used to have very thick and messy eyebrows, so whenever I fail to maintain it, I end up looking like a cave man. I also used to have it threaded at a waxing salon for 100 pesos. Sure, the price is cheap, but the outcome does not really satisfy me. First of all, the threading there is awfully painful, because they use regular thread (you know, the threads you use in stitching cloths). Browhaus, on the other hand, DOES NOT use regular thread. Instead, they use imported threads specialized for the face.  Secondly, the service in that waxing salon isn’t really that nice because they don’t really shape my brows well! My brows end up uneven and funny-looking.
I first knew of Browhaus when I was browsing my Belle De Jour planner (the greatest planner that has ever existed, I must say). My planner had 69 coupons inside, including a coupon for Browhaus. I got interested, so I searched “Browhaus Philippines” in the internet. I dropped by different blogging sites telling their own experiences about Browhaus. Each and every one of them said that their experiences were terrific, wonderful, and nothing less than excellent. They also said it was less painful because the Browhaus’  “brow architects” knew everything when it came to brows. My eyes zoomed in into the phrase “LESS PAINFUL”, because I have incredibly low tolerance to pain. I got interested right away. I was excited to have my brows styled there.
It was a perfect timing when my friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I immediately responded that I wanted to have my brows threaded at Browhaus. So on my birthday, we went to Serendra (where Browhaus is located). I saw a poster of an eyeball wearing a wig. Then, I saw the sign that said “BROWHAUS, the brow architects”. Oooohhh. I got even more excited.
When I entered Browhaus, I noticed that their walls had different pictures of eyebrows in different shapes, shades, and styles. It’s really cool, because you can actually pick a style from their walls! The ambiance was totally relaxing too.
 My “brow architect” was Miss Izza. She was very kind and she made me feel very welcome. She also acted very professional and smart (oh, and not to mention that she was pregnant that time!). She asked me to sit down on a comfortable, reclined leather seat.  She carefully examined the shape of my face. She then told me that my brows were too rectangular and uneven. She asked me how old I was, and I said I was only fifteen, that is why I didn’t really want overly thin brows. I remember telling her this: “Gusto ko po ng brows na may shape..pero hindi ung over sa nipis dahil highschool palang ako… ung parang Nikki Gil o Claudine Barretto lang. May shape, pero hindi super manipis.” I was surprised that Ms. Izza understood me. She knew exactly what I wanted, as if she could read my thoughts. You know, whenever I would tell this exact statement to the girl in the waxing salon where I used to have my brows threaded, she would always misunderstand me. She would always end up threading my brows into a funny, rectangular shape. Whenever I would complain to her that I don’t like it, she would snare and tell me that those were what I asked her to do. “Sabi mo ayaw mo nipisan, kaya ayan”, she would always say in her snobbish voice. Toink. Talk about unfriendly service! But I was very much surprised when Ms.Izza of Browhaus knew exactly what style and shape I wanted!
Ms. Izza first told me what she was going to do.  She showed me a picture of the particular brow style from their wall. She said that the style I wanted was the “soft arch brows”( I forgot what the exact  term was haha). So anyway, while I was being threaded, I was surprised that it was less painful! Well, it was not exactly “pain less”, but it wasLESS painful. I asked her why was that so. Miss Izza said that it was because she is using imported 100% cotton thread that is specially designed for the FACE.  She said that the skin of the face is very sensitive, so it is not really good to use normal thread. She kept on emphasizing to me that Browhaus uses special thread, which makes them different from other salons out there. Also it is less painful because the brow architects of Browhaus are experts, and they know of techniques in threading. Each and every one of them was extensively trained in Singapore, where the first Browhaus started in.
The procedure took half an hour. Miss Izza was very careful and precise in shaping my eyebrows. Unlike the other chaka salons out there, who would just merely remove the extra strands and leave it that way(without even taking sweet time in making sure that what they are doing is right), Browhaus was very careful in shaping my brows into perfection.  After threading my brows, she put “ice cream” on it (that’s what they call their soothing cream…catchy, isn’t it?).
I like Browhaus because they are very accommodating, friendly, and professional. Every peso was worth it! I am in love with my brows right now. My sisters and mother also told me how much the like my brows! Even Ms.July, my make-up artist from Bambbi Fuentes who did my prom hair n makeup, said that my brows were perfect!  
Ever since then, I became a regular customer at Browhaus. I introduced this to my mom and sisters, too! And guess what? THEY LOVED IT and thought that it was BROWRIFFIC!
I make it a point to have my brows groomed regularly ONLY at Browhaus.
So don’t take chances when it comes to your brows. When it comes to brows, nothing beats Browhaus!
Here is their price list:
  1. Brow construction
-reconstruct your brows to its rightful shape. In our quest for the perfect arch, we have found the way to construct every individual’s best brow- from angle to peak, root to tip.
*classic threading= 580 pesos
*modern tweezing= 580 pesos
2. Browgraphy
-Add color tweaking to your thread or tweeze for a full browgraphy. In addition to shaping, brows are also lightened or darkened a notch to achieve perfect harmony.
*threading= 1,280 pesos
*tweezing= 1,280 pesos
3.Color Tweak
-If your brows demand an extra boost of color, we have vegetable-based dyes in our arsenal of tools to give you that brow je ne sais quoi. Soften features with a lighter shade or darken your brows for added definition. For the true perfectionist, there is no perfect brow without the perfect color.
4.Brow Resurrection ver 2.4
*full brows= 35,000 pesos
* lengthening= 25,000 pesos
5.Brow Tuning ver 2.4
* 4,500 pesos
-Sometimes, feminine wiles call for a deeper gaze. Unleash the full power of your sexy, fluttering lashes by tinting them a shade darker for a more dramatic, mysterious look.
7. Lash in bloom ver 2.1
*3,800 pesos
8. Sideway thread
-Overworked hormones tend to result in unwanted furry action where there shouldn’t—the face. We give you stroke-worthy cheeks and chin with this smooth solution.
*900 pesos
9. Complete workout
-A full face treatment: brow construction, upper smooth, face, and forehead threading for the ultimate refined look.
Individual threads
Upper lip: 200 pesos
Lower lip: 200 pesos
Forehead: 320 pesos
Sideburns: 640 pesos
Chin: 320 pesos
Fingers: 260 pesos
Cheeks: 320 pesos
                                                    BRANCHES IN MANILA :
2F Serendra Bonifacio High St. Bonifacio Global City Taguig 
Store Hours: 
Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM 
Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM
T: +632 9010597
M: +63 917 5771352 
4F Greenbelt 5 Phase 2 Legaspi Street, Ayala Center Makati 
Store Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM 
Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM
T: + 632 5013998 
They also have branches in Singapore, New York, Shanghai, Jakarta, and Hongkong.
You may visit them at
I am sure you all are excited for my before and after photos! Here they are:
PS. I am not being paid or anything. haha. I am just really happy with my experience at Browhaus, that is why I am writing this review. 🙂
I got this picture from

Lovin’ my brows! 

I had my brows groomed @ Browhaus Greenbelt 5 last Sunday. :) I totally love my brows. Too bad I didn’t get to take a picture of my brows before having them groomed, though. Oh well, maybe next time.

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Featured: Simone’s Closet

Last week I was browsing my friend’s fashion blog ( I stumbled upon a particular blog entry where she was showing off her new floral fringe necklaces. I found the necklace such a darling, that I immediately checked out the online shop where she got it from.
The shop was named “Simone’s Closet”. You could visit it here:
and also here: 
I was lucky enough to be one of the first in line in buying stuff from the “Super Sale album”, where everything is priced at only ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY PESOS.
Yes ladies, you heard me right: 180 pesos.
I bought a vintage-inspired dress named “Bianca”. It was so chic, feminine, and classy, that I fell in love with it the first time I laid my eyes on the computer screen.
I only paid two hundred thirty pesos (180 for the dress, and 50 for the shipping fee). Not bad, huh? 
The seller, Miss Denise, is really really kind too. She was able to answer dozens of my questions- even the silly ones. She was really patient and understanding, too.
My package arrived last Saturday.
Inside the package came a FREE pair of earrings, a calling card ( a really CUTE calling card), and a cute zebra-printed plastic bag with my posh dress in it. Talk about good presentation!!
Gosh, I loved my shopping experience at Simone’s Closet! I am definitely looking forward to buying more stuff from there!
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My Cruella De Vil- Inspired Look

October 22, 2011
Black mini dress (used as a top)- Forever 21 
Black tube dress (used as a skirt)- Tango //It was on super clearance sale, and it was the VERY last piece. So from 1, 300 pesos, it became 300 pesos. Wow, just wow. What a deal!!
Black flats- Mario D’Boro
Dalmatian vest – it was my dance recital costume back in 2007. Who knew that it could still be of use 4 years later, huh? 
*oh, and the epal little prop I made: a doggie stuffed toy tied around with a golden ribbon. lol, it was for “joke time” purposes.
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Trick or Treat (?)

trick or treat….. (?)

I have never went trick or treating IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.
So I basically begged my friends to go out with me. Luckily, my friend’s village hoseted a trick or treating event last Saturday.
I planned on dressing up as Cruella De Vil. But since I thought that not everyone’s “game” to go in costumes, I decided to just be in a “Cruella De Vil – INSPIRED” costume. 
I started getting ready at around 1 pm.
Everything was going on as planned…until it rained….so hard….. that my plans were eventually ruined. 
I sat in my room, whimpering. 
okay…..maybe throwing fits, too.
My girlfriends came over late – around 5 pm. We were still waiting for my ride, so we decided to do a little make over.
They were my own personal Barbie dolls!! I did their make up, and dressed them up as well. 🙂
Brianna as a cow girl
Angeline as a cat..slash monkey…slash bear..
Our friends, Rone & Dave, went over late.
They borrowed my dad’s Doctor coats.
We ended up going to Ferndale late. Thus, we missed my supposedly ‘first halloween trick or treat ever’. 
*sigh* We ended up just chilling at the village, and eating pizza at Mico’s crib.
It was obvious in this photo that I was a tad bit disappointed. lol.
More photos:
I had an okay night. It was fun bonding with friends (and eating LOTS of slices of pizza), but I must admit that I was really disappointed over the fact that I was late. Sigh. 
After that, some friends went over at my house. They stayed ‘til around midnight.
I SWEAR, NEXT YEAR, I WOULD DEFINITELY GO TRICK OR TREATING (even though Im a bit too old for it).
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Featured: The Big Tent Bazaar

I don’t believe that fashion needs to be expensive.
Let me show you guys some of the stuff that I had bought at the Don Antonio Big Tent bazaar from last month to last week. I swear, you would totally be surprised at how much I was able to buy these cutiepies!! x
1. Feather Clip
Feathers are so in today, don’t you agree?
It was originally priced at Php 100, but the beautiful sales lady (I swear, she’s so pretty) gave me a discount. She gave it to me for only 80 pesos, because the bazaar was about to close already. 
Lesson learned: always go to a bazaar when it’s about to close. Joke. HAHA.
The store’s name is Rosey Chiq. You may contact her here:
2. Braided hairband (ala boho chic)
I bought this from Rosey Chiq too 🙂 It’s originally priced at 100 pesos, but as I said, since the bazaar was about to close already, she gave me a huge discount. I was able to get it for 50 pesos only!
3. Fringe Top
I bought this from a store named ‘Style Secret’. The owner, ate Gina, became a good friend of mine. I’m her biggest “suki”.
You may contact her through this number: 0917-570-32-50
She gives me wholesale discounts, because I’m a really regular customer of hers.

The fringe top is originally priced at 250 pesos. But since I’m her friend already, she gave me a BIG BIG BIG discount. Secret ko na kung magkano yun. HAHAHA.
* The stud ring was also bought from the bazaar. I was able to get it for only 100 pesos.
4. Assymetric Cropped top

It says “What Happens If?”. I just thought that it was a really cute and casual shirt 🙂 I bought it for only 120 pesos from Style Secret.
* I bought the bandage skirt from another store in the bazaar named “Bella Tella”. It was only priced at 200, but I was able to buy it for 180 pesos.
5. Feather Earrings
I was able to buy my pair of feather earrings for only 50 pesos.
6. Striped Sweater
I am a big fan of Forever 21 !!! And guess who was able to spot a store in the bazaar that sells over runs from F21, H&M, Express, etc? ME!!!!!!!!!!!
The bazaar was on its last day, and it was about to close in 5 minutes, but I still managed to do my “paawa” expression to the sales lady. She said that since the bazaar was closing, and that I was too “makulit”, she gave it to me for a VERY VERY discounted price: ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY PESOS.
Lesson REALLY learned: go to a bazaar when it’s about to close. JOKE!! haha
Anyway, that particular sweater was the last piece/ stock. And guess what? It’s a size large!! It’s TOO big for me. But when I tried it on, it was perfect! It was as if it was meant to be an oversized sweater lol. 
7. Mustard Yellow Oversized Polo for men (but I use it as a coat)
Php 99.
8. Distressed Top
I bought this from Style Secret also for 250 pesos:) 
So girls, I recommend that you visit the big tent bazaar!:) You would spot there amazing finds, whether it be over run, pre loved, hand made, personalized, imported, etc!! Just make sure to be as good as a pirate when it comes to searching and hunting. Yes, hunting. Usually, the nice & affordable ones are always hidden in a corner, I don’t know why. Haha!
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